American Babies Dying–Politically Correct Medicine Can’t Figure Out Why (Hint: Think Racially)


ugly black baby3

A new alarmist, fear porn medical study has been published.

The obvious intent is to ramp up spending on the prevention of infant deaths. That’s a worthy cause, if the babies stand a good chance of growing up to be productive members of society. Too many babies should have been aborted. Hell, the Supreme Court says that abortion is America’s supreme value and who am I to judge nine lawyers in black robes.

None of the studies that I’ve seen (I’m not an expert, but I do follow the news on this) allow for the role of the genetically irresponsible black mom and lack of black dad in black infant mortality.

That ugly baby pictured above more than likely has no father present in the home. The mother is probably too busy twerking to take care of junior’s shitty diaper or feed him properly, so junior ends up sick and/or…

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