Straight Talk

(Some coarse language)


Meanwhile — in PeeCEE Canada — the (controlled MSM) mainstream media “smelled blood” and pounced on a WHITE male (what a surprise!) bus-passenger who simply spoke disrespectfully towards the unnamed “foreign” bus driver. Excessive time, money  and effort went into this NON-news event with a primary purpose to guilt-shame “evil” Whitey, once again.

And — as usual — they always find their token Black interviewee who magically appears out there in central British Columbia! Huh?  (See: “I couldn’t believe my eyes!”)
Whistler, B.C. (a ski resort town) is about 95% White majority with a tiny sprinkling of native Indians and transient Nonwhites. Click the story link below:


Then, across the nation … 2,800 miles (4500 km) eastwards to London, Ontario

… and that, folks … is how your “trusted” MSM manipulates public perception.

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Mainstream Media On The Ropes


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