Muslims Are Part of the Problem

OCASI Image attacking whites

” […] (City of) Toronto says that the posters are, in part, a response to “a number of crimes committed against Muslims earlier this year”. As “evidence” of said “crimes”, CityNews links to story of a Muslim woman who was pushed and called a “terrorist” in November 2015—by a black male!

But, just three days before the campaign’s launch, a Muslim committed the largest mass shooting in the history of the United States. On the heels of this landmark massacre, why are White people the ones being condescendingly thought-policed?

If Toronto is concerned about inter-ethnic conflict, then aren’t Islamic bullets a bigger problem than White words? Isn’t getting murdered a more serious concern than being told to “go back where you came from”?

Muslims kill us and then Toronto tells us that we’re the problem? This poster is an insult.”  > to FULL ARTICLE

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