FINNS Waking Up To Foreign Invaders

FINLAND is a small European nation which borders with Sweden to the northwest, Norway to the north, and Russia to the east. Estonia is situated across the Gulf of Finland. Their small White European population of only 5.5 million has LESS people than Canada’s growing Greater Toronto Area (GTA) of over 6 million people composed of incompatible races as a result of importing mass numbers 3rd-world people since 1980.
ALL western nations around the world (Australia, Canada, U.S.A., New Zealand, plus Europe) are under relentless pressure to displace their Euro-White peoples with migrating 3rd World, Non-white foreigners.
The world population of 7,400,000,000 (BILLION) consist of 92% Non-white people (Black, Brown, Asian, etc) … and just 8% Euro-White.
Imagine 100 people standing in a small, rectangular conference room. Now place 4 White couples (representing 8%) against each wall facing toward the centre. The four couples can not see one another because of the center mass of “others” standing in the room. That demonstrates one perspective of where we stand in this White Racial Crisis.

Finlanders realize the “hour” is late and decided to take action before the disease of “multiculturalism” — seriously affecting neighbouring SWEDEN , as one example takes root in their own homogeneous nation.

Europe’s Last Chance
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