Canada – You’re Losing YOUR Nation!

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Photo from Ricardo Duchesne

“New Multicultural Citizens of Canada” … set to DISPLACE/supplant our EuroCanadian citizenry in our OWN nation!


NON-whites (%) for ALL of CANADA, 1981-2001Stats Canada  The 8,000,000 (Million) added FOREIGNERS in only 35 years, is one of the greatest deceptions ever perpetrated on Canadians.

NON-whites (excluding Native Indians) in 2018 now exceed 22% of Canada‘s population of 36 Million. Our traditional Euro-WHITE population has plummeted from 95% to LESS than 72% … in only three decades!

The next 25 years should seal the fate of a oncegreat nation that our predecessors had willed to us for safe-keeping. Looking at Canada’s largest city (TORONTO) with it’s traditional White population down to 48% today — is tomorrow’s mirror image of our entire nation.

EVERY WEEK — over FIVE THOUSAND thirdworld foreigners from poor, over-crowded countries land in Canada to take-up residence. This unnecessary influx of immigrants will continue until we eventually “brown-out” to become an impoverished 3rd world country ourselves!  “Demography is destiny” and it won’t be a pretty sight for your Whiteminority children in the near future.

Below:  Swearing-in of new passport “canadians” —  GOOD BYE, Canada!

Some of the 142 new Canadian citizens taking the citizenship oath on Canada Day in 2009 in Downsview Park in Toronto.

Surrey, British Columbia.There was a huge parade today. Thousands of Si...

Below: “Canadian” High School in Markham, Ontario (suburban area of Toronto)

 SPOT the White Students

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