WHITE Americans – An Endangered Group

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WHITE ALERT: Organize or Suffer the Consequences

By Mark Westerman

White Americans must act to promote and protect their legitimate interests.

Section one explains why organization is essential; section two proposes what forms the organization should take; and section three offers possibilities for personal action toward achieving those goals.

Section I

Very unpleasant consequences await us if we fail to organize. For the necessary motivation, we must fully appreciate the perils that loom ahead if we don’t change course.

Today, we hear that we possess something called “White privilege,” an unearned advantage which keeps all other groups under our thumb. But the reality is quite different. We now have an immigration policy that is dead set on making Whites, the historic majority of America — a minority within the next 25 years, or so. If current projections stay on course, our percentage of the population could sink to 40 percent or lower by the end of this century. Demography is indeed destiny, and this decline certainly will lead to loss of power and influence.

Whites at present, have more per capita wealth than Blacks and Hispanics, though somewhat less wealth than Asians. Our assets, however, are being transferred to Blacks and Hispanics through taxation to fund various social programs and welfare. At the same time, our earning power is being limited by so-called “affirmative action,” a policy of government-promoted racial discrimination against White Americans in the job market and education.

Its original justification was to provide an even playing field for Blacks because they had a claim on our conscience for past discrimination. But today the benefits of affirmative action go to all non-Whites, including immigrants and their descendants who have no historic claim on America at all. And among them are the Asians who already exceed Whites in average income.  >continue reading HERE.

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