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Quebec Drivers At Serious Risk

Canada, Quebec, Refugees

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QUEBEC’S insurance authority allows “refugees” with a valid foreign driver’s license from their 3rd-world home country to drive for a six month grace period on Canadian roads– after which they must pass Quebec‘s written/driving test in that Canadian province. BUT… these foreign drivers are continually failing their tests again and again.

English: Québec Province within Canada. Españo...
Québec Province in Canada

And for six months at least, we have foreign people driving who are a DANGER to other drivers on the roads.




Le Devoir newspaper quotes someone saying,

“He knew a lady who had failed the test no less than (20x) twenty times. Often, refugees continued to drive illegally, collecting fines.”

Great! Prime Minister Trudeau’s refugee policy is a disaster.

Poverty, unemployment, lack of basic life skills, nor able to speak either French or English, nor read traffic signs!

Oh … and he’s said he’ll bring in a further 50,000 ‘refugees’ a year for four years. This is just the beginning!   >Source
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What could possibly go wrong!? (From Russia, With Love)

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