John Derbyshire Questions the Wisdom of Diversity in Light of 50 Years of Black Riots


milwaukee riot

Wherever you have blacks, there you will have riots. It’s an iron law of race realism.

John Derbyshire talks about black riots in Milwaukee and Cedar Rapids in this excerpt. In the longer article he also talks about black riots in Australia.

He explains race realism very concisely toward the end of this excerpt.

Excerpt from

Mrs. Clinton and her Social Justice Warriors want to bring in further masses of poor Third Worlders to enhance our nation’s diversity. A thoughtful observer might question the wisdom of this in light of our failure to make any progress coping with the diversity we already have.

Look: Next year is the fiftieth anniversary of the 1967 black riots in Detroit,Newark, and, yes, Milwaukee.

Fifty years—two entire human generations—and still they riot. Fifty years of fretting and fussing, of nagging and shaming, of affirmative action and contracting set-asides; fifty years of jobs programs…

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