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CANADA’s Immigration Minister thinks Alberta’s unemployment rate should be higher, our wages lower and our job fair line-ups longer.

John McCallum didn’t exactly say that, but what he did say will result in those economic conditions for (the province of) Alberta. After a closed door meeting with Alberta business people, McCallum said:

“There’s a strong consensus that they’re in favour of more immigrants, not less immigrants, notwithstanding the state of the economy”

Translation: Businesses want cheaper labour.


There are 77,000 (Unemployed) Albertans on employment insurance – some have already run out.  (The Canadian province of ) Alberta’s unemployment rate is at 8.6% … higher than the national average, and up a percentage point from the month before. Alberta’s youth unemployment rate is at 14.8% up from 11.4% the year before.

These numbers are real people in OUR communities. They should not be duking it out for the few available jobs … with a sudden influx of economic (foreign) migrants. […]  Isn’t it a Canadian Minister’s job to put those Canadians first?  >>to FULL article.

Sample of “duking it out” — with an emboldened, and unwanted foreign intruder in France.

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