The photograph above is an example of antiwhite propaganda. This particular photo is intended to demoralize the white male while offering encouragement to the white female to breed with the Negroid male.

Recognize it for what it is–crude propaganda spewed out now in Hollywood movies, music videos, and pornography on a large scale.

To innoculate one’s mind against this disgusting brainwashing, a person must first understand that there is an agenda to destroy all white countries and eventually create a world without a single white person in it.

The embedded video below offers an excellent introduction to the New World Order agenda that is forcing white countries to become nonwhite.

Spread a link to the video to those who might be interested in the issue of white genocide. You’ll probably be familiar with the topics covered, but the tens of million sheeple won’t be. A soothing female voice narrates, which…

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Soldiers of Odin opens Estonian chapter, holds 2,500 strong anti invader march


Around 2,500 members of the Estonian branch of the Finnish based patriotic anti-refugee group ‘Soldiers of Odin’ marched in Tallinn on the anniversary of Estonian independence day, Wednesday. Crowds marched through the Estonian capital with torches while waving flags of the three Baltic Republics, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and carrying a banner reading “For Estonians!”

The soldiers of Odin carry out street patrols to keep the public safe from migrants.

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