Mind Is Like A Parachute – Doesn’t Work Unless It’s Open

Letter to a loved one – for ALL to read.



We arrived in our hometown in the South East of England this past Monday. We’re both sickened by what it’s like, as we are, increasingly, each year we return. The skies are filled with nothing but aerosols pulsed with microwaved EMF radiation. Further, what used to be a deep-green landscape (our hometown is on the South Downs, a nationally protected area designated as a place of outstanding natural beauty) is now chalky white, 24/7/365.

Why? Because the aerosols sprayed in the skies — which you reject out-of-hand — are glaringly obvious at ground level, literally even in our backyard.

(You are aware that John Brennan, the present director of the CIA, admitted the existence of the geoengineering program in a recent speech at the Council on Foreign Relations?)

Likewise in the most rural parts of France, the Greek islands, remote Bulgaria, the Swiss Alps, the French Alps, the Italian Alps, the Austrian-German Alps, and everywhere else we’ve traveled to, whether hot or cold, sea-level or in the mountains, whether rural or urban, and irrespective of season.



You might not believe in any such Jew World Order, but that’s only because you refute, again out-of-hand, anything which their controlled media outlets won’t ever tell you.

You’ve apparently sealed tight your mind against any facts which might be uncomfortable to consider.


And yet those who get their worldview by way of the Jew World Order media — which boastful Jews gloat in their own publications about their so controlling, as they do about controlling the American people and the American government — have had something done to their minds, their memory, their ability to discern that is nothing short of horrifying.


These are the people that have brainwashed naive Westerners to consider as God’s Chosen — even when Jesus himself called them the “synagogue of Satan”, and that the New Testament is strewn with like statements about their being of their father the devil — the father of lies, murder, etc. Jesus even makes clear in Revelation 2:9 that they’re not even Jews. They simply masquerade as Jews as a means to usher in their Jew World Order in preparation for the anti-Christ’s reign over all of humanity.

I think my [now Jew-wise] mother is right when she says that most folk just can’t believe there exists such evil in our world, in our day and age. Ironically, perhaps least of all self-avowed Christians.  >>to FULL LETTER.

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