“I’ve Become a Racist” – Dane


Johnny Christensen, a stout and silver-whiskered retired bank employee, always thought of himself as sympathetic to people fleeing war and welcoming to immigrants. But after more than 36,000 mostly Muslim asylum seekers poured into Denmark over the past two years, Christensen, 65, said, “I’ve become a racist.”

He believes these new migrants are draining Denmark’s cherished social-welfare system but failing to adapt to its customs. “Just kick them out,” he said, unleashing a mighty kick at an imaginary target on a suburban sidewalk. “These Muslims want to keep their own culture, but we have our own rules here, and everyone must follow them.”

Denmark, a small and orderly nation with a progressive self-image, is built on a social covenant: In return for some of the world’s highest wages and benefits, people are expected to work hard and pay into the system. Newcomers must quickly learn Danish — and adapt to norms like keeping tidy gardens and riding bicycles.

Has Denmark Learned A Lesson?

Denmark Prosecutes Citizens For Aiding Migrant Invaders


(Denmark’s) 5.7 million people remain overwhelmingly native born, though the percentage has dropped to 88% today … (down) from 97% in 1980.  (Greater Toronto Area has about 6 million people.)

Euro White peoplejust 8% of 7,500,000,000 (BILLION) people!


‘It’s not racism to be aware of the difference’

Denmark is just one of many European nations grappling with the wave of migrants amid a spate of terrorist attacks across the continent by Islamic extremists: A recent Pew Research Center survey found that at least half the citizens in eight of 10 countries polled said incoming refugees increased the likelihood of terrorist attacks.

The confluence of these and other factors has prompted a re-examination of the postwar promise of a unified, borderless Europe. Macedonia, Hungary and Slovenia have all built border fences. Denmark imposed new identity controls on its border with Germany in January, and for the first time since 1958, Sweden requires entering Danes to show identity papers.

Last year, Denmark placed ads in Arabic-language newspapers stressing its tough new policies, essentially suggesting: Don’t come here.


But some dark-skinned immigrants who have lived in Denmark for decades say assimilation seems an elusive and ever-shifting target. Patricia Bandak and her brother Sylvester Bbaale came to Denmark from Uganda as babies in 1989. […] The siblings are not Muslim but said they frequently encountered racism: In school, they were called the “N” word … […] said he was beaten on the street last year by three men who cursed at him and told him to go back to Africa. “For a lot of people, being Danish is in your blood, so I will never be Danish,” said Bandak, 28, […]  >full article.

Updated to March, 2018

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