White Nations into Multiracial Places: A Spiral Radicalization Model


Remember The 14 Words

The Important Question

Why are Western nations, and only Western nations, committed to immigration and diversity? Why do they welcome ethnic rights for non-Whites within their borders while demonizing any expression of White identity? Why do they take for granted the fact that not a single nation outside the West advocates diversity?

This is really one question, the most important question of our times, and the most puzzling question to come up in history; for it is beyond comprehension why would an entire people commit itself to its own dissolution. Is not the supreme principle of Darwinian theory the struggle not only for individual survival but also survival of one’s group, which entails an ethics of in-group cooperation and out-group derogation? How did it come about that such powerful instincts for in-group preference and loyalty have come to be seen as odiously racist amongst Whites, whereas in-group preference is taken…

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