Violent Foreign Students MUST Be Expelled and Deported

Yeah, those “poor migrant children” who need sanctuary in Canada!?

NEW series: Migrant violence uncovered at MORE schools across Canada (Part One: Calgary)

By Faith Goldy

The first story was out of Nova Scotia.

The next took place in New Brunswick, and made international headlines.

I wondered:  Are there more schools experiencing this problem? We, at The Rebel sent Access to Information requests to several Canadian school boards, asking for any evidence of issues or concerns involving their new Syrian migrant student population. And we received a lot of information…

[…] Tonight, I’ll look at documents we received from the Calgary (Alberta) Board of Education.

[The Canadian province of ALBERTA is north of  the U.S. state of Montana.]

It’s time we stop ignoring children who are being beaten and threatened at a place where they should feel safe. It’s time we stop making exceptions for abuse against Canadian girls, just because the (Muslim) perpetrators are from a particular part of the world (SYRIA).

And, it’s time we stop allowing political correctness to put our children in harm’s way.  >Source

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CANADIANS have a shortage of “cultural enrichment” in our public schools, so let’s eagerly import even more of these sports-loving, foreign lads into our country and place them in classrooms next to your children, eh? In foresight, Tru-dope’s folly will eventually cost an innocent Canadian student his life some day.



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