Syrian Foreigners Endangering Canadian Students

Migrant violence uncovered at MORE Canadian schools (Part Two: Southwestern Ontario)


By Faith Goldy

Yesterday, we brought you the story of Calgary’s Syrian schoolyard scandal: (Foreign) migrants throwing fist-sized rocks at their peers, getting physical with the girls, and telling “infidel” teachers that they’d be “better off dead.”

Today, another region: The Thames Valley School Board in southwestern Ontario. New documents obtained from Rebel Media through an Access to Information request show yet another Syrian student scandal playing out in our taxpayer-funded schoolyards.

[…] When it comes to schools in southwestern Ontario, the Canadian media has only had good things to say about Syrian migrants enrolled there. For example, the London Free Press paints a rosy picture at Eagle Heights Elementary School, where ten per cent (10%) of the student population is made up of Syrian migrants.


PS: Southwestern Ontario is about to get another shipment of Syrian migrants: six thousand (6,000) to be precise; and that’s just this autumn alone. >>to FULL Article

[For added emphasis, photo, map illustration, links and bolded words by ELN Editor]

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  1. C’mon……..26 years of Pierre Trudeau and now his son?
    So WHO is the problem???
    A mysterious bogeyman, a New (Old) World Order or any other number of youtube conspiracies OR the plain and simple truth.
    Canadians are the biggest CUCKS on the planet!

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