Migrants Sexually Assault Little Girl, School says she was a natural target because “she is blonde and sweet.”

Yep, spreading the “joys of diversity” to our western schools where stressed-out White students are now forced to defend themselves against incoming, incompatible foreigners.


Remember The 14 Words

Migrant Kids Beat, Sexually Assault 9-Year-Old Girl, School Excuses It With 5 Words

Thanks to “multiculturalism” and political correctness, Sweden is not only covering up sexual assaults by Muslim migrant men but by their children as well.

A 9-year-old white girl was repeatedly beaten, sexually assaulted, and emotionally tormented by a group of migrant children at her school. However, instead of reporting it to the authorities, the school decided to cover up the sickening abuse, giving outraged parents a 5-word, infuriating excuse.
A fourth grader at a Swedish public school in Eskilstuna got her first introduction to multiculturalism, the leftist pipe dream that all cultures are created equal and can happily coexist. Unfortunately, this helpless little girl serves as the perfect example of not only why this is blatant propaganda perpetuated to further the liberal agenda but also that the more aggressive, inhumane culture always overtakes the tolerant, progressive culture…

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