Dismissed For Being WHITE

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“First they came for the straight White men……”

   The London Independent  tells us that ‘a BBC presenter has condemned the broadcaster’s diversity strategy and claimed he was dismissed from his role for being a “white man”.

Jon Holmes, a Bafta-winning writer and comedian who has appeared on Radio 4’s The Now Show for 18 years, claimed bosses let him go (fired him!) after informing him the show was being re-cast with “more women and diversity”.

In the finest traditions of a Stalinist Show Trial, Holmes prefaced his complaint with the following disclaimer:  

“I totally understand and agree with ….harder quotas and diversity targets.  Diversity is important. Of course it is. We know it is. That’s beyond argument.  But maybe it’s time to open up the debate – and, in all honesty, not just because I’m on the receiving end.”
Oh, ho ho ho, Jonny boy. Being on the receiving end is the one, and only reason you’re belatedly calling for a debate. Whereas, I’m not familiar with your work, my assumption is that during your current affairs comedy career at the HebeBC you never once called for such a debate. Because, had you done so … you’d have been out on your ear, pronto.
‘If we are now openly giving jobs to people based on the colour of their skin, surely that is only emphasising just the kind of social division that the equality that I was brought up to embrace strives to eliminate?  So what if – and I know this is radical – but what if everything and every job in all walks of life was open to everyone equally, and we all just agree that everyone’s the same, by which I mean – you know – ‘human’?’
Now tell me, Jon. Early in your article (the part where you paraded your PC credentials) you professed yourself in favour of  ‘harder quotas and diversity targets‘.
Any chance you’d reconcile this with your wish that ‘everything and every job ….. was open to everyone equally, and we all just agree that everyone’s the same, by which I mean – you know – ‘human’?  You cant, can you? And that’s because the two concepts are mutually irreconcilable. You can have diversity quotas – or – you can have appointments based on merit.  It’s one or the other. And it’s a zero-sum game.
So, welcome to the world of the straight, White male. Despite what you hear about White Privilege, it’s not an easy world to live in. In contrast to every other demographic you’ll find yourself mocked, abused and ridiculed with impunity. But you know that, don’t you? After all you’ve been doing it yourself for the last 18 years at the Beeb.  And as you search for that new job, you’ll find to your horror, that you’re on the lowest rung of the ladder. The top rung – in the country your forbears built – will be occupied by a black, transgendered Muslim, or some such.
It’s tough. So I’ll conclude with a word of advice.
Be very careful with all this talk about a ‘debateon diversity‘. The people who now enforce the law in what was your country … might deem such talk to be ‘hate crime‘. By the way, have you ever heard of the Alt-Right?  >>Source:
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