America’s Negro Violence 1892 – 1964

NOTE: All incidences below were gleaned from archived newspaper accounts from this LINK.

To search on any of the victims listed below, simply go to the link above. I’ve arranged all the Negro atrocities below chronologically (i.e. by year). Indicate the year, the name of the victim, or the Negro perpetrator. Put no more than three words in the search bar.

Circa 1920s

NOTE:  This “list’ is by no means the full list of White victims of black violence. It’s simply a partial list intending to give recognition to the true victims of the inter-racial crimes…as well as to inform EVERYONE of what White people – the recognized ‘Americans’ in our time frame here (1900 to 1964)-  were forced to endure…and how they tried to cope with what cannot be described as anything but a reign of terror.

(1892)   Miss Lena McMahon  (raped then beaten to near death – white female’s injuries stated so severe she’ wasn’t expected to survive – negro was captured by a very determined posse of angry Americans … then lynched.)

>> MORE Examples from a century ago.



Crime & Race

More BLACK on White Crime

Becoming Racially Aware


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  1. This is something that even many ‘conservatives’ need to see, because there is this widespread idea that there was little black violence until ‘the liberals’ during the Civil Rights era began to incite blacks. While it’s true that liberals, especially the media, incite violence by their inflammatory propaganda, it is just not true that blacks were all law-abiding and nonviolent previously. There were good reasons for the Jim Crow laws; it was not just ‘bigotry’ on the part of the South or wherever such laws or customs existed.
    Incidentally the link to the Library of Congress website appears invalid; is that by design on their part, I wonder? The LOC is very politically correct judging by their promotion of all things ‘diversity’-related.

    1. VA – Absolutely yes! Segregation and Jim Crow laws were necessary practices to protect White Americans from chronic Negro patterns of violence that still prevail to this day. The the guilt-mongering P.C. brigade has stamped out any notion of self-preservation amongst gullible Whites who willingly accept the “word” of the MSM as if their “news” was sacrosanct. Black behavior patterns that existed in those days have not changed over time because of that little matter known as “gene flow”.

      Also … now that we’re unable to access the (L.O.C.) Library of Congress data base to either confirm or deny the evidence offered by the original poster (Mr. Wolfe), we can assume he must have been “over the target” with his research capabilities. If any tech-savvy readers know how to circumvent the link blockage, please let us know the procedure.

      Scrolling down the original link, I found this this well-known murder case:

      #957. Mary Phagan, 13 (sexually assaulted…then murdered by a negro – white male , however, was convicted and lynched for the crime)

      The “white male” was actually the Jew, Leo Frank who was convicted with enough culpable evidence that led to him of being the murderer of young Mary Phagan in 1913. IMO

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