Africoon Asylum seeker participated in gang-rape – gets 140,000 in damages



Sweden is now paying apes to rape Swedish women.

One of the African asylum seekers from Eritrea who was present when a woman in Ludvika was brutally gang-raped, is now granted SEK 140,000 ($15,800) in damages from the Swedish taxpayers. This despite the fact that he participated in the rape and even forcefully kissed the woman, reports the local newspaper Dala-Demokraten.

The gang-rape took place in central Ludvika at 00.30 the night of Saturday, October 17th last year.

The woman was on her way home and met several African men who asked her for cigarettes. One of the Africans followed her and dragged her into an alley, where he asked her to give him a kiss.

– No, I have boyfriend, the woman explained, but to no avail, as the African man pushed his tongue into her mouth.

Then suddenly the other…

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2 thoughts on “Africoon Asylum seeker participated in gang-rape – gets 140,000 in damages

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  1. Sweden is an asylum were cuckoos from all over the World, mainly from MENA, comes to nest, and the swedes feeds, clothes, house and do everything else to take very good care of these cuckoos offsprings, throwing their own offsprings out of the nest.

    1. Yes … and the Swedish people must awaken A.S.A.P, or else their children will suffer the consequences of their deplorable apathy that overrides common sense.

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