Growing Resistance To “Refugees”

From Refugee Settlement WATCH

[…] “This is the letter I, (Brenda Arthur) tried to get Kelly Merritt – Charleston (West Virginia) Daily Mail Opinion Page Editor – to publish in late July 2016.  He wanted me to “soften” it, as he said it was too “inflammatory”.  I would not — therefore, he would not publish it.”



Are we to believe highly informed intelligence experts — or groups like the Episcopal Migration Ministries (one of 9 major Federal Contractors paid mostly with our tax dollars) who are paid “by the head” to bring these people to the United States. Thanks to a reserved place at the public trough, these Federal Contractors get hundreds of millions of dollars in government grants.

Ask yourself these questions:

Why do groups like Episcopal Migration Ministries (a 501(c) 3 charity) *(and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops operating in West Virginia as Catholic Charities of West Virginia) get hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to do their work ?

Why do they operate “below the radar” away from public scrutiny?

Why aren’t they presenting our elected representatives with the R & P Abstract (Reception & Placement) which details the plan for the town they are invading?

Before you vilify me as a bigot, xenophobe, racist, or hater, answer these questions:

“Why is it incumbent on us to absorb so many impoverished third world peoples who reject our language, our culture, or our values?

Why spend millions on them when thousands of my fellow West Virginians are facing hard times due to the Federal assault on our coal industry?

Why is money given to foreign nationals when our veterans cannot get quality medical care?

Why not resettle them in other Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia where there is plenty of space and oil money to boot?

Why should our country — which is almost 20 Trillion dollars in debt — give refugees Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Food Stamps, Medicaid, Social Security Disability Insurance, Public Housing, Child Care & Development, Job Opportunities for Low Income Individuals (JOLI), Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), and other government benefits?

We have our own problems. Could any group that wants to bring impoverished third world peoples here that add a further financial burden to our citizens and have the potential of risking our security have the interest of our community and state in mind?”
(Bold, italicized words added for emphasis – Editor)

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  1. “Before you vilify me as a bigot, xenophobe, racist, or hater,” iT’S ONLY HATE OR BIGOTRY IF IT ISN’T TRUE!!!! I Am A BIGOT, I’m a bigot against hatred and xenophobia being endorsed and practiced,enshrined and protected in the name of religious tolerance. There is ZERO tolerance for intolerance in my world sparky. IF YOU want me to accept your right to disagree with me, you must accept MY RIGHT to disagree with you. There is NO SUCH RIGHT as the right to abbrogate someone else’s rights ! End of story. As soon as ANYONE, native born or immigrant, endorses INITIATING violent represials against those who disagree with you merely because they do so, you also implicitly advocate violence being comitted upon your person in order to defend oneself from further violence. Try pulling that shit here in Elliot lake and i will gladly be willing to teach you that lesson firsthand !! . The measure you measure out will be measured back to you ! Turning the other cheek does not include standing by and allowing attrocities to be perpertrated upon others or oneself.. even in the name of political correctness. Fuck That ! Welcome to the great white north Eh !

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