Canada faces Somali assimilation problems, gang violence

Refugee Resettlement Watch

With this post I just want to bring a few things to your attention (some articles and a report that I have not much to say about, just didn’t want to lose the links!)

First, here is piece from the Ottawa Citizenabout how church groups are trying to dissuade young Muslims from joining gangs.  Frankly, I think the ACLU-types (CAIR too!) would go wild in the US if roving Christians distributed leaflets in Somali communities and set up church activities in Muslim neighborhoods.

Maybe religious leaders can’t reach Ottawa’s hard-core gang members, but they believe their teachings can divert younger kids headed that way. The snag is often a parent who objects.

Crime prevention officials, police and Christian and Muslim community volunteers recently addressed the city’s new faith and gangs group to explore how congregations might keep kids from a gang lifestyle. 


“We set up in a playground doing…

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