A Brave Snake Saving A Fish From Drowning…

From Irish Savant

“Joyous tidings this week as Reuters announce the layoff of 2,000 staff from their world-wide operations. This follows earlier layoffs of 5,500 in 2013, and further underlines the implosion of the mainstream media brainwashing machine. Readership, advertising revenue and most of all reputation spiral downwards as readers flee to alternative sources.

This trend worries the “liberal” (and partially Soros-funded) Brookings Institution which notes that while radio and television (print news is finished) remain important, listener and viewer numbers have also “declined precipitously“. And it seems that even “hard news” is now in danger” (stop laughing at the back!). “These trends have left many people wondering who will collect hard news for the general public. While the Internet world has made it possible for everyone to express their opinion widely — whether they know anything or not — it has also confused readers.” Isn’t that terrible!  The confusion stems apparently from the absence of “neutral intermediaries such as reporters, fact-checkers, and editors“. And that means “readers are having a hard time judging the credibility of what they read.” >to FULL REPORT

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