Post Election Exodus To Canada?

So … Americans want to move to CANADA, eh?


A massive 87% of the 300,000 legally imported foreigners — who land on our Canadian soil each year as immigrants — are of NON-white, 3rd world origin. Apparently, White Americans and Europeans are highly discouraged from making the effort to emigrate to our nation due to the agenda.

This category does not include an additional few hundred-thousand “temporary” foreign workers, foreign students, nor “refugees”.

The  “refugees” are mostly low IQ, illiterate, non-English speaking with 3rdworld origins. Nevertheless, we have naïve, uninformed “progressive” Canadians eagerly welcoming these unknown, incompatible “refugees” with open arms, YET they’ll balk at opening our doors to educated, English-speaking, selfsupporting WHITE Americans in this supposed, post-election mass exodus!?

Staged Photo for your gullible benefit > read more.

Leftist/liberal Canadians are always game for “noble causes” especially when it comes to spending other people’s money. That’s the price we all pay for hypocrites to enjoy their temporary “buzz” of experiencing the notion of noblesse oblige.

The following video highlights the lack of common sense when Canada’s government recently fast-tracked tens of thousands of unvetted Syrian strangers from incompatible foreign cultures half-way around the world and placed them in Canadian schools next to our children. This unnecessary, time-consuming fiasco brought to you by our unconservative Prime Minister at enormous social welfare cost$  … is but an incalculable, ongoing boondoggle that will have profound repercussions on our society!

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