A Poster “Hate” Crime Only In Canada

Toronto police hate crime unit investigates posters denounced as racist

TORONTO city staff are removing posters that urged White people “tired of political correctness” and “questioning when immigration will stop” to join an online movement.

City councillor Janet Davis tweeted Monday that staff were also looking into who is behind the posters, which were spotted in her ward.

Contact >> Janet Davis 

Phone: 416-392-4035
Fax: 416-397-9289
E-mail: councillor_davis@toronto.ca

City Hall Office

Councillor Janet Davis
100 Queen Street West
2nd Floor, Suite C57
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

She said “this hate is unacceptable in our city.”

Photos of the posters circulated on social media, where many denounced them as “racist“.

  “You’re a racist!


Several people on Twitter urged anyone who came across the signs .. to tear them down. >Source

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Evalion’s Website:  http://evalion.org/

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