“Evalion” – Sweetheart of the Alt-Right

From:  http://cafe.nfshost.com/?p=1493

Evalion – 18 yrs. old

*She is an International teenage Internet-sensation — BANNED by Twitter and YouTube after over 2 Million video views in just 8 months!
*She was such a well-known Nationalist celebrity at the time she was BANNED, that the story was covered by European television programs.
* Her clever, sassy, engaging YouTube videos on immigration, National Socialism, pedophilia, the “gay” agenda, and more — are awakening a NEW generation … and threatening ZioMarxist entities (who are) committed to maintaining their oppression of the general population.
* Most recently, she was the victim of Canada Border Service harassment with unwarranted confiscation of her laptop and personal journals — followed by an 8 hour detention!
* She is the latest, and most high-profile target of (((B’nai Brith))) censorship.

Evalion’s website:  http://evalion.org/

One (1) of Evalion’s many videos (more educational than her usual satire).


When linking to her videos please use these pages:

Some YouTube collections of her videos:
Wide Variety of Evalion Videos Here!
Massive Evalion Collection
Tons Of Evalion Videos Here!



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