The Basket of Hate

Aryan Street

It’s a funny thing.  Most of us White Nationalists (Supremacists, Racists or whatever you Anti-Whites decide to call us) don’t actually have visceral  hate for people of color.  Maybe we should…but most of us don’t.  Surprised?

Maybe we do have a natural dislike…I remember the first time I saw a black person, I must have been around 5 years old, I thought he must be dirty to be so dark.  Is that hate?  Trust me, my mom quickly shamed me for thinking such a naughty thought and from then on I was very tolerant of the dirty look of Blacks.  LOL.

And as time went on, like a good liberal, I became more and more tolerant of Blacks even though I was rarely around them until I left home.  Although I have live much of my life under the poverty line…I excused the bad behavior of many Blacks as a…

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