“Evalion” Meeting Shut Down

Not that “anti-racists” (antiracism IS antiWhite) or Social Justice Warriors (SJW) are any strangers to violence, but they have become downright hysterical since the (president-elect Donald) Trump Phenomenon.
The Alternative Forum and the Canadian Association for Free Expression (C.A.F.E.) had arranged for a meeting with “Evalion.” The meeting was to be hosted at the offices of YOUR WARD NEWS.  “Evalion” is a 19-year-old YouTube videographer.
Active for the past eight months, she has accumulated over 2 million hits on her sassy, opinionated videos. She has taken shots at the so-called holocaust, the Third World immigration, and other forbidden subjects.
In early October, Canadas thought police (Canadian Border Services Agency branch)  held her for over eight hours and stole (uh, “detained”) her laptop, power cord, computer case and several personal diaries and notebooks.
(((Bnai Brith))) — among Canada’s most fanatical thought-control groups — is on her case and is demanding a police investigation and prosecution under Canada’s notorious “hate” law.
She has also been the victim of serious Internet stalking and harassment. At the last minute, she was so pressured (she is still a teenager) that she cancelled her engagement. C.A.F.E. meetings never cancel.
However — when folks showed up tonight — they discovered that the offices of YOUR WARD NEWS had been the object of terrorist vandalism. The locks on both front and rear doors had been vandalized. The manager of YOUR WARD NEWS was unable to gain entry. And, as usual, there was the retarded sloganeering and tagging defacing the front of the building. YOUR WARD NEWS has had its windows smashed so often that they are permanently boarded over.]  >con’t HERE.

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