WTF! Parents of Raped and Murdered Maria Ladenburger Collected Money for Muslim Rapefugees at Her FUNERAL



Less than 12 hours ago I posted the story of the death of Maria Ladenburger at the hands of an Afghan teen refugee in Freiburg, Germany.

Now this!

Paul Joseph Watson is a reliable source.

If PJW stays on this story, we’ll learn in the future that the parents of Maria Ladenburger visited her rapist/murderer in jail, had a group hug with him, and then demanded his release in the name of justice.

Liberals are mentally ill. Germans too, it’s sad to say.

A real man would kill his daughter’s rapist and murderer.


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5 thoughts on “WTF! Parents of Raped and Murdered Maria Ladenburger Collected Money for Muslim Rapefugees at Her FUNERAL

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  1. Guess what. They found out the murderer was an Afghan refugee in December. The funeral was in October. Pretty obvious the parents couldn’t know the murderer was a refugee when they asked for donations at her funeral, isn’t it?

    1. It’s unlikely your deductive reasoning skills would merit much importance to the now-dead Maria Ladenburger (6 December 1996 – 16 October 2016).

      From Wiki “The suspect was also investigated for the rape and murder of 27-year-old female jogger Carolin G., who was murdered three weeks after Maria Ladenburger near Endingen, Baden-Württemberg, 30 kilometres (19 mi) outside of Freiburg. Police did not find DNA or other forensic evidence at the crime scene.[9] Both cases were subject of the same edition of the TV programme Aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst. More than 400 people called in to give clues to the police.[9] They were linked by the press as “Frauenmorde von Freiburg” (women murders of Freiburg), and were called “strikingly resemblant“. The cases led to insecurity under the Freiburg residents”.[16]

  2. He is the same kind of idiot as this swedish man, Stig Wallin, whos idiot/indoctrinated daughter started this, Fem i tolv-rörelsen (Five to twelve-movement, “working against xenophobia and racism, human rights and equality of all people”.
    After his daughter was murdered by ex boyfriend – a refugee from Eritrea, he became the chairman of the organization, continuing the “good” work against “racism” and “xenophobia” human rights and equality of ALL people, rapists and murders (white european not included).örelsen

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