Canada’s Newest TEN DOLLAR Bill

Blatant TOKENISM is now found on (soon-to-be) Canada’s newest $10 Bill

Previous portraits of notable Kings, Queens, or a Prime Minister have always graced Canada‘s Ten Dollar bill since confederation in 1867. Sir John A. MacDonald, who became Canada’s 1st Prime Minister only after years of political battles, helped to align competing colonies into a viable nation-state named CANADA.

Now, the former prime minister’s portrait on Canada’s $10 note is being REPLACED by an unknown, indistinguishable, disgruntled Black woman named Viola Desmond, whose first notoriety became known when she refused to sit in the balcony section designated exclusively for Negroes in Nova Scotia’s segregated Roseland Theatre in 1946.


… and now Viola Desmond in 2018
In 1946, Canada’s Negro (black) population was a mere .001% (one-tenth of 1%) of Canada’s entire population.  Today, Blacks account for 3% due to recent mass immigration from the Caribbean Islands and Africa.

To protest, simply BOYCOTT the new $10 notes! Two “fivers” will suffice.

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  1. Canada is going to the dogs but wait, I think a dog could run Canada much better than the inept moron that is running it now! The demise of Canada will be sooner than later. Shame on Canadians for letting this happen.

    1. Every stable, White western nation in the world is a prime target for total destruction. Canada is but one country led by a narcissistic, “internationalist” prime minister hell-bent on “dismantling the people to elect another“. To be fair, TrueDope is just another puppet on a string being guided by the real power behind the throne to bring about the dismantling process by creating the problem, escalating the reaction (through George $oro$’ funding), and finally arrive at the solution resulting in their intended “new world order”.

      Our children in school are not even immune from this true and tried method of destroying social stability.

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