Canada’s Border Is Securely Fortified

Now, here’s the real deal below … “fortified” with plastic tape!
Canada – USA Border Line
Last month alone, 273 (UNKNOWN FOREIGN) asylum-seekers entered Quebec illegally — by far the highest one-month total for the three years.
No worries, we’re easy!

They come regularly every week,” said retired police officer Francois Doré, who lives near the Roxham Road crossing near Hemmingford ….

“We have excess taxpayers’ money just laying about, so we’re offering foreign invaders FREE welfare money, FREE medicals, FREE apartments … welcome to Canada, eh?”


Doré said the migrants cross the Canadian border easily enough, passing under yellow tape that divides the two countries.

  “Don’t confuse your directions, we welcome you in our country because you have much to offer us.”

“How mean and uncaring those Americans are!  We, Canadians are much nicer people.”

Sometimes you see whole families with babies and suitcases,” Doré said, adding that many arrive by taxi.


Intercepting them is up to the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), which monitors the crossings via patrols and surveillance cameras.

  “Our police are burdened with more important duties other than preventing foreign invaders from illegally gaining entry into Canada”

A station on the U.S.-Canada border used only for legitimate crossings into Canada! Foreign invaders find other “entry” points.

The migrants are then taken to one of the main Quebec border crossings at Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Saint-Armand/Philipsburg and Stanstead, where they are turned over to the C.B.S.A. (Canadian Border Security Agency) and their “refugee” claims are proce$$ed.

“Oh, joy … your new neighbours who’ll receive free food and accommodation at your expense!”


  “Returning Canadians entering their own country deserve more scrutiny than unknown, foreign invaders from 3rd world countries, don’cha think?”

“We now in Canada! No education or job skills except making babies which you pay me. We very poor in my country – only earn $3000 per year – but now very rich in Canada! My family just arrive, so I go back to work making new “Canadians” for Canada. How much you pay me? About $100,000 (Cdn) free money every year!”  ‘Alhamdulillah’ (Praise Allah)  (Real story HERE)
MeanwhileCanadian-born citizens have the “White privilege” of sleeping on cold sidewalks in Toronto.
“Oh, and more of us arrive every day!”
“Oh, Canada”.
(Original Source) [Some slight variations and additions by ELN Editor]
The achievement, if I can call it that, of inducing the most successful race in the world, the creator of the most advanced civilisation ever seen, to turn on itself and willingly self-destruct by way of societal degradation and internecine warfare is simply awesome. So incredible that, even as an agnostic, I sometimes wonder whether some supernatural agency is not after all involved.” –Irish Savant

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