UN Population Replacement


First UP … If this is AUSTRALIA, where are the Aussies??
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2 thoughts on “UN Population Replacement

  1. Where are all the white people? Toronto is the same. Go there and you have to ask where have all the white people gone? Canada never had it this bad and now Christmas is taken out so we don’t offend refugees and immigrants. The point I make is that I was in Wall Mart three different weeks at different times and no Christmas music playing. Of course I lodged my complaint to no avail. We can thank our irresponsible government for letting this happen and it is only going to get worse. What the hell is the matter with us? We as a country are letting it happen. Shame on us. I don’t think our ancestors would have died fighting for this country if they knew this was going to happen to their ancestors becoming extinct in Canada.

    1. Toronto’s White population apparently hovers around 48% today and London, England’s White population has plummeted to 44%, plus the same downwards trend-line applies to many other European cities.

      The speed of this phenomena of race-replacement is quite stunning, and one which only began about 40 yrs. ago and rapidly escalates every year.

      If you’ve not yet read the latest, a recent article at Council of European Canadians sums up the problem well enough:


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