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  1. We now have a Somalian born, appointed as our immigration minister and he is an immigration lawyer. So is immigration in Canada going to be put on hold, or is it going to double or triple or even become higher with him in charge? Canadians can’t keep supporting these people here and giving billions of dollars to support them in their countries. Until Canadians stand up and say enough is enough we are going to lose. When do we get a leader that listens to the Canadian people? Canadians that support this are the rich, which most Canadians are not. This government needs to put Canadians first and ensure that there are no homeless here. Is there anyone in Canada that has those attributes, doesn’t seem like it does it?

    1. It’s a deliberate affront against all old stock Canadians, and PM TruDope knows it.

      Black African Somali

      Yep, he fits the needed criteria for Canada’s new Immigration Minister – Canadian-born White men need not apply.

      If this incongruous appointment doesn’t wake-up a few Canadians to the fact that this traitorous liberal establishment is truly internationalist in scope, then nothing else will!

      Ex-KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov explained it quite well over 30 years ago. A 5 minute snippet:

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