How Do Extraterrestrials Travel The Universe?

Look UP! (ends at 8:15)
How do these aliens travel such vast distances for their research and operations so easily?
Well, one thing I can tell you — not by using rocket technology — as on Earth. The transport ships are transferred from one point to another in the nebula, through tunnels, portals, in time.
To explain this technology in a nutshell, imagine that you have a straw. From one point to another, it would be very far, and if I had to go through it, it would be thousands of light years away (in time), but, if we could bend the tube, and touch the two ends, I could
take a step back and be where I wanted, in a snap. This is an old technology that enables the transfer of material without having to go through millions of light years away from dark matter to reach any point in space. In dark matter there is no relationship between time and space, so it is an item that can be eliminated as a common denominator.
These portals were transferred by civilizations thousands of years ago, an advanced transportation technology for many specific points of the nebula forming a network of communication and travel for the movement of intergalactic spaceships of all the planets in a great community.
They are used for search and collection of key materials that are not found in their home planets and shipments of all operations and settlements. These portals are not in open space, like black holes or wormholes as the scientists now believe on Earth with its incomplete and inconsistent theories. The portals are actually a very old technology, in terms of time, at least a billion of Earth years old. A portal is physically transferred to a particular celestial body at exact coordinates and sent through a transfer system, which works with the integration of space, time, and relative position with great accuracy. Having been justifiably sent to the site and properly activated, the unit can be used.
The installation of gates of transport is governed by a perfect administration of the Community responsible for the Galaxy, or galaxies in question. In the case of your solar system, a portal is installed on the dark side of the Moon – the Earth satellite. It is an intergalactic gateway with high capacity, and is the only one in this solar system.
This site was chosen specifically because the Moon always keeps a hidden side to observers on Earth, allowing free movement of spaceships. Of course, with your new satellites that currently do exploratory survey of its surface, your scientists have already confirmed the existence of several alien bases, old spaceships, old buildings, both on the dark side, as the lighter side of the moon.
After passing through the portal, the ship is allowed to continue to their destination to fulfill the mission conferred upon it by its administration. From there, the craft uses its own propulsion system that works by generating a plasmid beam of magnetic single polarity interacting with magnetic forces inherent to the planet’s gravitational tunnels
to move at great speeds. An on-board computer handles with incredible speed the beams holding automatic navigation to a course through the mind control by the contact of
the hands of the browser with the control panel or mentally. The energy for the generator is provided by a fuel element that we call “anticarbon” developed in some dark areas of the galaxies in production units on planets in its borders.
The gravity generator works with directional beam cannons of magnetic unipolar fields,
made from a metal that has zero resistance to electrons, that is, a superconductor at ambient temperature, allowing an extraordinary power. As it have zero resistance you can drive a great amount of electrical current throughout the magnets creating a huge magnetic field in each propulsion magnet. This metal exists in abundance in some planets, and on Earth, it originates from an asteroid weighing millions of tons that crashed long ago, when the planet did not enjoy the protection of the current atmosphere, but it only exists on the site of the crash … that today is covered by an almost 1 km thick layer of ice in Antarctica. Source>
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