Alec Newald – N.Z. Extraterrestrial Contactee

Note: Only 60 minutes of a 90 minute presentation is seen here.


“One of the main reasons there is resistance from my people to interact with the Earth’s population to a more expanded extent, is because of your belief systems or understanding of the self. We are constantly under-whelmed by your sciences, which appear to be held in such high regard by your peoples. They appear diligent in their endeavors but darker forces control them. Their vision is confused by their inability to expand and combine the knowledge they hold. Small sections of knowledge are never combined so a bigger picture can be seen. In this way they are controlled because the right hand never knows what the left hand has discovered and vice versa. Those among you gifted enough to be able to see all are quickly dispatched by the unseen ones, and your history books mostly deprived of their contributions. So you all remain deprived of your true history and an understanding of what being human is all about.”


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