Ideological Resentment Against The White Race

… from the roots of Cultural Marxism BRAINWASHING!


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Only In “New” Canada, Eh?

TORONTO News & Views

Crossing guard incident Crossing guard, 70 yrs.  slaps cop’s private car he says was driving dangerously through crosswalk near a Markham, Ontario  school. (Photo – Sana Zain Kamani)

Crossing-guard MohammedHAMEED 70 yrs. is “detained” by an offdutyToronto cop in Markham, north of Toronto. The pair became embroiled in a physical altercation after a dispute at a school crossing. The off-duty Toronto officer involved in the alleged assault is RhoelONG.  >Full Article 

“I’m a police officer, and you’re (just) a crossing guard”

Joys ofDiversity
NOTE the players in this insignificant story — the crossing guard, the cop, the TV journalist, the two attending York cops, the protesting witnesses, the Toronto police chief are ALLNONwhite!
Changing CanadaTransforming into a NON-white, 3rd World Country!

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BEFORE Libya Was “Saved” From Their “Evil” Overlord

  • Libya-cutting-for-Archive-001-gadaffi

From 1973 to 1977 — Gaddafi had embarked upon the “remaking of Libyan society”, as laid out in his ideological visions. This was put into practice formally beginning in 1973 with a so-called ‘Cultural’ or ‘Popular Revolution’. This revolution was designed to combat bureaucratic inefficiency, lack of public interest and participation in the sub-national governmental system, and the problems of national political coordination.

In an attempt to politicize and mobilize the population, Gaddafi urged them to challenge traditional authority and to take over and run government organs themselves. The instrument for doing this was the People’s Committee. Within a few months, such committees were found all across Libya. Functionally and geographically based, they eventually became responsible for local and regional administration.

  • There was NO interest on loans. Banks in Libya were state-owned and loans given to all citizens were at ZERO-percent interest by law. Unlike every country in the West, Libya was built and maintained on interest-free money.
  • Libya had no external debt to any foreign nation, entity or institution, as it had done everything independently and on its own merit. Consequently, no Libyan had any personal debt either.
  • There was NO electricity bill in Libya; electricity was FREE for all citizens.
  • Having a home was considered a basic human right in Libya. Everyone was housed.
  • All education and all medical treatments were FREE in Libya.
  • The welfare system – a novelty in itself in Africa and most of the Arab world – was incredibly generous. Libyan Unemployment benefit was equivalent to $750.
  • Libyans who could not find the education or the medical help they needed in Libya, were fully funded by the government to go abroad to seek what they needed, with everything – travel, accommodation, living allowances – paid for by the state. There were therefore many Libyans in foreign countries for their education or for medical help, all paid for.
  • If a young Libyan was unable to find employment after graduation, the state would pay them the average salary of the profession until they could acquire a paying job in that field. Speaking of education, a country that only had a 25% literacy rate BEFORE Gaddafi’s revolution had 25% of its citizens attaining a university degree by the time of the uprising.
  • Any mother who gave birth to a child received the equivalent of $5,000.
  • All newlyweds received 60,000 dinars (equivalent to $50,000) from the government to buy their first apartment and to help start a family.
  • Any Libyans who wanted to take up farming careers would receive farming land, a house, farming equipment, seeds and livestock to get started. ALL free.
  • Anyone looking to buy a car could ask the government to subsidize 50% of the cost.
  • The price of petrol in Libya was 14 cents per litre.
  • Due to one Gaddafi’s relatively late reforms, a portion of every Libyan oil sale was being credited directly to the personal BANK ACCOUNTS of all Libyan citizens; this was envisioned as a true ‘sharing of the wealth’ among the population.  …more HERE.

 TODAY’S Libya courtesy of Western Banksters

Un-Grateful 3rd World FOREIGNERS Express Contempt For FREE Hotel Rooms

*Prime Minister Trudeau’s FREE Hotels at Taxpayer’s Expense*


Radisson “Foreign Invaders” Hotel “Fire, Fire”



HOW many of these virtuesignaling, sanctimonious hypocrites seen below would accommodate 3rd-world “refugees” in their OWN homes??
My guess:  ZERO


Starting Life in Canada With A Criminal Record

Canada Eagerly Welcomes FAKE “Refugees”

What Africans are “Fleeing”: Their Self-Created Disasters

Remember The 14 Words

The “poverty” which Africans are “fleeing” during their ongoing invasion of Europe is not something which just “happens” by itself, but is a self-inflicted disaster caused specifically by a combination of low IQ and overpopulation—and they are bringing this devil’s brew of disaster with them to white countries.


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