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Ethnic-Europeans in South Africa faces genocide. Their situation is far more deserving of refugee status than that of non-Europeans flooding Europe and plundering taxpayer’s purses. Yet, few people outside of South Africa are aware of the crisis because corporate Western media is silent.

Robert Lynn and Susan Howarth were tortured at their farm in South Africa. Robert Lynn and Susan Howarth were tortured at their farm in South Africa.

Facing displacement, land-theft, and open, brutal genocide, ethnic-Europeans are attempting to escape. Incredibly, desperate Whites have been snubbed by every western regime except Australia. More than 200 South African farmers have applied for humanitarian visas after suffering attacks for their being of European race, according to the Australian Home Affairs Ministry.

“The type of criteria they have to meet, or the key one, is…

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Land of Gullible Fools


TORONTO News & Views

The following comments are referring to Canada’s ludicrous refugee policies that cater to unknown, un-vetted, undeserving foreigners who self-proclaim to be “refugees” after landing on our soil.  White-guilt takes precedence over common sense whenever this subject matter is broached. Critical analysis is clouded over with maudlin sentiments by hypocritical Canadians who would deny a bed in their own home to a destitute Canadian, but willingly lay the red carpet down for unknown foreigners from half-way around the world but only IF the government (read: taxpayers) pays for their exorbitant welfare costs.

“France” says: There is a big difference between genuine refugees and bogus ones. According to international law, asylum seekers are to go to the nearest “safe” country. Many are not doing that. Two cases in point: the “Ocean Lady” and the “Sun Sea” both ships carried Tamils directly to Canadian shores…

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Rally Call Against Foreigners ILLEGALLY Entering Canada

Canada, Faith Goldy, Illegal Migration, Ottawa

View this revealing video >> HERE

  SHOUTING a call-out for CANADIAN & AMERICAN citizens to a rally point (Sunday, JUNE 3rd) (on BOTH Sides) at this remote ILLEGAL border crossing on ROXHAM ROAD near Champlain, N.Y. on the American side, and Hemmingford, Quebec, nearest town on the Canadian side. Up to 400 unwanted foreigners PER DAY are ILLEGALLY landing on Canadian soil at this crossing point.

BEGIN mobilizing your club, association, church group, sports team, or town to travel by charter bus, car or bicycle to meet at the above location. Send a strong message to Ottawa with your presence and placards. CANADA is YOUR nation to DEFEND.
D-Day is … Sunday, JUNE 3rd, 2018.

DEMONSTRATE your on-the-ground support for CANADA and for Faith Goldy in her gallant quest to STOP this Illegal FOREIGNER INVASION. … her other> VIDEO


CANADA belongs to CANADIANS … NOT to Trudeau.

Canadians are dumb driven cattle, obediently following their leaders while casting a wistful glance over their shoulder at what they might have been.”
Historian A.R.M Lower (1889-1988)


REAL Leaders Discussing Canada’s Border Crisis

One Woman’s Crusade Against Foreigners’ Illegal Border Crossings

Canadian Border Guards “Muzzled” To Say Nothing About ILLEGAL Aliens

Don’t Worry CANADA, It’s Only Your Money


Minnesota Somalis: You’re old and we are taking over


Refugee Resettlement Watch

This week Judy sent me an interesting facebook post. I’ve decided not to name the author in order to spare her further aggravation.

Normally I wouldn’t post on a social media conversation except this one rings a bell.  I’ve heard it before.

In fact in earlier years in the life of this blog, I heard it from time to time.  Somali commenters told me that this country had a lot of wide open spaces and they planned to fill it.

In fact in 2010, aSomali woman communicatedwith me to warn that Somalis are creating what she called Tuulas (villages) throughout some states—she mentioned Minnesota and Kansas and Maine. She said:

I have read about what is going on in Kansas and in other small towns like Maine. Somalis will turn these small towns into a largely populated Somali town, because if Minnesota is the U.S capital of…

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“Home Free!” – Free Home, Free Meals, Free Education, Free Health Care, Free MONEY, MONEY, MONEY For Unwanted Foreigners Arrested at Illegal Border Crossing

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Faith Goldy’s Twitter Account > HERE

Faith Goldys Youtube Channel > HERE


…AND FREE Bell-Hop Service

Story from over one year ago >> HERE

Trump Cracks Down on Border Jumpers: Will Prosecute Adults AND Take Away Their Children



Daily Mail

The administration of President Donald Trump will increase criminal prosecutions of parents entering the United States illegally and place their children in protective custody as part of efforts to tighten immigration enforcement, according to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official.


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REAL Leaders Discussing Canada’s Border Crisis

Canada, Free Speech, Illegal Migration, Quebec

Jill Colton & Faith Goldy discuss the important topic of TENS of thousands of Unknown Foreigners ILLEGALLY Abusing Canada’s Border protocols.

IMPORTANT Date for Concerned Canadians > June 3rd, 2018 (see video below)


One Woman’s Crusade Against Foreigners’ Illegal Border Crossings


Canada Eagerly Welcomes FAKE “Refugees”


Canadian Border Guards “Muzzled” To Say Nothing About ILLEGAL Aliens


Don’t Worry CANADA, It’s Only Your Money

The CBC Is Not Your Friend

…more videos from Federal MP Michelle Rempel >HERE





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Shortly after Friday’s ‘Not a single cent on migration’ statement, the Hungarian premier has vowed to dedicate his new term to the preservation of the nation’s historic Christian roots, instead of opting for political empires on Hungarian soil.

In a recent radio interview, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that the ruling Fidesz party was set to put emphasis on developing a Christian democracy in the country.

Altar Basilica Saint Stephens Cathedral Budapest Hungary

“We are working on building an old-school Christian democracy, rooted in European traditions. We believe in the importance of the nation and in Hungary, we do not want to yield ground to any supranational business or political empire,” he said.

The European Union’s most popular leader has accused a number of non-governmental structures funded by the US / Israeli billionaire George Soros of political meddling and…

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