Only In Canada, Eh!
“At least 90% of Syrians pretending to be “refugeesin Canada are on WELFARE, which includes about $600 per month for shelter, an additional $275 per adult, and $133 per child each month, …..” > (Do the math) PLUS Free health care, Free education, E.S.L., Free time, etc. (Just the “bare bones” of FREE stuff for FOREIGNERS!)  >more HERE

Multiculturalism Is A FRAUD


Hire Canadians First!

Labour Shortage MYTH

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“First They Came To Remove Old, White Guy”


Waking Up

Aryan Skynet

“Red pill” is a popular Internet term from the movie “The Matrix”. In it Neo is offered the choice of taking a red pill, which will make him aware of the true nature of things, or a blue pill, which will return him to the reality he was familiar with.

Insights are often easy. You see something and say to yourself “Aha! That makes sense! Now I understand!”

A lot of the time though it’s a long and difficult process. We hold our beliefs because they make us feel oriented and in control- if not of the situation, at least the ability to react in a useful way to it.

The word “denial” is used in psychology to describe a state where the individual has a more positive view of his situation than is rational. This is regarded as healthy because it allows people to approach things in a calm…

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