Racial Realism Vs Suicidal Altruism

(The following dialogue between a race realist and a deluded White Liberal resulted because of a Blog post by the race realist. Read these short paragraphs and draw your own conclusions, and note the identity of the original blogger described at the bottom … but first, read the debate with my added emphases and capitalized ‘W’ for Whites – ed.)

” Why can’t the conflict between blacks and whites (or black men and white men) be both a moral issue and a struggle for power? Many Whites were and are motivated, at least in part, by a genuine moral concern for blacks – even for black men. That isn’t embarrassing. On the contrary, Whites should be proud of the noble intentions that allowed them to be taken advantage of in this way.  

In fact you’re tacitly conceding that this history isn’t purely about power: the “weapons” of abolitionism, communism, liberalism and racial victim-hood that black men used to gain power could have no effect against White men unless White men have a real concern for those outside their own race. If White men didn’t really care about morality and merely wanted power, they could have killed off all black men on earth a long time ago. What is more plausible is that black men, and other nonwhites, have no real concern with those outside their own group. Post-tribal morality seems to be a White ‘thang’ that others just don’t understand.”


‘They should be proud of allowing themselves to be exploited??’ —  i.e., suckered?

“I would say this sums up the mental condition of today’s White man — throughout the West. No other men would depict themselves in such a fashion, and express pride for what others would view as moral weakness, even moral degeneracy. I’d say it’s MORE than embarrassing.
You said:
‘What is more plausible is that black men, and other nonwhites, have no real concern with those outside their own group. Post-tribal morality seems to be a white thang that others just don’t understand.’

Who would want to “understand” it, if it means the decimation of their own group and the inability to protect their own women from the predation of outsiders? Again, only weird White men, attempting to find ways to explain their abnormal behavior over these past few decades, would even try to get others to understand such aberrance.

The very fact that “others just don’t understand” should give you a hint about normal human behavior, shouldn’t it?  Instead, you appear to be proud of the deviance that Whites are caught up in, as if this proves that Whites have taken the moral high ground. In the competition between men in the real world, no group works to elevate another group to its own detriment. While Whites attempt to kill off their tribalism, all other tribes are strengthening their bonds. Whites may be in what you call the “post-tribal” stage, but no one else is.


“They should not be proud of being exploited, but they should be proud of having noble moral feelings that allowed them to be exploited in this way. I’m certainly not proud of the position of weakness Whites have put themselves in. But the fact that they put themselves in that position does show that they have “the moral high ground”. It is an objective truth, with good philosophical credentials, that people of all races have moral value. (I’d say that of all sentient beings, in fact.) If non-whites don’t see this, that just shows that they are less intelligent or less perceptive than Whites. It doesn’t show that there’s something “deviant” in grasping this objective moral truth. (Well, it deviates from the _statistical norm_ of human behavior, but who cares about that? I don’t want to be “normal” if that means lowering myself to the level of savages and primitives.)

Notice that when I said that a noble impulse in Whites allowed them to be suckered, “allowed” does not mean “necessitated”. Objective morality is one thing and how it’s implemented is another. It is consistent to hold a post-tribal morality and to want all non-whites removed from the west. (In fact that’s more or less what I would prefer myself.) You are conflating the two things. ”


“It’s hard to know what to say to each of your comments. They grow more pitiful with each posting. You can continue being proud of your superior moral position, as your diminishing race becomes the laughingstock of the colored world.

I understand why a White person would feel the need to adhere to the positions you espouse. There is an obvious need for many Whites to protect themselves from the truth of what has taken place during these last 30-40 years, as a clever corps of disaffected Whites intruded the alien cultures of the coloreds into mainstream society, as a method to undermine the Establishment. The job is not yet completed, but you will probably live to see its completion. I wonder if you will then be blabbing about your moral superiority.

The world will certainly be worse off without the intelligence and innovative abilities of Anglo-Euros … but, since Whites seem determined to go to their demise, so be it”.
You wrote:
It is consistent to hold a post-tribal morality and to want all non-whites removed from the west. (In fact that’s more or less what I would prefer myself.) You are conflating the two things.
“Oh, the fantasies we need to believe in!  Of course, these two things are not possible. You either hang tough and deport aliens, and prevent new ones from coming in, without concern about their welfare in their own countries, or you weep over their fate and keep them close to your bosom. Only a strong desire for the continuation of a group’s DNA (tribal!) offers any hope for that group’s survival. As I said before, while Whites attempt to kill off their tribalism, all other tribes are strengthening their bonds.

And why do you think that Whites like you hold this “post-tribal morality,” as you call it? Could it be due to the decades of ceaseless brainwashing, via the education system and the entertainment media, targeted especially to your White mind? Do you think this might have played a part?”

Elizabeth Wright is the race realist who died in 2011. She was BLACK. >Original Source

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A.A. Black Cop Arrested

Officer Dominique HeagganBrown, 24 yrs. (Milwaukee Police Dept.)

Homosexual rape suspect Dominique Heaggan-Brown

By Associated Press
Published: 10:18 EST, 20 October 2016 | Updated: 18:03 EST, 20 October 2016
Daily Mail

A Milwaukee police officer who fatally shot a black man in August, sparking several nights of unrest, has been charged with sexually assaulting a man the night after the shooting, after they watched coverage of the riots on television at a bar, authorities said Thursday. […] HeagganBrown fatally shot 23-year-old Sylville Smith on Aug. 13. Police said he was holding a gun when he was shot after a brief chase.

[…] Police said HeagganBrown is suspended and in custody and they have launched an internal investigation. Police Chief Ed Flynn told reporters during a news conference that nothing in HeagganBrown‘s pre-hiring background check suggested he would be likely to engage in wrongdoing.

[What “background check”? Police departments’ approach to background checks of members of affirmative action (A.A.) groups is, “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”]   H/T to Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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America’s Negro Violence 1892 – 1964

NOTE: All incidences below were gleaned from archived newspaper accounts from this LINK.

To search on any of the victims listed below, simply go to the link above. I’ve arranged all the Negro atrocities below chronologically (i.e. by year). Indicate the year, the name of the victim, or the Negro perpetrator. Put no more than three words in the search bar.

NOTE:  This “list’ is by no means the full list of White victims of black violence. It’s simply a partial list intending to give recognition to the true victims of the inter-racial crimes…as well as to inform EVERYONE of what White people – the recognized ‘Americans’ in our time frame here (1900 to 1964)-  were forced to endure…and how they tried to cope with what cannot be described as anything but a reign of terror.

(1892)   Miss Lena McMahon  (raped then beaten to near death – white female’s injuries stated so severe she’ wasn’t expected to survive – negro was captured by a very determined posse of angry Americans … then lynched.)

>>Read of many MORE Examples from a century ago.


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Another $hakedown Organization?

Black Daddies Club” wants advice on child-raising.. (!?)

By Jeff Goodall

“The theme for this year’s picnic is ‘How do we support black children and their parents in the Greater Toronto Area?’ The Black Daddies Club will be partnering with agencies and businesses that provide support to black parents and their children, and identify effective strategies that black parents can employ in order to support their children.” (1).

know his daddy

Well, good grief!!!  Black fathers don’t know how to “support” their own children? The less charitable among us could be excused for wondering why should they, when welfare and public housing does the job for them

Let’s look back a few years at high Black crime rates in Canada, (mostly Jamaican, we are told), and the reasons why. A Toronto Star article from 2002, (2) is quite informative:

Referencing “an ethno-racial inequality report prepared by Michael Ornstein, director of the Institute for Social Research at York University”, the Star tells us that “Jamaican Canadians are frequently from families with many children, but with fewer adults to care for them…”, and that “On the job front, Jamaican Canadian men were at a significant disadvantage. Ornstein found that many were in low-skill, lower-paying positions…”

The report also found that the unemployment rate for Jamaican-born Canadians, at the time the report was published, was nearly twice Toronto’s overall rate of 11 per cent – Valarie Steele, president of the Jamaican Canadian Association, is quoted as saying that “poverty, along with feelings of helplessness, begets violence”.


But what I find particularly offensive is this quote from Steele: “Let’s talk about some impoverished communities where the children have nowhere to go. People do stupid things when they have nothing to lose. And when people feel there is no hope, they think, ‘This is what we have to do to survive’.

These people have “nowhere to go” and “nothing to lose”?  In Canada?

Of course, nothing has changed since 2002, despite all our efforts. And in my humble opinion, this is because some types and classes of people are incapable of benefitting from being allowed into advanced societies, primarily because of low intelligence.


When such people are moved en masse into highly-developed Western “welfare states”, they can reproduce as much as they want, with subsidised housing and welfare payments removing any consequences of laziness and irresponsibility.

These benefits create a situation requiring even less effort and mental acuity on the part of Black fathers, as the burden then falls onto the shoulders of the overwhelmingly White taxpayers.


And yet White taxpayers, many unable to see reality because of “political correctness”, are increasingly puzzled as to why their generosity results in Blacks declining even further, rather than being uplifted and benefiting from their association with Western society.

Because of low intelligence — the ability to advance is, in the majority of cases — quite simply not there. And yet, we keep bashing our heads against the wall, and throwing our tax money into a bottomless pit trying to help them (3 & 4).

Refugees from Sudan's Darfur RegionObviously, they are utterly unsuitable to benefit Canada as immigrants, and should not be allowed here, and yet now we see this almost comical caricature of Black males getting together to ask what more an already overburdened White society can do to accommodate their inability and failure to function effectively as parents.

And if you want to know who is doing this to us, just see how loudly Jewish groups will scream “racism!” at any White person protesting the destruction of his country by Jewish-promoted immigration policies.

And yet, entry to Israel is governed by the Law of Return, which grants the right to live in Israel, and access to Israeli citizenship, only to those able to prove Jewish ancestry…

We are living in very dangerous times indeed.

Wake up, White people, before it is too late. The longer we wait, the harder it will be to free ourselves and to regain our territory.   Jeff Goodall – Source: http://www.jeff-goodall.com/?p=17923#more-17923

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