Xmas TV Commercials Sell Race-Mixing

mis·ceg·e·na·tion – noun 1. …heterosexual marriage/cohabitation between a Black/White couple in the U.S. 2. …Interbreeding between members of different races. 3. …the mixing or a mixture of races by interbreeding. . Child-bearing WHITE Women - reduced to 2% of the WORLD Population (7,500,000,000) [BILLIONS] Related: Ms. "Cegenation" ***** TV Adverts Sell Racial Diversity  


I AM An Englishman

***** About 50 years ago ... British Parliamentarian ENOCH POWEL 1912 – 1998 Also read: Britain Destroys Itself With Multi-Racialism London Riots – 2011 ***** Enoch Powell Was Right! Canadian City Abhors "White Privilege"

Having “The Talk”

Before "the talk", please view this 3 minute video of our European peoples and their hard-won, ancient cultures which is now being rapidly DISPLACED by MILLIONS of invading 3rd-World foreigners in only the past TWO generations! What happens after their 3rd and 4th generations begin to assert their power over the indigenous Europeans?? Start Talking... Continue Reading →

Farewell To Britain

HIJRAH - meaning CONQUERING another nation without going to war. How the British have passively succumbed to the Muslim invasion: WHITE population decreased to 44% Mayor of LONDON .. MUSLIM Mayor of Birmingham .. MUSLIM Mayor of Leeds … MUSLIM Mayor of Blackburn … MUSLIM Mayor of Sheffield … MUSLIM Mayor of Oxford .. MUSLIM... Continue Reading →

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