Oh Britain! What Have You Done To Yourself!?


From The Irish Savant


[…]   Her (Amber Rudd’s) replacement was quickly named. He’s Sajid Javid, a Pakistani Muslim. He promised that his “first priority” would be to right the wrongs of the Windrush Scandal, that which drove Rudd from office.

Maybe someone will suggest to  him that addressing the epidemic of BLACK murders convulsing London might be more urgent. In any event, this is the guy with responsibility for enforcing the control of Britains borders, and the overall administration of justice. Don’t you feel better already?

  And what a support team he’s got. Idi Amin look-alike, Mike Fuller is now Chief Inspector of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). His main claim to fame — apart from being the first black to hold this position — is to have used a personal chauffeur to clock up more than 150,000 miles in six years travelling from his home in London to his office in Kent.
I think every parent in Britain can rest easily with their children under the care of such a team, dedicated 24×7 to the welfare of British citizens.
  Meanwhile, yet another Pakistani Muslim rules over the kuffars of the nation’s capital (as Londons Mayor!).
Sadiq Khan (above left), a terrorist-sympathising dwarf who can’t speak proper English has become the self-appointed spokesman for the British people by declaring President Trump to be unwelcome in his country. Sorry, I mean in Britain. Khans country … is, of course, Pakistan.

  Maybe a change of Government will see brain-box Diane Abbot as Treasury Secretary. After all, if Compton ghetto trash can marry into the Royal Family … anything is possible.

Isn’t it amazing…the British people who built an Empire that ruled a quarter of the world, and inter alia ran the whole Indian sub-continent, from Afghanistan to Burma, with about 200,000 of their own people… now need their former subjects to run their own country?   >to FULL ARTICLE

Meanwhile … on the streets of TORONTO, Canada in 2018.
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From The Irish Savant

Over-confidence or desperation?

Focusing on Britain, here … but this question could be asked of any White country. Does the increasingly draconian clamp-down on expressions of White identity signify confidence (‘let’s finish the job’), or desperation (‘the nativists are restless’)?

Either interpretation could be applied to recent developments which saw two young foreign visitors arrested, imprisoned for a few nights and then barred from entering the country. The young conservative Canadian Lauren Southern was also barred, although spared the indignity of serving time in the slammer. Around the same time a Scotsman was dragged into court and found guilty of a “hate” crime for training his dog to give a Nazi salute at the ‘Seig Heil’ command.

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Such hyperactive law enforcement was notably absent as Muslim child grooming gangs operated undisturbed across wholes swathes of the country for decades, the police and Government agencies finally forced into action only by the painstaking work of crusading journalist (there are still some left) Andrew Norfolk.

When the law enforcement agencies aren’t barring and jailing youngsters for “hate” speech they’re also busy on another urgent task: Rehabilitating and integrating blood-crazed “British” head-choppers who’ve decided to “return home” from Syria. Max Hill QC, the government’s adviser on terrorism legislation has recommended against prosecuting those who fought for ISIS. He said that those who had ‘travelled out of a sense of naivety, possibly with some brainwashing along the way, possibly in their mid-teens and who return in a sense of utter disillusionment’ should be kept out of the court system’.

Set that against a report by the London Times which revealed that agents from “more than 29 forcesarrested more than 3,300 Britons for Internet trolling last year, which marks a rise of almost 50 percent in two years. Almost half of these arrests lead to actual prosecutions. Note that the paper dug up the figures only via Freedom-Of-Information Act requests.  >con’t to FULL REPORT

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[…] In recent years a little under 700,000 [babies] have been born in England and Wales each year. Of those, 436,000 (63%) were classified as White British in 2014 … 432,000 (62%) in 2015 … (and) 422,000 (60.6%) in 2016. (Now reduced to 59% White babies in 2017 – Editor)


Let me say that last one again in case you missed it – just 60.6% of the children born in England and Wales last year (2016)  were White British, down from well over 90% (98%?) when the thirdworld immigration began in 1948. (After Britain‘s 1000 years of White racial homogeneity – Editor)

Circa 1948

The decline — both in numbers and as a proportion of the whole — is startling and accelerating. I have seen these figures reported nowhere else, perhaps because they have to be dug out of the depths of the reports of the Office for National Statistics, and the O.N.S. does not draw attention to them.


The other unpalatable reality, and it is a bitter one, is that the White Britain for which so many have fought for so long … no longer exists. Most of our people have no memory of a Britain in which non-white ethnic minorities were an unwelcome novelty.

Early 1970s

Most now have non-white friends, colleagues and even relatives and cannot imagine a Britain from which they are absent. Even the Royal Family is soon to include a non-white relative as it does what it always does and bends to the times – do not imagine that the forthcoming Royal Wedding is just about “two young people in love”, it is what Royal Marriages always are; political. The very considerable abatement in recent decades of overt “racism” is not due solely to the great engines of state repression and media propaganda which have been brought to bear on popular attitudes; it is due at least as much to this process of familiarisation.

So do we give up? Of course not! The plight of our country and our folk outlined above demands that we redouble our efforts to forge a racially conscious and committed community of White British people dedicated, firstly, to saving our racial and cultural identity, and then to achieve what  must be our ultimate goal – an all White, all British Britain.  …cont to FULL ARTICLE

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“London‘s (MUSLIM) mayor has suggested that the crime wave overtaking England and Wales — and Britain’s multicultural capital, in particular — is a consequence of falling police numbers, in an opinion piece published by the left-liberal Guardian.”

BRITISH Parliamentarian Enoch Powell — Born 1912, Died 1998


“In fact, with (56% NON-white) London alone boasting over 900 police officers dedicated to investigatingHATE crime’ — one of Khan’s top priorities as mayor — it seems likely that the annual fall could be more than adequately compensated by redeploying existing resources.”  >Source

DEMOGRAPHICS IS DESTINY — A rising population of 3rd-World Peoples Make For A 3rd-World City. GoodBye London, it was nice knowing you when you were British.
Enoch Powell was right 50 years ago!  See> HERE


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