Toronto’s Mayoralty Campaign Strikes A New Low

NOTE the top two mayoralty candidates, PLUS the three relatively UNKNOWN candidates (including the obligatory TOKEN Black) who all polled an insignificant COMBINED fraction of Faith Goldy’s THIRDplace position of 6%.

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REAL Leaders Discussing Canada’s Border Crisis (Video)

Paid “AntiFa” Hooligans Attack Faith Goldy

European Pioneers Built Canada and 3rd-World Peoples Reduce It to Sh*thole Status

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DID YOU KNOW the yearly COST of all immigrants residing in Canada is $35,000,000,000 (BILLION) …  or $95,890,000 (Million) PER DAY!?   (Source)

Thanks for all this FREE money, Canada.


TENS of THOUSANDS of 3rd-World FOREIGNERS Invade Canada Through the U.S.


“You help us, and we’ll help you out when we become medical doctors, smart lawyers, engineers, scientists, college professors, renowned philosophers, concert pianists, etc. BUT, that can only happen if you allow free passage into your racist, White nations filled to the brim with all your free welfare money. Is it a deal?”


Importing Jamaican “Culture”

Re-Colonizing CANADA

Multi-cultural Madness

Duped By Multiculturalism

Immigrants PROFIT From Gullible Canadians


Recipe For New “CANADIANS

Demography Is Destiny – Goodbye Canada!


 (Native Indians NOT included — add another 5% to above graph.)

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 Imported NON-white, 3rd-world FOREIGNERS including their progeny account for a whopping 23% of Canada’s population in 2019.

8,000,000+ (eight million!) FOREIGNERS (not including fake refugees) – the vast majority originating from NON-white countries around the world – have arrived here only since 1990! This must rank one of the greatest immigration DECEPTIONS ever perpetrated on Canadians who were not asked to be replaced.

Euro-CANADIANS now account for a reduced proportion of 72% on their own soil, down from about 95% majority White in 1981.   ELN Editor]

Everybody is Welcomed into Canada!

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“Paper Canadian” Foreigners

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Vancouver’s Canadian Homeless People – Beggers Belief
(In the video) $23 Million of OUR tax dollars could help our OWN People, yes?

YET … your Canadian tax dollars are easily available to unknown, unwelcome, illegal lying, cheating FOREIGNERS falsely claiming fake “refugee” status. Oh, Canada!

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CANADA belongs to CANADIANS … NOT to Trudeau.

Canadians are dumb driven cattle, obediently following their leaders while casting a wistful glance over their shoulder at what they might have been.”
Historian A.R.M Lower (1889-1988)


Don’t Worry CANADA, It’s Only YOUR Money

Perils of Racial Diversity for White Nations

The Betrayal of CANADA

Canadian Nationalist Party

One Woman’s Crusade Against Foreigners’ Illegal Border Crossings