New Chinese Insult 白色的左边

English Translation: WHITE LEFT or White on the Left and directed towards those virtue-signalling, narcissistic leftist/liberal hypocrites. Pronunciation >> Báisè de zuǒbiān


“They Are So Stupid”

Canada's Immigration boss wants to spread Chinese newcomers “evenly” By Jeff Goodall John McCallum / Vancouver, British Columbia “(Immigration Minister) John McCallum recently returned from a trip to China, where he lobbied officials to double or even triple the number of visa application centres in the country in an effort to open more doors for... Continue Reading →

Selling Out OUR Nation

Paying for Our Own Demise: Euro-Canadians Fund "Multicult" Canada Multicultural policy in Canada has led to a situation, whereby the Canadian public are funding the demise of their own culture.  by Paul Bradley They're telling you: 'Forget your history, Europeans ... envision a future Canada without Whites.' [The way we were BEFORE mass 3rd-world, non-white... Continue Reading →

Ethnic-Vote-Grovelling Politicians

By PaxCanadiana If annual awards were given out for "Ethnic-Vote- Grovelling Politician of the Year", B.C. (British Columbia) premier Christy Clark would be a front runner. (Now that I think about it, I think we should get an award running, and present it to the winner merely as an act of protest, if not disgust. Canada's... Continue Reading →

Immigrant Women Outbreeding Whites

By Douglas Todd New immigrants to Canada are much more likely to have babies than their native-born counterparts. Immigrant women who have spent five (5) years in Canada "have almost TWICE as many children of preschool age (as) the average Canadian-born woman," according to an extensive study by two noted economists. The University of Waterloo's... Continue Reading →

New Zealanders Against Asian Invasion

By Shawn McAvinue A Christchurch-based right-wing political party has delivered anti-Chinese government flyers in the South (Island) as it prepares to form Otago branches. And a Malaysian mother fears the flyer - [titled] CHINA - A Threat to New Zealand? - will "stir negative sentiments" towards Asian immigrants living in Dunedin. Former National Front director... Continue Reading →

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