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Condemning “Racism” is Illuminati Social-Engineering


By Henry Makow, PhD

“Racism” seems to be in the news lately. UN Anti-Racist Day” Saturday was marked by “anti racist, anti fascist” demonstrations in many cities.  Last week, Starbucks ordered their barristas to scrawl “Race Together” on cups and engage customers in discussion.

The Illuminati uses the term “racism” to imply that accepting any racial distinctions is tantamount to a belief in racial superiority and discrimination.  But surely we can believe that mankind is one big family with different races, each having unique qualities, none superior to the other in aggregate.

Surely, people can have racial pride even if they are not one of the privileged minority of colored races the Illuminati central bankers sanction and promote.

In the Protocols of Zion, our Masters, the Illuminati Jewish central bankers, say they will “undermine every identity except their own.”

The four legs of human identity are race, religion (God), national and family (gender.)  The denial of racial distinctions (“racism”) is an underhanded attempt to guilt whites into denying their racial heritage.

We have seen the same thing with “sexism” which is an absurd satanic denial of nature. Since when do genders or races have to be the same in order to be treated fairly?  The Illuminati goal with “sexism” is to undermine men. It is a ruse.

Feminists clamored for gender equality, but do you hear them complaining about inequality … now that women outnumber men two-to-one in universities? No, because sexism and racism are nothing but Illuminati social engineering. When Whites are a minority, they won’t receive any “minority”  privileges. Indeed they may face persecution as in South Africa. South Africa Location.

[Read: South Africa – Genocidal Slaughterhouse]

HOWARD.jpgI believe that whatever is good for the Jews is good for the goyim. Israel is the most racist state on earth. You can’t become an Israeli unless your mother was a biological Jew.  Racial intermarriage is forbidden by law. Blood transfusions from black Jews are rejected.  Arabs are considered animals and slaughtered with impunity, as we saw in Gaza last summer. But do you hear Starbuck’s Illuminati Jewish CEO Harold Schultz campaigning against that?


In a recent article, a Conservative rabbi sounded the alarm that 58% of American Jews have married Gentiles since the year 2000.  Only 20% of intermarried couples raise their children as Jews. He writes:

Judaism is a covenant among our people and between God and us. It’s demanding. But that’s what makes it deep. Please link your individual lives to this eternal community, which is bigger than us and devoted to loftier missions than our own happiness (though we want you to be happy). To those not born Jewish, please join our people. Make our history and destiny your own. If you choose not to join right now, don’t worry, we will wait for you, and hope one day you’ll wish to join your spouse and children. For now, have a civil wedding, and we’ll wish you mazel tov.”

He pretends non-Jews (Goyim) can can convert and be accepted as racial Jews, but that’s for public consumption. Jews do not believe in intermarriage.

I think Israeli policies are too extreme, but I believe a nation has a right to defend its racial character, especially since race includes culture and religion.

A “racist” is someone who loves different races and doesn’t want them to disappear by miscegenation. A racist is someone who doesn’t want the world to be a shade of chocolate while only Zionist Jews are racially pure. I would allow interracial marriage but discourage it. I married a Filipina myself.

Clearly, the bankers agenda is to encourage miscegenation and white guilt.  Bank advertisements invariably feature interracial couples and minority banker reps. In Canada, 80% of female TV announcers and reporters are colored women, while they make up only 5% of the population.

[Read: ANTI-White Media]

I am all for a racism devoid of claims of superiority and acts of discrimination. Judge people by their individual merits, but do not ignore that race denotes cultural and biological differences.

What’s good for the Jew is good for the goyim. – See more at: http://henrymakow.com/#sthash.Yok4ZljL.dpuf  >Source

[For added emphasis, videos, underlined, bolded words and some links by ELN Editor]

“All TRUTH passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 -1860) [What’s the percentage (%) of WHITE people on Earth? ANSWER.]

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Get WHITE-Hot Furious!

By IncogMan

So, I’m waxing a bit extra “pissy” the other day, and writing up stuff in my head for this site while sitting in my car outside a strip mall.

As usual, I’m also jamming out to my IPOD — getting cranked on Evergreen Terrace’s “Plowed” (in a world of human wreckage… in a world of human wreckage…), followed by Beethovin’s Symphony No. 5 in C minor. I viddy myself busting the gullivers of a few worthless welfare recipients I see gleefully strolling around with pockets full of gov. Know what I’m saying my droogies?

I’m ruthlessly ruminating on all the crap in the media over that movie “Selma.” Here’s the ever-so-oppressed, always-so-innocent Negroes victimized by “evil” Whitey. Like they really had life tough compared to Africa … then or even now, huh?

This black-victim bit … and making us Whites feel guilty over things none of us had JACK to do with … never ends, does it?  Clearly, subversive elements embedded in America have been cynically milking White’s good graces against ourselves … no doubt at all.

Then we have White people brutally murdered by blacks all the time, often because they are White (killing us in a robbery is the fun part for them). Gang-rapes and horrific murders called “hush” crimes are never reported in the national media, so us Whites won’t get the “big picture” about the ugly nature of blacks and justifiably raise hell. Take a minute or two to scroll down my page WHITE VICTIMS or even worse yet,MUDSHARK MADNESS and really think hard about what happened to each of those people. Just try to imagine yourself, or a loved one suffering such a brutal death.

This total BS has been going on for decades now, yet us Whites have to feel guilty for every two-bit black punk like Ferguson’s Michael Brown shot by cops (who have to deal with these dangerous, truculent blacks every damn day) … even though Whites sometimes get killed by police in the exact same way.

Then we have watch blacks in movies and TV portrayed as the “heroes”, “computer hackers” (LOL) and “sex symbols” all the time. Have you noticed that even (TV) commercials now always show blacks as the smart and cool ones?   >continue reading HERE.

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What is Freedom to YOU?

By Pat

[Many] people today … know “something” is wrong with this society.

They see the “changes” that are really overt signs of decay. Most people are unhappy. Most people are fat. Most people don’t have fulfilling relationships. Most people are under financial pressure. Most people recognize that society at large is becoming more of a reflection of the 3rd world.

But they don’t know why.

Most people seem to find the concepts of freedom, knowledge, and the meaning of life to be perplexing in definition.

What is freedom to you? If you don’t have the option of doing the opposite – then you’re not free. How much freedom do you really have?

What is knowledge? If you can’t objectively and empirically justify your “belief” about something – then you merely hold a tentative idea … and it’s not knowledge.

What is the meaning of life to you? Is it control of your environment, and the subjugation of others by any means necessary, or is it the pursuit of truth – no matter where that leads?

What we are seeing is the advance of a certain group who hold that the meaning of life is to control the environment, and the subjugation of everyone else, by any means necessary. They are using certain tools to leverage this. The most pervasive is usury. Usury and the private issuance of monetary instruments at practically no cost to the issuer ensures that the private entity will own everything that the issued-money can buy. Adolf Hitler circumvented that by having Germany engage in straight barter with other countries – using no monetary instruments at all for international trade. They just “traded” finished goods for raw materials. That practice completely f*cked the jews.

[Read: Economic Plan of Germany’s NSDAP]

Another major tool “they” use against us … is the application of various forms or brainwashing. The science of mind manipulation is very advanced now. Watching them do this is is really quite interesting. In the past they primarily used Pavlovian methods of behavior and thought control … today electronic media uses a combination of hypnosis, NLP and a few other key techniques to induce reflexive responses in the target audiences.

Anyone with a lot of experience in martial arts will understand the concept of “setting up” the opponent by inducing a reflexive response – that is then taken advantage of in the form of another maneuver. The uninitiated won’t even understand what he’s seeing as the master engages an opponent to induce a reflex. Once that reflex happens, the master fluidly executes his real plan.

That is the real “Art” in fighting.

The Globalist Communists have been hard at work developing what I refer to as “Mental Martial Arts”. They apply these methods primarily through the TV, but they are also used in universities.

Without question, the TV is the most influential medium of mass communication ever. It has joined the toilet as a nearly ubiquitous feature of the modern human dwelling.

The “averageAmerican watches 5 hours and 11 minutes of television every single day. That’s 36 hours of TV every week. That translates into 1,872 hours. Let’s say … they averaged 8 hours of sleep each day and were awake for 16. That means they spend the equivalent of 117 entire waking days watching TV. If watching TV was limited to only 8 hours a day they’d be sitting there watching for 234 days straight. Obviously, TV watching is a massive issue.

Much of that “programming” has been devoted, either directly or indirectly at maligning the German National Socialists. To say that they “failed” and their ideas invalid does not reflect the facts.

They did not “fail”. They were bombed. They were subjected to mass murder. They were occupied and will continue to be occupied until at least 2099.

I submit that they succeeded and posed such an utter threat to the Globalist Communists, that even today NS ideas are feared by the Globalist Communists.

As for the Internet, it’s just a tool – but it is HEAVILY infiltrated. However, it can be used to a limited degree. The real action is in the real world with real people … and that is where much focus should be placed.

The conflict playing out before us is really very basic. I would prefer to see those whose view the meaning of life to be the pursuit of TRUTH – regardless of where that may lead — win. Source

WAKE UP, Britain!


Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

In the time of Margaret Thatcher, when the politician, the banker, the businessman and the lawyer advised us to put the privatisation, downsizing and outsourcing of our country’s industry before the jobs that our sons and daughters would lose, and the drugs our future-less grandchildren would turn to … a good many [citizens] followed that advice.

In the time of Blair and Brown, when we were told that “globalisation” and interdependence, concepts — guaranteed by definition — to rob us of our identity, control our own affairs and [provide] more jobs, “were wonderful things“, we didn’t wholly agree, but we didn’t make much of an effort to disagree either.

When the same men insisted that the invasion of Iraq was essential if we wished to remain “safe”, two million British people protested publicly … but most of us did nothing but grumble as America, Oil, Israel and their Downing Street champions forced us into a war that almost no one wanted.

The Chosen also told us that mass immigration was necessary and good for us. The immigrant may have believed this … but, very few others did.

We have been betrayed, ladies and gentlemen, and the fact that so many are still voting for those who have betrayed us … is a terrible indictment upon what we are now.

If you were to work your way through just 10% of the contents of this Blog, and then take the trouble to verify those things you find difficult to believe, your life would change forever.

You would no longer be able to pretend that the politicians and the media-darlings have not lied to you on a major scale, or that they sometimes have your best interests at heart. The truth would be there inside your head and you would never be able to shake free from it. It wouldn’t be just another loser spouting conspiracy theory, it would be you who was figuring things out, and playing the Cassandra with your friends, family and neighbours.

It’s a burden. To know the truth when it is not fashionable is hard. To tell the truth when honesty is illegal is even harder.

If you know it, say it anyway. No matter what pressure THEY put upon you to desist.

Just to give you a bit of a clue as to what we are really up against, I’d like to introduce you to the most Orwellian declaration of intent that I have ever read in a mainstream British newspaper.

The journalist who wrote what you are about to read, felt secure enough in his own elite establishment role to lay his totalitarian beliefs on the line in his own Guardian column (28 February 1999 – http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/1999/feb/28/lawrence.ukcrime4) and, as the newspaper’s editor and owners were content to see such material published, one must presume that they also were not averse to seeing such a Brave New World imposed upon the dumb, British herd.

This is what was said:


Teachers are the most effective anti-racist campaigners in the country, this means more than education in other religions, IT MEANS A FORM OF POLITICAL EDUCATION.

Only people who understand the economic forces changing their world, THREATENING THEM… have a chance of being immune to the old tribal chants…




When I read this article I felt the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

[FRANCE, Too! This traitorous President of France encourages the traditional citizens of France to race-mix with Africans, Indians or any race not of their own. In fact, all traditional WHITE NATIONS have come under the same agenda of enforced MISCEGENATION (race mixing) … and ONLY White Nations.

The world’s minority Euro-White people are only 8 percent of the world’s population, and diminishing in numbers every year.]

1984? Animal Farm? We had arrived, we were there already. It wasn’t paranoia after all, it was very, very real. It didn’t matter what we did, it didn’t matter what we said, it didn’t matter what we wanted, it didn’t matter how we voted, the same old dark manipulators would always be in charge and we better start getting used to it.

Or else.

BBC Politics journalist Andrew Marr on the red...

BBC Politics journalist Andrew Marr

The liberal commissar responsible for the casual “sabre rattle” recorded above … was none other than that most languid Master of political ceremonies, Andrew Marr, top bloke at the BBC, eponymous host of Sunday morning’s “Andrew Marr Show” and one of the most powerful political journalists of the age.

The chattering classes have every bit as much of a hold over our lives as the politicians do.

They hand our opinions to us on a plate, they shape our beliefs and attitudes. Everything the media throws at us, from cradle to grave, affects the way we behave and think.

Shiny eyed zealots such as Andrew Marr, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown do not care what we want or feel — they care only for the promised land that their wisdom, their insight and their determination will lead us on to in the future.

So now you know.

Now you know what THEY have been doing all this time. Now you know what THEY have been thinking all this time. Now you know what THEY are still doing and thinking and will carry on doing and thinking until THEY are stopped.

And they won’t stop, you know. They won’t, all of a sudden, come to their senses. They won’t change their minds and have some kind of Damascene conversion when they realise what terrible damage their idiot, schoolboy Bolshevism has done to us. You see, we don’t count, they do. We don’t know, they do. It’ll be good for us in the long run, you see.

We don’t seem to have realised that “repression can be a great, civilising instrument for good“. We don’t seem to be aware that if evangelistic upper-crust brainboxes like Marr, Brown and Blairstamp hard on certain natural beliefs for long enough” and “kill them off“, why, we’ll all live happily ever after in their global, elite-run Wonderland!

United Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer Gor...

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown

I mean, has Gordon Brown changed his globalist tune since sub-prime, the credit-crunch and world-wide recession blew the banker-cuddling “Prudent Chancellor” out of the water?

Ladies and gentlemen, in just one 18 April 2008 speech, he used the word “global” and its derivatives 79 TIMES! Well, he’s hardly stopped using the same New World Order buzz-words since, despite the fact that what we are having to endure now, has come about as a direct result of unfettered globalisation.

Remember this, folks: that’s us … that Andrew Marr was talking about. The British people.  >  Source


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The Value of “Money”

From DailyKenn.com

How Money Works

Marxism Utilizes Multiculturalism To Manipulate Our Economy

The original money was labor that produced something of value.

One neighbor would help the other hoe his garden, and the other would help him patch his chicken coop. Productive labor was the original exchange medium.

The red color of beets comes from betalain pig...

Red Beets

The stuff produced by labor was as valuable as the work itself. One would spend a day in the field raising beets. Then, when he needed eggs, he would trade ten beets for ten hen’s eggs from his neighbor.

Stuff — such as beets and eggs — was the exchange medium that represented productive labor, which is defined as the production of marketable goods or services.

Gold Key, weighing one kilogram is used to acc...

Precious metals (gold and silver) eventually became the preferred item to exchange. It could be weighed precisely, couldn’t have an unexpected rotten center, and couldn’t break on the way home. Furthermore, it could be saved indefinitely.

Kings began controlling the circulation of precious metals. They would forge pre-weighed units as ‘coins‘ and have their image stamped on each one to validate authenticity. One coin would be worth five beets or a dozen eggs, or a day in the field. Everyone knew the value of each coin.

Productive labor was the standard that gave coins value. A coin represented the stuff that represented productive labor.

Banks and governments that owned and controlled gold and silver began offering notes that represented their coins that represented stuff that represented productive labor. Notes issued by the British government were called pounds, an etymological throwback to the weight of sterling silver. American notes were called dollars.

Banks then allowed checks that represented notes that represented coins that represented stuff that represented productive labor.

Banks have now gone a step further. They allow electronic bytes that represent… What?

Economists consider the money supply to consist of fiat money, that is, it’s backed by nothing.

Checks are nearly obsolete. Notes (dollars) are used less frequently. Gold and silver coins have long since been displaced by cheap metals, and the gold standard that underpinned the value of currency is no longer applied.

• The Productive Labor Standard still stands

When you access your bank account via the Internet to view the digital numbers on your computer screen, those electronic bytes represent the dollar notes that once represented precious metal coins that represented stuff that represents productive labor.

Your productive labor is literally converted to digital units displayed on your computer screen as recorded on the bank’s computer.

If we suppose those digital numbers represent gold and silver stacked up in the bank’s vaults (or stacks of paper that once had the same value as gold and silver), we are mistaken. They represent our productive labor.

When someone uses a government-issued EBT card, they are purchasing goods and services with someone else’s productive labor. That productive labor was taken from the worker and redistributed to a non-worker.

• The Value of Productive Labor

The value of the electronic bytes that we send over the Internet is determined by mutual consent. The value of currency is actually nothing more than the total consensus of those who use it as a means of trade, sans tampering by the Federal Reserve.

That mutual consent, no longer based upon a standard of precious metal, is still — ultimately — driven by productive labor and the value of the stuff it produces.

The standard that endues money its value is the productive labor it represents. It doesn’t matter if the medium of exchange is beets, eggs, bits of gold, slips of paper with presidents’ heads printed thereon, or computer bytes. Productive labor is, ultimately, the underlying medium of exchange. When productive labor fails, economies fail.

Flag of the Soviet Union

Flag of the former Soviet Union (USSR)

The failure of Marxist theory in the old Soviet Union is that it squashed the profit motive that drives productive labor. When Russians stopped producing stuff, their economy floundered. It also explains why geographical regions such as Detroit and Haiti languish in economic depravity and disparity: The people who live in those areas are not efficient in productive labor.

Productive labor is now, and has always been, the medium of exchange. That medium of exchange can be rendered ineffective by government tampering, as it was in the Soviet Union, or by the innate inability of a population to produce goods through labor, as seen in Detroit and Haiti. Conservatives are correct to pin the blame on Marxism for the economic failure in the USSR. They are incorrect to pin the blame on Marxist dogma in Detroit and Haiti.

• Manipulating money with multiculturalism

Peoples of sub-Saharan Africa do not suffer in poverty for lack of natural resources. Rather, their economic failure is due to their inability to engage in productive labor.

The reason Mexico, Central America, and South America fall behind North America economically is because the people who populate those regions are not as competent in their ability to affect productive labor.

Note, for example, that the Falkland Islands have the highest standard of living in South America in spite of the fact that the islands have the highest cost of living. How is that possible? It is because the people who inhabit the islands are genetically predisposed to be more efficient and effective in intelligent productive labor. Think of the Falklands as an island of intelligence, or a bit of North America existing in South America.

The evidence is empirical and, therefore, logically undeniable: Some people groups engage in less efficient productive labor and, therefore, have less stuff. The disparity in living standards may not be caused by a lack of physical labor, but a deficiency in intellect that constrains both innovation and the ability to engage in the most efficient use of labor. In short, simple labor trumps laziness, productive labor trumps simple labor, and intelligent productive labor trumps mere productive labor.

Such thoughts are anathema to Marxism. Its moral sensitivities demand that we all should possess the same amount of stuff.

Marxism loathes economic disparities because it confuses disparities with depravities. The Marxist mantra is that the obliteration of disparity will erase depravity. Granted, such thinking is idiotic, but that’s what they believe. Still, Marxism can’t deny the obvious fact that certain people groups are innately more efficient at productive labor and are, therefore, wealthier.

A portrait of Karl Marx.

A portrait of Karl Marx

Though severely crippled in Russia, Marxism still prevails in the marketplace of ideas, particularly in the West. Void of reason or logic, it seeks to appeal directly to the innate altruism of the most productive people group — White people — by convincing us that using such phrases as “the most productive people group” — though painfully obvious — is somehow immoral. The quest of Marxism, then, is to displace our cognizance of reality through emotional mind manipulation. If Marxism can’t convert us intellectually, it will convert us emotionally. And it is succeeding.

The ideology of Marxist moralism thrives as cultural Marxism and serves as the gateway to economic Marxism.

• Thinking requires thinking

The ultimate Marxist objective is to erase economic disparity. There stands a seemingly insurmountable obstructive barrier that prevents Marxism from achieving its ideal of economic parity: Lots of smart White people.

Without the benefit of a deadly virus that would affect only peoples of European descent, Marxism favors an assault on the collective mindset of White folks.

Given its propensity for mind manipulation and comprehension of collectivist thought, Marxism has set about to dislodge the rational-thinking barrier from the masses of White Americans and replace it with reality-denying neurosis. And again … it is succeeding.

Marxism cannot effectively appeal to the intelligence of individual White people because its premise, as earlier noted, is blatantly idiotic. Rather, Marxism bypasses White intelligence and appeals to our emotional center which, when activated, nearly always overrides our intellect. The outcome is predictable: In spite of our intelligence, we respond like thoughtless, irrational dotes. We have, in fact, surrendered to the emotional appeal of Marxism.

• Protecting the productive class

The emotional bulldozers that raze the intellectual structures embedded in the brains of White Americans include guilt (White privilege), shame (often termed ‘white supremacy’), and dubiety (what Judge Learned Hand described as ‘that ever-gnawing inner doubt as to whether you’re right.’)

We have allowed the media to apply mental agitation to change our minds. We no longer think rationally … we think emotionally.

The reality that White people have delivered boatloads (literally) of innovation that has enhanced the lives of billions of Non-whites is never acknowledged. Why? Because that acknowledgement is a function of the intellect. Intelligence works against the Marxist mantra. The fact that the displacement of White innovation with the Marxist mantra will be devastating to Non-whites is never considered. Again, such thinking requires thinking. And thinking destroys Marxist myths.

[Read: It’s A Wonderful Race]

• Relation between ego and economics

The most efficient bulldozer that displaces rational thinking among White Americans is often overlooked. It is Saul Alinsky’s Rule Number Four which states, “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

Our egos seldom operate concurrently with our intellects. Ridicule attacks our egos and prods us to take defensive postures that defy reason. White Americans would eagerly chuck Western culture under the bus rather than endure the humiliation of being falsely ridiculed as “racists”.

We fear and despise ridicule because its negative social ramifications are often severe. No one wants to associate with a person who is inflicted with social cholera. The effect of ridicule is stigmatization that isolates one from others and limits their influence. Hence the term, “cooties.”

The end analysis is that White Americans emotionally adapt to Marxism by adopting such nonsense as Affirmative Action and the multiple forms of government-forced integration that undermine the innovative productive labor that is the standard of our free-market economy.

• Applied intelligence trumps emotional manipulation

Our defenses include a simple awareness that emotionalism is a sorry replacement for intelligence, and that rational thinking is, in the end, superior to the recoil inherent to assaults on our egos through the ploy of ridicule.

It is incumbent upon us, and our prodigy, to defend both our freedom of association and our free market economy where the innovative and productive labor standard is the most efficient means to deliver prosperity, well-being, and enhanced lives to all.

To do otherwise is abject racism.  >http://dailykenn.blogspot.ca

(For added emphasis, all underlined, bolded words and links by ELN Editor)

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Chemtrails Above Your Heads

From Eye of Woden

Chemtrails – Are We Really So Blind? 

Water vapor contrails left by high-altitude je...

There is an assumption that those who rule our societies are, at worst, prone to mistakes.

Our human character causes us to assume the better of people and to dismiss any notions that may arise within us … of true evil being perpetrated. We simply do not want to believe that evil* is done on a massive scale. To acknowledge a Global conspiracy against the masses of humanity is difficult for most, because ignorance is bliss and we can consider ourselves morally enlightened by giving World leaders the benefit of the doubt.

Another aspect of this is the way that popular media always presents acts of evil as being fantastical or implausible. And yet another aspect of those who actively dismiss unofficial theories of this nature … is that they feel superior for having proven “conspiracy theorists” wrong — and let’s face it — those of us who challenge official stories are an easy target because our detractors have the full backing of the mainstream and their job is seemingly easy. Attacking us is an easy way to gain a momentary feeling of intellectual superiority.

To an extent, I was guilty of this for a long time, for I looked down upon those who cried out about chemtrails. I found it a step too far in terms of paranoia, and though I’ve long known that much of our paranoia is justified, the idea of chemtrails was beyond the realms of what I could accept.

But recently I’ve actually given it some thought, and I’ve looked to the sky (how many of us do that anymore?). What I have concluded is this:

We are the most gullible, willfully ignorant species upon this planet. One day I saw three planes, each higher than the other. The lower one had created a trail, the middle one had not, and the higher one had. So altitude can’t be the decider of whether a plane emits condensation trials or not. Then yesterday I watched a long trail disperse over time to form a cloud, which begs the question – even if these trails are not chemical deposits and they are condensation, why do we allow them if they routinely ruin a clear blue sky?

We are fools. Those responsible for this (what I believe is geo-engineering) must be laughing at us, and it’s no wonder they keep pushing the boundaries of liberty inwards. For they know, that no matter how obvious their deeds are, we will refuse to recognise them. What’s even more embarrassing is that children can see what adults can not:

England has had the wettest, cloudiest twelve months that I can remember. Everyone I know who grows their own vegetables failed last year. When you consider this in light of an idea which this blog regularly promotes – that self-sufficiency is the path to freedom – then it becomes difficult not to draw the conclusion that one reasoning behind chemtrails is to diminish our ability to provide for ourselves, and to increase our dependency on genetically-modified crops sold at supermarkets (and thus increase our dependency on the Capitalist system at large).

English: Chemtrails: Classic "X" Pattern

Chemtrails: Classic “X” Pattern

Furthermore, the sun gives life – not just to plants but to us. The sun directly feeds us – mind, body and soul. Our relationship with it is severed and we are weaker for it. Hæl Sunne!  * ‘Evil’ does not exist as a Heathen concept, but for the sake of lucidity I shall continue to use the word.  >Source

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War of Racial Survival

By Val Koinen

The hour is late, time is running out, and we are in dire straits.

This is NO laughing matter!

WHITE people today are involved in a war of racial survival, but most don’t even know about it, nor do they understand it.

Many of those — who have had it brought to their attention — have stubbornly persisted in a state of blissful ignorance or have retreated into a state of denial.  And that is why our people, as a subspecies of humanity, have almost lost that war without hardly “firing a shot” in our defense.

[What’s the percentage (%) of WHITE PEOPLE on Earth? ANSWER.]

By “we” and “our people”, I mean White Americans of European descent in particular; although this tragic and ever deteriorating state of affairs really applies to all White people in almost all the White homelands the world over – in Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and Canada as well as in the United States.

By “war” I mean a very real, long-time, and ongoing campaign of cultural destruction, social/political/territorial/economic dispossession, genetic contamination, and eventual physical annihilation being waged against us.  A war with real enemies; real theaters of operations and real battles being fought on real fronts; and real casualties.  A genocidal war being waged against us by the Jews and their legions of NON-white minorities who want to take all that we have, including our material well-being, our power, our women, and our very lives.

And lastly, by “the Jews” I mean specific, identifiable, hostile anti-White and anti-Western Civilization self-identified Jewish individuals and groups; those who I call the “complicit and culpable Jews.”

You know, if someone or some other group is waging war on you or your group, you are “at war” even if you aren’t even aware of it; or even if you won’t (or haven’t yet started to, or for some reason are unable to) fight back.

Remember, too – if it looks like a war,  feels like a war, sounds like a war, costs like a war, and hurts like a war; then you guessed it – it very likely is a war.

For example:

Looks:  Just take a look at many of the lawless, blighted non-White sections of our country today – places like Detroit, East St. Louis, parts of Los Angeles, etc.  Or look at a typical dilapidated apartment building in a big-city subsidized housing project, replete with broken windows and bullet marks in the walls.  Or the burned-out aftermath of the latest Negro riot area.

Feels:  Get into a crowded big-city bus or subway one of these days; or walk down the halls of a high school in the Negro section of a large city; or take a stroll through some Los Angeles gang district.  You’ll get the “feel” of hostilities, I can assure you.

Sounds:  You might listen to the gunshots and sirens that emanate any given night from just about any of our colored-populated inner cities.  And to all the lethally malicious anti-White “reconquista” speeches of mestizo activists, or the “let’s kill/exterminate all the White people” rants of Negro academics and religious leaders.

Costs:  Just look at how much of your local/State/Federal taxes go to welfare-state freebies (supporting the alien lifestyles of the NON-white minorities) and constantly rebuilding slums destroyed by the NON-whites of the perennial urban battle zones;  and the vastly disproportionate costs of  law enforcement and incarceration for NON-whites, including especially the inner-city blacks and illegal alien mestizo invaders.

Hurts:  As when your daughter is raped, tortured, and/or murdered in school or in a neighborhood park by a pack of “darkies;” or when your son is beat senseless in a school restroom, on the playground, or when walking home from some public arena event; or when your husband is shot and killed by Mexican drug traffickers or illegal-alien smugglers (“coyotes”) on your Arizona borderland ranch.  … read more

Before reading further, please view and listen to this short musical video on European Culture and Heritage … that which is fast disappearing.

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To Kill The Beast

By Steed

There is a beast whose tentacles envelope almost every area of society.

I would argue that almost every injustice – particularly those injustices specific to the English (and peoples indigenous to their country the World over) –  is ultimately a result of this tentacled beast. It has a mostly unseen strangle-hold upon everything. It is responsible for over-taxation, immigration, political correctness, widespread drug abuse, poor health, corruption, war, abuse of the legal system and everything down to littering. And if anyone sincerely wants to know how it causes these things I think I could offer a reasonable explanation.

The head of the beast is unseen by most people, but many do observe its tentacles. Problem is, they do not recognise that those tentacles belong to the same body and so they campaign against immigration, or against pollution, or against war, or against taxation… or any other small issue which is important to them.

By doing this they are metaphorically stabbing at single tentacles, and on the rare occasion that they achieve a small victory they turn their backs in triumph only to find that the tentacle has regrown later on, but perhaps with a different texture and colour – sliming its way back into position slowly, so as not to be noticed.

So personally, I’m done with campaigning for those smaller issues because it feels futile to me. I do, of course, care about all of those things, and where I’m able to contribute without sacrificing too much time and money, I will, if only to maintain the spirit of rebellion. But I wholeheartedly believe that we must begin turning our attention to the head of the beast – to kill it.

To do that we must first be aware that it is one beast and that it has a central nervous system to be slain. This is what I attempt to do with my online presence, and my blog  – to show people that these are pieces of a larger puzzle.

But how to kill it? We could identify the head (easily done), then arm ourselves and march upon the City of London. But in the unlikely event of a successful storming and roundup of those crooks involved, we would then find that the head of the beast is actually a mind shared by a beast in almost every country of the World. Those other beasts then turn on us in vengeance … and we have achieved nothing.

So I propose starving the beast.

Rather than go on the offensive and meet certain failure against a well-armed state, we build a formidable defence against their demands on us. We simply withdraw consent and cease to feed the beast that has demanded so much from us for so long. We turn our backs on the material-consumer lifestyle and avoid bank loans. We avoid taxes without risking our livelihood where possible, we buy local and boycott supermarkets, withdraw our names from the electoral register, grow our own food, turn off the TV, stop buying newspapers, affect the energy companies by using less of their supply, homeschool, withhold the BBC Licence Fee, fight every unlawful parking and speeding fine… and so on.

The beast not only requires our money to survive, but our consent and allegiance. Their power is based on a self-created illusion, presented to us via television and popular media. Without that we wouldn’t even know about the thousands of new laws they apply every year. We wouldn’t know who the Queen is, and that she supposedly has a divine right to rule. We would begin focusing our attention on the real world around us and the people of our neighbourhood. Our community would be the new recipient of the ‘food’ we have withheld from the anonymous beast that overshadows our entire World.  Source> Eye of Woden (No longer active)

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“Racism” – A Talmudic Invention

By Rufus

The word “racism” is a weapon which works on an emotional level to keep the peoples of the world focused on an illusion. Until the last century, the word “racism” didn’t even exist. The word has become another tool of our oppressors, but what does it really mean?

No political correctness

To the non-thinking liberal, the word “racism” provokes feelings of anger at perceived oppression, resulting due to skin colour. This, of course, is exactly what the International Enemy wishes to convey. The powers-that-be have so crafted their politically-correct words of warfare, that the brain-washed liberals who populate much of the West, have come to believe that only NON-Europeans (“NON-whites”) can be oppressed — and thus — that Europeans can be the only people capable of mistreating others due to racial identity. This — like all aspects of “Political Correctness” — is absolute nonsense.

When liberals use the word “racism”, they unconsciously think of hostile actions founded on a belief in “racial supremacy”.

They conjure up, in their own minds, images of hooded (White) Europeans in the USA wearing the robes of the Ku Klux Klan, burning crosses and lynching Africans. This imagery leads to anger, and is focused entirely upon any Europeans who dare question the “wisdom” of multiculturalism. Leftists don’t even consider the fact that many non-Europeans also have no desire to see their people destroyed in the multi-culti ‘melting pot.’

For liberals, the plight of the people of Tibet is a tragedy. Indeed it is.

However, the people who chant “Free Tibet“, and who campaign to have the Chinese withdraw from that occupied nation, recoil in horror at the suggestion that all colonisation should be ended wherever it occurs. The occupied territories in Europe are of absolutely no interest to the wilfully blind liberal bigots, who can only perceive tyranny when the victims have non-White skin.

If Tibet was a European land, the liberals would be shrieking hatred for the indigenous population who wish to hold on to their identity. Those who rejoiced at the end of the British Empire in India idolise those who fought to make the British quit India and restore that land to its people; but they would happily lynch those who argue that the colonists from Pakistan who have swamped many English cities should quit Europe!

Liberals have been poisoned by the ideology of the International enemy, to the point where they have become consumed by self-hatred; which, to use their own term, is nothing but ‘racism’ – racial hatred of their own kind. [ … ]

However, there is one people which stands out from the rest of humanity; a people led by lunatics who not only believe in Racial Supremacy, but who believe in an all-powerful invisible entity which hates everybody except them, and which will deliver all humanity into slavery to serve these megalomaniacs. That one people — does not come from Europe!  >continue to Full Article


Learn what you’ve never been taught before.

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Fate of Jews in German Hands

Playing The Devil’s Advocate

English: The presidium of the 9th Congress of ...

The presidium of the 9th Congress of the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks) in 1920. Sitting (from left): Abel Yenukidze, Mikhail Kalinin, Nikolai Bukharin, Mikhail Tomsky, Mikhail Lashevich, Lev Kamenev, Evgeny Preobrazhensky, Leonid Serebryakov, Vladimir Lenin and Alexei Rykov.

Shaunantijihad said…

According to what we know of the Bolshevik manifesto of yesteryear, identifying society’s most intelligent people is an essential ploy for the express purpose of eliminating them. This is what happened when Jews took over Russia and unleashed the Red Terror against those very people.

The first targets were anyone with an education, the middle class and anyone displaying evidence of numeracy and literacyThis eliminates sources of opposition, or, in Lenin’s own words, to “create a nation of white niggers.” That table of under-achievers and over-achievers takes on a more sinister tone now doesn’t it?

A successful, White European nation is doing too well? Hmm, well then… they need more Black Africans (Somalis, Nigerians, etc), more Pakistanis, more Muslims, etc. etc. to spiral the population downwards.

Too much the devil’s advocate? Let’s continue into the lower circles of hell…

The Jewish Bolshevik revolution — followed by the subsequent formation of the Soviet Union (USSR) — was financed by the Jews who own the central banks of the West, mainly Britain, Germany and the USA. Only later, when Hitler stopped the advancing Soviet terror and ousted the Jews’ control of the Deutschmark, did Britain and the USA stab Hitler in the back to facilitate the Soviet march upon Europe. Only Stalin’s change of mind eventually forestalled this. But it was only a temporary pause.

We are in a new front in the cold war that has the same purpose – the transfer of all wealth to Jewish Communists and the enslavement of Europeans. Just as wicked bankers might lend far too much money at low interest to an unsuspecting home-owner or farmer, to only then hike interest rates so much that the bank can then foreclose on the property. Our banker-bought politicians have now racked up national debts at near zero-interest rates for the exact same purpose. The trap is set.

How will it play out? Well, they have done this before. They have a manifesto.

In the Weimar Republic the bought politicians racked up a national debt equal to 913% of the economy. Then the central bank hiked interest rates. So the bought politicians printed money, and more money, and more… Anyone not in on the scam lost everything to the subsequent hyper inflation. Everyone who was in on the game was later able to buy everything after converting their gold, silver and foreign currencies back into a terribly devalued Mark. This is how the Jews came to own most of Germany.

Britain and Ireland’s debt ratio to the size of the economy is to now equal to that of Germany’s Weimar Republic of the 1920s. Think about the implications for a moment. When the Jewish central bankers start to raise interest rates, a 100% income tax will not be enough to service that debt. So they will print, and print, and print… again.

When Britain suffered 28% inflation in the 1970s, the national debt was less than £100 billion. Later on when the political coalition was elected on various broken promises, including an “austerity” budget, the debt was £600 billion. Have they cut anything, yet? Remember, politicians are the servants of the central banksters.

According to ukpublicspending.co.uk, the next election will bring the debt load to £1.4 trillion. A future with 400% inflation is thus a very real possibility unless we can get the bastards out.

What did they spend it all on? They borrowed money in your name that you and your children must pay back with interest, so to give it away to millions of Africans and Muslims… free homes, free education, free health care, affirmative action jobs & unearned job promotions, etc.

Why? Because they do not want a high IQ population. And a nation divided — like Yugoslavia — is easier to control and impose the Communist tyranny.

£1,400,000,000 – upon which interest charges must be paid. Welcome to the Global Plantation.  >Source

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