Naïve Lib/Leftists Are Easy Targets For Death & Destruction

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 U.S. Black Population 12.5%  (Black Males 15 yrs. – 49 yrs. about 3% of TOTAL U.S. Population.


Canadians Duped By Multiculturalism


Dark Crimes (U.S.A.)  Updated DAILY  >>

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Canada Eagerly Welcomes FAKE “Refugees”

LAST Year!

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Lauren Southern Reporting

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Canadians Faith Goldy & Alex reporting from the same ILLEGAL border crossing.

Nigeria Population:  196,000,000 … and MANY to be YOUR new “diverse” neighbours.

Canada Population:  37,000,000

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The Usual Double-Standards Are Applied

From The Irish Savant

Over-confidence or desperation?

Focusing on Britain, here … but this question could be asked of any White country. Does the increasingly draconian clamp-down on expressions of White identity signify confidence (‘let’s finish the job’), or desperation (‘the nativists are restless’)?

Either interpretation could be applied to recent developments which saw two young foreign visitors arrested, imprisoned for a few nights and then barred from entering the country. The young conservative Canadian Lauren Southern was also barred, although spared the indignity of serving time in the slammer. Around the same time a Scotsman was dragged into court and found guilty of a “hate” crime for training his dog to give a Nazi salute at the ‘Seig Heil’ command.

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Such hyperactive law enforcement was notably absent as Muslim child grooming gangs operated undisturbed across wholes swathes of the country for decades, the police and Government agencies finally forced into action only by the painstaking work of crusading journalist (there are still some left) Andrew Norfolk.

When the law enforcement agencies aren’t barring and jailing youngsters for “hate” speech they’re also busy on another urgent task: Rehabilitating and integrating blood-crazed “British” head-choppers who’ve decided to “return home” from Syria. Max Hill QC, the government’s adviser on terrorism legislation has recommended against prosecuting those who fought for ISIS. He said that those who had ‘travelled out of a sense of naivety, possibly with some brainwashing along the way, possibly in their mid-teens and who return in a sense of utter disillusionment’ should be kept out of the court system’.

Set that against a report by the London Times which revealed that agents from “more than 29 forcesarrested more than 3,300 Britons for Internet trolling last year, which marks a rise of almost 50 percent in two years. Almost half of these arrests lead to actual prosecutions. Note that the paper dug up the figures only via Freedom-Of-Information Act requests.  >con’t to FULL REPORT

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