Toronto’s Mayoralty Campaign Strikes A New Low

NOTE the top two mayoralty candidates, PLUS the three relatively UNKNOWN candidates (including the obligatory TOKEN Black) who all polled an insignificant COMBINED fraction of Faith Goldy’s THIRDplace position of 6%.

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REAL Leaders Discussing Canada’s Border Crisis (Video)

Paid “AntiFa” Hooligans Attack Faith Goldy

REAL Leaders Discussing Canada’s Border Crisis

Jill Colton & Faith Goldy discuss the important topic of TENS of thousands of Unknown Foreigners ILLEGALLY Abusing Canada’s Border protocols.


One Woman’s Crusade Against Foreigners’ Illegal Border Crossings


Canada Eagerly Welcomes FAKE “Refugees”


Canadian Border Guards “Muzzled” To Say Nothing About ILLEGAL Aliens


Don’t Worry CANADA, It’s Only Your Money

The CBC Is Not Your Friend

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