WHITE Men Dying Young

By Mike King

More bad news for the White Man.

As if the plunging birth rates, the incitement against all things White, and the Turd World invasion of his countries weren’t enough, now comes confirmation of what your intuitive reporter here has suspected for some time now — White men, in growing numbers, are dying young.

The main manifestation of this epidemic of despair is suicide, both the instant variety (gun shots, bridge jumping, gas inhalation etc.); and also the drawn-out variety (drugs, alcohol abuse, overeating).

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Oh, the psychotic joy with which Sulzberger’s Satanic scribblers decided to front-page this research! From the sobering piece:

“… rising annual death rates among this group are being driven not by the big killers like heart disease and diabetes but by an epidemic of suicides and afflictions stemming from substance abuse: alcoholic liver disease and overdoses of heroin and prescription opioids.”

The mortality rate for Whites 45 – 54 years old with no more than a high school education … increased by 134 deaths per 100,000 people from 1999 to 2014.

It is difficult to find modern settings with survival losses of this magnitude,” wrote two Dartmouth economists, Ellen Meara and Jonathan S. Skinner, in a commentary to the Deaton-Case analysis to be published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“Wow,” said Samuel Preston, a professor of sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, and an expert on mortality trends and the health of populations, who was not involved in the research. “This is a vivid indication that something is awry in these American households.”   …full article/photos HERE.

[ELN Editor: No figures available from Canada, however Canadian White men suffer under similar causes.] 

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TV Commercials Insult White People

ANTI-White Brainwashing

De-Humanizing Men

…But, but I Am A WHITE Man!

and I’m NOT Sorry!

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…and Canada’s answer to “Affirmative-Action”

Canadian Police Surrender To “Diversity”

Toronto Police Losing “Face”

White Men Need NOT Apply

ANTI-White Police Hiring

Feminisim’s Negative Consequences


What Feminism has done:

1. It has made men less likely to get a job as a cop or fireman. Despite being bigger, stronger and more capable of dealing with physical threats, employment-equity (affirmative action) requires that less capable women are hired before men. I am especially comforted by the ones who are 5’ 2’’, 130 lbs with painted nails and mascara. I’ve seen several of them. They make me feel so safe.

(Also see: Toronto Police Losing “Face”)

2. It has given teenage girls reproductive freedom and sexual equality to males. As a result, our society is rampant with single baby-mothers, my children’s school is full of troubled children who grow up deprived of a father’s guidance, and our jails are full of angry, fatherless young criminal men.

3. It has made me appreciate my stay-at-home mom-wife 1000% more. I see my buddies rush to make breakfast and deliver the kids to daycare everyday. I hear about how their working wives are too tired to have sex. I watch their kids dine on take-out food and get fat as they live their lives deprived of wholesome home-cooked meals because mommy has to stay at work late to write a report.

4. It has allowed me to wait longer for medical care. There are only so many places available in medical school and over 50% of all doctors graduating these days are female. Female doctors work considerably fewer hours than their male counterparts. And unlike men, they take time off when having children. Therefore, they see fewer patients. I cannot count the number of people who have mentioned to me how little their female doctors work.

5. It has picked my pocket dry with its endless demands for more tax dollars to fund government programs like state-funded daycare that would not be necessary if they just took motherhood more seriously than their own selfish feminist ambitions.

6. It has deprived the world of millions of intelligent children. Intelligence is largely genetic. Many of today’s brightest women are not having children, choosing instead to pursue careers. This has deprived humanity and future generations of their DNA.

Don’t roll your eyes at me. I am not saying that everyone — men and women alike — should not be able to pursue their own private ambitions. And sure … some women cops could take on a man in a physical confrontation, some women doctors work as much as male doctors, and some women do have careers with no negative impact on their motherly duties. But most do not.

Books, magazines, TV, and radio are constantly awash with stories of exhausted, conflicted women trying to do it all. Childless career women are apparently the most conflicted of all. In fact, an entire psychiatric industry has grown up around these feminist-caused problems.

What I am simply trying to do here is point out the unintended negative consequences of feminism on men in particular, and society as a whole. With every action there is an equal and opposite…well, you know. […]  Source


Feminist Dupes

Radical Feminists Are Useful Idiots

Commie Plan For American Women


Feminism Has COMMUNIST Roots

Obamacare Favors “Legalized” Aliens

By Dean Garrison

We can’t possibly expect our Senators to read a 1200 page bill before voting on it. Can we?

Well, thank God … Ted Cruz read it. Not only did Cruz read it, but he schooled anyone who would listen from the (United States) Senate floor on Tuesday.

Cruz found a loophole that actually penalizes an employer $5000 for hiring a (United States) citizen over a legalized alien. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. Senator Cruz was quoted as saying:

I filed an amendment that would have corrected one of the most egregious aspects of the gang of eight bill as it intersects with Obamacare legislation, namely a penalty imposed on U.S. employers for hiring U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents. This bill says, if an employer hires a (U.S.) citizen or a legal immigrant, the IRS can impose a $5,000 penalty on that employer. BUT, if the (same) employer, instead hires someone with RPI (Registered Provisional Immigrant) status (or ILLEGAL ALIEN), that penalty will go away. That is utterly and completely indefensible.


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Chemtrails Above Your Heads

From Eye of Woden

Chemtrails – Are We Really So Blind? 

Water vapor contrails left by high-altitude je...

There is an assumption that those who rule our societies are, at worst, prone to mistakes.

Our human character causes us to assume the better of people and to dismiss any notions that may arise within us … of true evil being perpetrated. We simply do not want to believe that evil* is done on a massive scale. To acknowledge a Global conspiracy against the masses of humanity is difficult for most, because ignorance is bliss and we can consider ourselves morally enlightened by giving World leaders the benefit of the doubt.

Another aspect of this is the way that popular media always presents acts of evil as being fantastical or implausible. And yet another aspect of those who actively dismiss unofficial theories of this nature … is that they feel superior for having proven “conspiracy theorists” wrong — and let’s face it — those of us who challenge official stories are an easy target because our detractors have the full backing of the mainstream and their job is seemingly easy. Attacking us is an easy way to gain a momentary feeling of intellectual superiority.

To an extent, I was guilty of this for a long time, for I looked down upon those who cried out about chemtrails. I found it a step too far in terms of paranoia, and though I’ve long known that much of our paranoia is justified, the idea of chemtrails was beyond the realms of what I could accept.

But recently I’ve actually given it some thought, and I’ve looked to the sky (how many of us do that anymore?). What I have concluded is this:

We are the most gullible, willfully ignorant species upon this planet. One day I saw three planes, each higher than the other. The lower one had created a trail, the middle one had not, and the higher one had. So altitude can’t be the decider of whether a plane emits condensation trials or not. Then yesterday I watched a long trail disperse over time to form a cloud, which begs the question – even if these trails are not chemical deposits and they are condensation, why do we allow them if they routinely ruin a clear blue sky?

We are fools. Those responsible for this (what I believe is geo-engineering) must be laughing at us, and it’s no wonder they keep pushing the boundaries of liberty inwards. For they know, that no matter how obvious their deeds are, we will refuse to recognise them. What’s even more embarrassing is that children can see what adults can not:

England has had the wettest, cloudiest twelve months that I can remember. Everyone I know who grows their own vegetables failed last year. When you consider this in light of an idea which this blog regularly promotes – that self-sufficiency is the path to freedom – then it becomes difficult not to draw the conclusion that one reasoning behind chemtrails is to diminish our ability to provide for ourselves, and to increase our dependency on genetically-modified crops sold at supermarkets (and thus increase our dependency on the Capitalist system at large).

English: Chemtrails: Classic "X" Pattern
Chemtrails: Classic “X” Pattern

Furthermore, the sun gives life – not just to plants but to us. The sun directly feeds us – mind, body and soul. Our relationship with it is severed and we are weaker for it. Hæl Sunne!  * ‘Evil’ does not exist as a Heathen concept, but for the sake of lucidity I shall continue to use the word.  >Source

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Oldsters Making Me Sick

English: Health Care Português: Saúde Pública


OLD people make me sick.

Not all old people. NOT Canadian old people.

It’s those FOREIGN old people who fill up my Canadian city. They’re the ones who make me sick.

OK … maybe they don’t actually “make” me sick … but they certainly make it difficult to “get better”.

Getting better health-wise is more difficult when you have to wait in a hospital emergency waiting room BEHIND seventeen turbaned, or hijabed 70 year olds who arrived in Canada — YESTERDAY — under our ludicrous ‘family reunification’ program. (Not many old people arrive here from Scotland, France or Ireland to clog up our already over taxed health care system.  I don’t see too many of them.)


Old foreigners make me sick because they make me, and my elderly Canadian relatives wait AFTER them. We wait for doctor’s appointments, we wait for nursing home beds, we wait for chronic care, we wait for long term care, we wait for medical testing, we wait for essential surgery, we wait in emergency rooms, we wait and wait and wait BEHIND these queue-jumping old FOREIGNERS!

TORONTO HospitalForeigners waiting for their “free” socialized medical care.
Story > HERE

[Also: Canadian Generosity Vs. Stupidity

Foreign Seniors Displacing Canadians]

Featured Image -- 21663   Sometimes we wait so long that we die. And then we go to heaven. Where else would such generous, selfless compassionate people go? I hear that God has a special surprise for old Canadians who die waiting for medical treatment. They are reincarnated as the old parents of Federal Cabinet Ministers, and, they never have to wait for medical treatment again.

God also has a surprise in store for the people who immigrate to Canada, and then bring their old parents over to suck the life out of OUR health care system. I hear that God brings them back after death reincarnated as obese, blind, crippled old Liberals with renal failure and chronic pain who can’t find a family physician or a specialist.

Now that’s poetic justice. God’s humble way of giving the real, unhyphenated Canadians, who lived here all their lives — and who die waiting in line behind old foreigners — a bit of restitution and justice.

Every day … millions of Canadians, especially old Canadiansthe ones who lived and paid taxes in Canada all their lives – are faced with long waiting lists for vital, essential medical services. And everyday, dozens, if not hundreds of old foreigners shuffle out of planes and ships onto Canadian soil for the very first time, and take a taxi to their children’s homes or apartments where they don’t work or pay taxes, nor contribute to Canada. They just wait patiently until that inevitable day when something goes wrong with their health. Then they simply call 9-1-1 and take that FREE ride in that FREE ambulance to the big shiny FREE hospital full of all the FREE equipment that will extend their lives, so they can use all the marvelous FREE stuff again and again.

Monika Schaefer  Except its not free. It was bought with money, and it was bought with flesh and blood. Money from taxes paid over a lifetime by that sick old Canadian standing over there waiting patiently (like all good Canadians do) while the old foreigner receives their medical treatment first.

[See: No Punjabi, No Job for Canadian Nurse]

Irish_emigrants_Mersey-600x300  It was the flesh & blood of pioneers/settlers who arrived here years ago BEFORE everything was “free“, and who sacrificed to build a nation for their children. Now, their children (and children’s children) suffer and die while waiting in line behind recently-arrived old foreigners who have sacrificed nothing, and to whom we owe nothing.

English: German immigrants at Quebec City, Canada.
GERMAN immigrants at Quebec City, Canada. (Circa 1910) No Welfare, No Free Hospitalization, No subsidized housing, No NOTHING. They went immediately to work, or they went HUNGRY!

Maybe the government hasn’t heard, but there is a demographic crises happening in all Western civilized nations. Canada is no exception. The population is aging. The ratio of young people to old – workers to retirees has never been larger in the history of our nation. It is thought that in 20 – 30 years there won’t be enough young people in Canada to support the huge number of old people.

Politicians know all about this. They know exactly what’s going on. Sadly, their need to curry votes in Canada’s ethnic communities is more important to them than the health and welfare of Canadian citizens.

They allow old foreigners to flood into Canada, to the tune of 40,000 Foreign Oldsters a year (almost all from NON-white, 3rd world countries), because it is in their political interest.

Justin Trudeau: Canada is a postnational state  Ethnic communities will vote for the politician that acts in their best interest. And they want mommy and daddy here with them — damn the cost to the rest of us. They might sympathise with sick Canadians, but they won’t pull mommy out of line so a Canadian can see the doctor first. They take care of their own first. Is it wrong for the rest of us to do the same?

The truth is that we don’t NEED any more old people. We are growing more than enough of our own. And yet, the parasitical travesty that is our “family reunification program”, continues unabated. In my view, no one over the age of 40 should be allowed to immigrate to Canada. We have too many old people to support already.

I have heard the plaintive arguments in favor of allowing immigrants to bring their old parents here to Canada as permanent residents. One argument is that many immigrants would simply go to some other country that allows family reunification.

SO WHAT … I say!   If they want to put their own interests above those of their Canadian benefactors, …to HELL with them.

No budget for him And legal immigrants who come to Canada can visit their parents in their OWN homeland, or bring them over for short visits. Our health care system will be less labored because of it.

Also … there are those immigrants who’re occasionally trotted out onto TV programs, moaning piteously with their sob stories that they “needtheir old mother and father “to mind their six kids because they can’t afford child care“. Oh, “cry me a river“.

Hey Akmed, try having one or two children like us normal Canadians, and you wouldn’t need to foist YOUR sick, old parents onto OUR health care system just to save yourself a few bucks in baby-sitting fees.

Population by Race Yeah, just 8 %. 

 Respect for other races and cultures does NOT mean that Western Whites should commit suicide.

Old foreigners make me sick.

Most of them have contributed NOTHING to our nation and have never worked a day in Canada for their entire lives. Now, after spending all their lives contributing to their own precious, foreign homelands, they drag themselves over to CANADA, the land of FREE (for them) healthcare. They expect tolerant, elderly Canadians to smile as they’re pushed aside, so they can line up in FRONT for home care, doctors appointments, nursing home beds, surgeries and other vital social (welfare) services.

As I grow older, I become more angry about this abuse of Canadian goodwill.  Someday, I’ll be an old Canadian sitting in the ER (emergency room) surrounded by sick, old foreigners muttering quietly in their foreign language while they wait in line AHEAD of me for medical treatment. Well, they just better hope that I don’t have a terminal disease, because with nothing to lose, I might decide to take a few of them with me.

https://elliotlakenews.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/8b83a-next2btime2bwe2bfight252c2bit2bis2bside2bby2bside.jpg   Kind reader, it’s time to start giving our OWN old people … priority over foreigners. No one should work and pay taxes their entire lives in their OWN country … only to find themselves waiting BEHIND a bunch of old FOREIGNERS when requiring vital medical treatment. It’s just not right.   >Source

U.S. and Canada experience the same 3rd-World immigrant problems.

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Childhood Being Destroyed

By Rufus

A recent survey conducted with parents, has concluded that childhood ends at 12 years of age for most children.  This news is currently on the radio in the UK, and the way that it is presented is in a tone of shock and disbelief.  However, the hypocrites of the media who decry the loss of childhood innocence, are themselves a key factor in the destruction of youth.

Peers become important in middle childhood and...
Peers become important in middle childhood and have an influence distinct from that of parents. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turn on any radio station which plays ‘pop’ music, and one finds oneself bombarded with foul lyrics focused on the need to have sex, to be pretty, and to be ‘popular’ – itself a term used euphemistically to encourage promiscuity.  Television and the film industry ridicule virginity, and promote race-mixing and experimental sex with as many people as possible of both genders and every race.  Sex education in schools bombards children with pornographic material, backed up with a politically correct message that it is ‘healthy’ and ‘natural’ to behave in the manner of a bisexual whore, albeit an unpaid one.

With the constant barrage of propaganda promoting sex as a be-all and end-all for everyone, is it any wonder that children see the act of sex as a way to prove that they are ‘grown-ups’?

Pop music aimed at children is replete with lyrics which are often so obscene that cds are accompanied by ludicrous ‘parent advisory’ warnings; warnings which only serve to make the so-called music more desirable to children who feel the need to rebel.  This, of course, is the whole idea.  The school system condemns children who do not wish to engage in acts of homosexuality as “bigots”.  Likewise children who do not wish to have sex with people from outside their race, are condemned by the Establishment.  Children should not be encouraged to have sex with anyone!

For the hypocrites of the media to gasp in horror at the sexualisation of children, then in the very next moment, promote a film or piece of music which encourages children to adopt the lifestyle of prostitutes, is hypocrisy of such an extreme that it explains how the serial pædophile, Jimmy Savile, was able to go about his evil trade for his entire adult life with no opposition.

As any parent knows, children copy adults; this is how they learn.  When adults abdicate their responsibilities, leaving children at the mercy of the State and the media, it does not take a genius to know that they will mimic the attitudes and behaviours of those who are presented to them as role models.
Teachers in the Zionised West are effectively commissars of Cultural Marxism; inculcating the young with the diseased thought of homosexual extremists, internationalist miscegenators and materialistic destroyers of the spiritual.  Sex education lessons cannot but create a desire to put into practice all which is taught; when lessons teach that sodomy and lesbianism are natural lifestyle choices, children will feel compelled to engage in acts of perversion.
Children in the West are under a relentless assault from the media, education system and of course their equally embattled peers, to abandon the innocence of childhood and become depraved sexual beasts.  In the multi-culti nightmare in which we are immersed, the presence of (foreign) aliens who regard non-believers as dirty animals to be sexually abused at will, only makes the problem of promiscuity worse; especially when indigenous children are taught that to refuse to have sex with people who belong to the Mohammedan Cult, is ‘racist’.
The only chance for our children to get through this minefield unscathed, is for we parents – indeed for all adults – to take responsibility for them.  Children learn to dress as slags through watching pop stars on the television – take the television away and should they express a desire to dress as whores, don’t let them!
Children become obsessed with sex through listening to degrading musicdon’t let them! 
If possible, home school your children.  Abandoning your children to the Establishment’s education system, is tantamount to acquiescing in their brain-washing.  For those who cannot home school, every opportunity must be taken to learn exactly what they are being taught by the mis-educators, and doing everything possible to reverse the damage.
Childhood matters.  Children are the most important people in our society, because they are the future.  Childhood does not end at 12; it is being destroyed by design.
Identifying the instruments of destruction (the State, the media, pop culture, fashion et al) is the key to saving our children.  Once we can see who is damaging our children we can stop them.  There are parents who allow their children to watch television unsupervised, and who do not know what their children are listening to.  This is an outrage and is inexcusable.  If we do not defend our children, then the battle is already lost.
Turn off the television!  Turn off the radio!  Throw the magazines in the bin!  Take responsibility for your children; guiding them away from all harmful influences.  If childhood ends at 12, that is the fault of the parents who have failed to protect their own.  If there is only one aspect of our lives which we refuse to hand over to the enemy, it has to be this one.  >Source
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“Refugee” Policy Changes

fields a question from a community member at t...
Jason Kenney

By Kristy Kirkup

OTTAWA – Immigration Minister Jason Kenney defended the refugee health care reform on Friday following a chorus of criticism from provincial counterparts and doctors.

Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews wrote a letter to the Feds on Thursday urging the government to reconsider changes, fearing downloaded costs and a “class system” for health care, but Kenney sent a sharp message back at an Ottawa press conference.

I don’t understand why they (provincial governments) seem to be more concerned about providing supplementary health benefits, like dental care and eye care, to, for example, rejected asylum claimants, than to their OWN citizens,” Kenney told reporters.

*Report ILLEGAL Immigrants

The Tories have recently come under fire for changes to the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP), which has provided services to roughly 130,000 refugees. This policy change is contained within Bill C-31 – Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act – which just received royal assent.

Starting (July 1, 2012), non-government sponsored refugees will lose access to temporary enhanced benefits coverage of vision and dental care, and discretionary medication, while government sponsored refugees who come from camps overseas will see no change to their access.

The feds expect refugee health changes to save taxpayers an estimated $100,000,000 over 5 years and they suggest provincial governments will benefit from other reforms.

We estimate it will save provincial governments around $1.6 billion over five years by accelerating the removal of false asylum claimants … right now, those claimants typically spend several years in Canada,” Kenney said.

But some doctors — along with opposition parties — have sounded the alarm about the potential impacts of changes to IFHP, and suggest lives could be at risk.

They try to say refugees were getting better health care than Canadians. We know that is not true. Refugees are some of the most vulnerable when we bring them into our country,” said the NDP’s immigration critic Jinny Sims. “They were getting very basic care. But under the new changes … a diabetic is not even going to be able to get that insulin shot. What that could lead to is further complications. In many ways the government’s policy is a penny wise and a pound foolish.”

Medical professionals have recently crashed various government announcements to protest the changes but the (Federal) government says it will not reconsider its decision.  >Source



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Foreign Elders Collect Windfall

Patrick Grady

Canadian Taxpayers Should NOT Be Paying for the Care of Immigrants’ (foreign) Parents!


The generous benefits — to be derived from joining their own IMMIGRANT children in Canada — are quite obvious to foreign parents/grandparents who are eligible for sponsorship. This has created a steadily increasing demand for admissions. Despite admitting over 450,000 foreign parents and grandparents into Canada since 1990, the sponsorship backlog has continued growing to reach well over 165,000 elderly parents in late 2011.

(Photo credit: Mystic Lens)


The Canadian Government subsequently announced policy measures to stem the backlog. These included most notably: an increase in the number of sponsored parents and grandparents to be admitted next year, from nearly 15,500 in 2010 to 25,000 in 2012; a temporary “pause” on the acceptance of new sponsorship applications for parents/grandparents for up to 24 months; and the introduction of a new “super visa” valid for ten years allowing parents/grandparents to “visit” Canada. The Government also promised to consult with Canadians on the parent/grandparent program on how to redesign the program to make it “sustainable in the future” and to “avoid future large backlogs and be sensitive to fiscal constraints.

[Read: Oldsters Making Me Sick]

While this all sounds very responsible and sensible, on closer examination, it becomes evident that the Government has not really done anything concrete to permanently curtail the demands for increasing numbers of [foreign] parents/grandparents allowed into Canada, and to limit their growing claim to (our) public purse.

[ELN Editor’s Note: Whose country is this? If real Canadians don’t take ownership of the nation their European ancestors designed, built and successfully managed, they will lose it. Our country, named CANADA, did not exist prior to 1867. Scattered Indian tribes across these lands were busy warring with each other and had no nation-development skills. The few thousand imported Chinese railroad workers were just cheap manual labour-components.  A few hundred low-IQ Black slaves escaping from the U.S. and settling around Halifax, Nova Scotia and Chatham, Ontario definitely had no development skills to build, much less manage a 1st world economy. Note today’s regressive 85% “Black” Detroit … or Zimbabwe and South Africa! It took White European ingenuity to build  those modern infrastructures over a period of a century or two, yet in only 2 or 3 decades of woefully inadequate Black management they’ve deteriorated to become “no-go” areas.

Canada foolishly began opening the floodgates to mass NON-white immigrants only 30 to 40 years ago.  Today, we have dismantled a once-stable, homogeneous nation of people to accommodate incongruent foreigners much UNLIKE our European heritage.

Until 20 years ago, most Canadians had no clue of what a “muslim” was. Sharia laws, “honour” killings, infidel be-headings, etc. were completely unknown to us. Today, we are quickly being enlightened of those facts on our own home turf.

The players in the following video are important to this post … not the news story itself. The politically-incorrect question should be asked “Just why are these illiterate, unemployable African Somali ‘refugees’ residing in OUR Canada, AND why are we feeding them, paying their rent, providing them free hospitalization along with a generous monthly WELFARE or Old Age pension cheque” ??

Africa should never have been a concern to Canadians. If that dark continent has not progressed in thousands of years on their own initiative, in addition to wasting hundreds of BILLION$ of spent Western aid money in trying to uplift these peoples, why is our young nation born in 1867 (and other Euro-White nations) suddenly obligated to take these people into our homes now?]

To the contrary, it has actually increased the number to be admitted this year by 9,500. The short “pause,” supposedly lasting for two years, will accomplish almost nothing in reducing the demand for admissions. It will merely postpone the problem, and when this “pause” is lifted, the backlog will explode.


While the objective of family reunification is specified in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Sec. 3.1.d),… it is a relic of the past.

In the old days before telecommunications and jet travel, (European) immigrants kissed their families goodbye and most likely never saw, nor spoke to them ever again. […]

[Today], immigrants can talk to their families back home on cell phones daily, or even view their images on Skype. And they can visit back and forth every year or two thanks to cheap airfares. That’s why native-born Canadians move all over Canada, and even around the world to live and work, and they don’t expect to bring their own (Canadian) parents/grandparents along at TAXPAYERS’ expense. If Canadians are expected  to manage their own personal affairs in this manner, WHY the difference for immigrants??

The 2006 Census estimates the cost to Canadian taxpayers at $1,300,000,000 (billion) per year in increased Old Age Security/Guaranteed Income Supplement (OAS/GIS), plus other transfers for sponsored foreign parents/grandparents. The program has raised estimated annual health care spending by $4,600,000,000 (billion).

The annual fiscal costs of the (foreign) parent/grandparent program to all levels of government in Canada could thus easily exceed $6 billion per year. By allowing the backlog of 165,000 elderly foreigners into our country, plus the expected increase of another 335,000, would double the fiscal costs from the $6 billion estimated to a staggering $12,000,000,000!!

Many Canadians have trouble understanding the meaning of multi-billion dollar cost estimates like these. […] For example, an immigrant family that [imports] one parent or grandparent might benefit from (our) subsidized health care worth $9,600 per year during the senior years of the sponsored (foreign) parent.

The (aging foreign) parent may also reap a Government income support worth about $7,644. Together this adds up to a total health & welfare benefit of $17,244 per year, that would explode to $344,880 over a 20-year life time as a senior individual.

(Editor’s NOTE:   Remember… unlike you or I, who may have worked for 30 or 40 years in the labour field before the luxury of retirement was granted to us within our OWN country, these costly incoming foreigners [mostly from impoverished 3rd-world countries where living expenses are often $2 per day] have NOT contributed anything to our economy, NOR earned one penny of those Canadian welfare benefits to justify their presence in Canada. 

It was former member of parliament, Ruby Dhalla who advocated for a drastic reduction in residency requirements to be eligible for OUR Old Age Security benefits. Immigrant sponsors should be the sole supporters for their own parents/grandparents during their stay in Canada. Why are Canadians suddenly burdened with their support-costs upon arrival if we didn’t initially invite them into our home? 

Imagine your response if I sent my uninvited elderly parents to your house across the street and demanded that you support them at your expense. Well, that is what is happening here, but on a much grander scale. We didn’t invite these hundreds of thousands of foreign elderly people into our country for obvious financial and medical reasons, yet Canadians still become their instant benefactors upon arrival.  

With that generous “pull factor” in play, of course, you’ll have millions of elderly parents from around the world clamouring to land on Canadian soil to reap unearned benefits at our expense. The next time you’re waiting in line for your “free” hospital visit, check out the foreign “grandmother” standing in front of you, who just arrived in Canada… yesterday!  Read: Immigrant Supports Canadian Values)

…con’t from above… Calculating for (4) elderly parents of both immigrant husband & wife, the total fiscal benefit would equal $1,379,520 (million) over the assumed 20-year, post-age-65 lifetime of their four (4) sponsored parents.

The subsidy provided to attract immigrants to Canada is very large, both in absolute terms and relative to family incomes. And don’t expect the (younger) immigrants themselves to reimburse this massive debt. They’re NOT earning enough to pay for their own share of government benefits.

The fiscal benefit offered to their (foreign) parents/grandparents is a huge enticement. So, it’s not surprising why so many immigrants are applying to sponsor their parents/grandparents into Canada.

And how can this be fair to Canadians who are NOT eligible for the same comparable benefits, but instead are left with the expensive monetary tab for the foreigners? Immigration policy should be run to benefit Canadians — not to exacerbate the fiscal costs of our own ageing society.  >Source


Useful Idiots

Land Of Trusting Fools

Canada’s Black Population


Canadian Generosity vs Stupidity

Foreign Seniors Displacing Canadians


Canada Open To Immigrant Abuse


More Refugees To Support

Canada – “Refugees” Paradise

…and New Zealand

Japan’s Own 9/11 – Fukushima


Location of Fukushima Tokyo=Metropolis
Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Plant Explosion



I had these (aerial photos) from the beginning, and upon reviewing them, they have such a high forensic value that I am letting them out now. These are very close to “as good as it gets“.


This is because they so clearly DEBUNK the official story that they need distributed protection. For bandwidth considerations, I am posting the two most pertinent ones first. 

Fukushima from ABOVE & Fukushima from the FRONT

These are important photographs because you can sit down, analyze them and see exactly what really happened in Japan.

I did not realize how much my scaled down versions was left out, and when I looked closely at the ultra high res versions, I realized that I had made a mistake by not posting them the very first day. As it was, what I had posted to begin with was much more clear than anything else on the web.  >SOURCE

Speak the Truth

A View of Earth from Saturn

“It’s impossible to convince any one person of Truth who is in denial of the Truth. 

For my part, I state what I believe and then leave it at that. There is a mysterious power in the TRUTH. It is like a depth charge. When you speak it, it drops into the water of the human-mind and descends to a certain level where it explodes.

Do not expect people to believe you at the time you tell them anything. It is enough to speak the TRUTH. If you speak the Truth with conviction, it will enter the mind and do its work the same way a seed grows below the surface of the Earth. It is, indeed, a magical act. Proclaim it and then leave it alone. If you keep digging into the Earth to see how the seed is growing… you’ll kill it.

Just speak with assurance and believe what you say, and TRUTH will find its own way by burrowing into the thoughts of others and awakening that realization in the mind to whom it is spoken.”