The Way We Were

FrenchCanadian family working a potato field near Caribou, Maine
October, 1940
Very often entire families will become part of a large crew of potato pickers. French-Canadian mother, father and son during lunch hour in a field three miles out of Caribou, Maine


Provincetown, Mass. U.S.   Summer, 1937
[Untitled photo, possibly related to: Street scene, Provincetown, Massachussetts]


Street scene, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, U.S.  July, 1938
Street scene, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania


Unemployed Youth, Washington, DC    August, 1938Unemployed youth. Washington, D.C.


Employed Worker, Washington, DC   April, 1938
Parking lot. Washington, D.C.

This Land Is OUR Nation

By Mundilfury |


CANADA was built by people that looked just like you, who think and feel as you do now.

  1911 – Family from England arrives in Canada.  No free welfare benefits, No free health care, No child-care benefits, No subsidized housing. Father went immediately to work, or his family went hungry!

Whether your ancestors hailed from England, France, Scotland, Ireland, Wales or from other nation-states across mother Europe … they have bequeathed this land to you. It is yours by right. It is well past time to make the old arguments new again. The argument that White Canadians, those of us who have European ancestors, have a right to the land – the nation-state – that was built by our kin.

Slavic Family arrive in Canada – 1911

The key to securing our interests going forward as White Canadians is through the inculcation of White racial consciousness in our neighbours, our friends, and our fellow countrymen. It is by way of non-violent meta-political action that this will be achieved.  Everything that we say, write, and meme is of incalculable value in this fight in the realm of ideas.

Through podcasts, articles, discussions, and our own actions, we will foster a sense of who we are as White Canadians. We have a defined in-group that has interests. Despite our disparate regional and linguistic differences across this land, we should all coalesce around the commonality of race. Race is a biological reality. We are White, and we have our own interests as a group.

Through meta-political action and eventually through overt political action, we will be able to exert our influence as a distinctive group in Canada. We will be able to force the wrong elected officials to make the right decisions. It will be a long road, but the seeding of White racial consciousness is the most important step towards achieving that goal. By engaging in a war of position, in the realm of ideas, against the prevailing dispensation, we will change things in our interests for the better.

It will also be necessary for us to replace our hostile elites. Through a relentless use of meta-political critique, we will drive them out. Those individuals who hold public office and those who are employed by the state’s vast bureaucracy, have no concept of the political. Recently … Ricardo Duchesne invoked the ideas of Carl Schmidt when he wrote that liberal states — along with their leadership and anointed elites — lack a strong conceptualization of what it means to be political:

Liberal leaders have an inherent weakness as political beings due to their inability to think of their nation-states as a collectivity of people claiming sovereignty over a territory that distinguishes between friends and enemies, who can belong and who cannot belong in the territory.”  >>Con’t reading HERE.

Four Young White People Discussing THE Issues – 2 Hours.


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British Martyr – John Amery

By Mike Walsh

December 19, 1945 … a 33-year old British-born Spanish national was illegally hanged at London’s grim Victorian Wandsworth Prison. It was the end of a life, but the beginning of a legend.

Had (John) Amery — the son of a British government minister served a prison sentence — few would have heard of him. Posterity decided otherwise; here was the making of a British martyr whose name would one day surely grace boulevards and parks named in his honour.

Born March 14, 1912,  John Amery was baptised in the crypt of the House of Commons and educated at Harrow. Like Eton, the public school was favoured by the English elite. To keep their place in the class system’s pecking order, England’s political and aristocratic cabal collaborated with Jewish oligarchs.

John Amery was having none of that. Turning his back on the hedonistic lifestyle of his class, John Amery first went to France, and then in 1936 onward to Spain. There the Englishman fought on the side of the Nationalists against Moscow-backed RepublicansAmery fought on the front-lines with distinction.

In 1943, despairing of Britain’s war against the Democratic Reich, John Amery opted for service with Hitler’s Germany. One has to remember … that in 1943 Britain had not experienced an elected government for eleven years.

Unlike Adolf Hitler … Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill was never elected to serve the country in that capacity.

From Germany — John Amery broadcast regularly — as did many Europeans. There was a common theme in all such broadcasts; the desperate need for peace between Germany, and (the) necessity to form an alliance against Bolshevik-Occupied Russia.

Bolshevik Russia – Circa 1922

Whilst in Germany John Amery was pivotal in setting up the League of St. George. The League, after the Englishman’s departure for Italy became the British Free Corps.

By the outbreak of Britain’s alliance with the USSR, it is estimated that at least 30 million Russians and Central European Orthodox Christians had been slaughtered, starved or worked to their death by the Jewish Bolsheviks.

New York’s bowler-hatted, Bolshevik bankers in 1917 had invested in the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II and government of Imperial Russia. The Bolshevik megacaust proceeded from the so-called “Russian Revolution” now known as American-inspired regime change.

From 1922 (onward) America and Britain’s industrial corporations threw their industrial clout into the opportunities offered by the world’s largest slave population. Amery and his associates decided that they had no wish to live under race-traitors, or to endure a hand-to-mouth existence in a Jewishcontrolled world.  >con’t to FULL ARTICLE

Canadian Identity Slipping Away

Changing Canada

Canada Spiralling Out of Control, Part 4: Human Rights Legislation (1951-1954) and the End of “British Liberties”

by Ricardo Duchesne

The spiral was driven by a set of norms with an in-built radicalizing tendency. This tendency was contained in the supposition that the ethnic inequalities of the world, the wealth of European nations and the poverty of non-European nations, the impoverished status of blacks and aboriginals in the United States and the West generally, were a result of the discriminatory policies, the colonizing and under-developing activities of Europeans, rather than a result of cultural backwardness, differences in aptitudes or geographical lack of resources. If only all humans were granted the same rights to life, liberty, and economic success, the world could be improved drastically in a more egalitarian and prosperous direction.