Pat Condell Does NOT Mince Words

Alas … IF only we could encourage ordinary folks just sitting around the kitchen table to speak their mind as honestly as this guy does … in full public view.

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[also ENGLAND!







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Canada’s Border Is Securely Fortified

Now, here’s the real deal below … “fortified” with plastic tape!
Canada – USA Border Line
Last month alone, 273 (UNKNOWN FOREIGN) asylum-seekers entered Quebec illegally — by far the highest one-month total for the three years.
No worries, we’re easy!

They come regularly every week,” said retired police officer Francois Doré, who lives near the Roxham Road crossing near Hemmingford ….

“We have excess taxpayers’ money just laying about, so we’re offering foreign invaders FREE welfare money, FREE medicals, FREE apartments … welcome to Canada, eh?”


Doré said the migrants cross the Canadian border easily enough, passing under yellow tape that divides the two countries.

  “Don’t confuse your directions, we welcome you in our country because you have much to offer us.”

“How mean and uncaring those Americans are!  We, Canadians are much nicer people.”

Sometimes you see whole families with babies and suitcases,” Doré said, adding that many arrive by taxi.


Intercepting them is up to the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), which monitors the crossings via patrols and surveillance cameras.

  “Our police are burdened with more important duties other than preventing foreign invaders from illegally gaining entry into Canada”

A station on the U.S.-Canada border used only for legitimate crossings into Canada! Foreign invaders find other “entry” points.

The migrants are then taken to one of the main Quebec border crossings at Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Saint-Armand/Philipsburg and Stanstead, where they are turned over to the C.B.S.A. (Canadian Border Security Agency) and their “refugee” claims are proce$$ed.

“Oh, joy … your new neighbours who’ll receive free food and accommodation at your expense!”


  “Returning Canadians entering their own country deserve more scrutiny than unknown, foreign invaders from 3rd world countries, don’cha think?”

“We now in Canada! No education or job skills except making babies which you pay me. We very poor in my country – only earn $3000 per year – but now very rich in Canada! My family just arrive, so I go back to work making new “Canadians” for Canada. How much you pay me? About $100,000 (Cdn) free money every year!”  ‘Alhamdulillah’ (Praise Allah)  (Real story HERE)
MeanwhileCanadian-born citizens have the “White privilege” of sleeping on cold sidewalks in Toronto.
“Oh, and more of us arrive every day!”
“Oh, Canada”.
(Original Source) [Some slight variations and additions by ELN Editor]
The achievement, if I can call it that, of inducing the most successful race in the world, the creator of the most advanced civilisation ever seen, to turn on itself and willingly self-destruct by way of societal degradation and internecine warfare is simply awesome. So incredible that, even as an agnostic, I sometimes wonder whether some supernatural agency is not after all involved.” –Irish Savant

Growing Resistance To “Refugees”

From Refugee Settlement WATCH

[…] “This is the letter I, (Brenda Arthur) tried to get Kelly Merritt – Charleston (West Virginia) Daily Mail Opinion Page Editor – to publish in late July 2016.  He wanted me to “soften” it, as he said it was too “inflammatory”.  I would not — therefore, he would not publish it.”



Are we to believe highly informed intelligence experts — or groups like the Episcopal Migration Ministries (one of 9 major Federal Contractors paid mostly with our tax dollars) who are paid “by the head” to bring these people to the United States. Thanks to a reserved place at the public trough, these Federal Contractors get hundreds of millions of dollars in government grants.

Ask yourself these questions:

Why do groups like Episcopal Migration Ministries (a 501(c) 3 charity) *(and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops operating in West Virginia as Catholic Charities of West Virginia) get hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to do their work ?

Why do they operate “below the radar” away from public scrutiny?

Why aren’t they presenting our elected representatives with the R & P Abstract (Reception & Placement) which details the plan for the town they are invading?

Before you vilify me as a bigot, xenophobe, racist, or hater, answer these questions:

“Why is it incumbent on us to absorb so many impoverished third world peoples who reject our language, our culture, or our values?

Why spend millions on them when thousands of my fellow West Virginians are facing hard times due to the Federal assault on our coal industry?

Why is money given to foreign nationals when our veterans cannot get quality medical care?

Why not resettle them in other Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia where there is plenty of space and oil money to boot?

Why should our country — which is almost 20 Trillion dollars in debt — give refugees Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Food Stamps, Medicaid, Social Security Disability Insurance, Public Housing, Child Care & Development, Job Opportunities for Low Income Individuals (JOLI), Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), and other government benefits?

We have our own problems. Could any group that wants to bring impoverished third world peoples here that add a further financial burden to our citizens and have the potential of risking our security have the interest of our community and state in mind?”
(Bold, italicized words added for emphasis – Editor)

>to FULL Article


PLANNED Destruction of GERMANY & Europe

Angela Dorothea Kasner (Kaźmierczak) Polish Jew


 Dr. Austeja Emilija Dominykas

My roots are from Lithuania, I’m 45 years old, a former blonde, now no hair (chemo?). My grandparents were Germans living in Lithuania, .

[…] In 2014 I came down with leukemia, incurable, am in the final stage and most probably I’m not going to see new years eve 2016.

(Condensed biography by Editor)

(English excerpts translated from the German language)

[…] My profession is an engineer for tunnel construction, especially gauge pressure/armor/reinforcement facilities. More clearly: constructor for deep bunker sites.

My personal story commences in February 2001, when the BBR (Bundesamt für Bauordnung und Raumwesen, a German office for architectural control and compartment) was calling for tenders on seven locations (designated) for building sites for area safeguarding of the population, in case of mass evacuation. My person as well as six (other) experts (in) that specific field were gathered at the planning office at Kassel, on 23rd March 2001.

At first we had to sign ten different declarations of secrecy of ten different government departments, among them two which were classified as top secret documents, for the Ministry of Defence. (Bundesverteidigungsministerium)

[…] We had to build seven deep bunker complexes, at seven different locations in Germany, with underground train connections, coves for stocking material, independent geothermic energy supply and water supply from deep wells. Every single complex was destinated to shelter 300.000 people.

  • SUHL
  • The first drillings were  “covered”  as “road building activities” and remained completely “in the dark” –  because of the secondariness of cities and rural districts. We were astonished, that in my own project, absolutely nobody in SIMMERN seemed to raise even the slightest form of suspicion, the population remained absolutely clueless and still is. 
  • Underground Tunnels
  • In 2004 we had mined 12 chambers in bed three, depth of 70 meters in the rock of Hunsrück. In February 2004 we got assistance of an Australian crew of specialists for diamond mining, as the extremely hard sediment layers had caused delays in the schedule. In July we had finished 16 chambers. The planning staff of the ministry of defence then gathered all of us in Berlin — end of July 2004 — where we were presented (with) changed plans.
  • The plan had now added 16 further chambers for stocking of explosive goods as well as 4 large chambers with heavy-duty elevators for track vehicles / aircraft  as well as two areas for simulators of urban territory.

I was really astonished and there was even protesting among us, as we most likely would not have been prepared to be involved into a military bunker project, (if) having been aware of THAT kind of information three years earlier. What really amazed me even more is the fact that the plan provided a chapel, or better a MOSQUE – to be more precise – while there was obviously no Christian accommodation planned.

[…] That winter (2006) I was taking my first long vacation on MAUI (Hawaii), sponsored by the ROCKEFELLER CORPORATION. There I met several political operatives, informed about our work and trying to enthuse us about their building projects e.g. in Canada, Netherlands, Argentina or France as soon as the “German sites” were operating.

In April 2006, finally there took place the installation of the actual bunkers, we were using such high quantities of stress-strain steel and water resistant concrete that the quantities seemed to make up with the Liyuan-dam in China, as well as quite 100 tons of LWL (fiber optic cable for datatransfer, Lichtwellenleiterkabel für Datentransfer).

Afterwards the technical crew from Israel came in, doing the installations of energy and light. All of that was so expensive that in 2006 alone we had to correct the specified budget upwards for 6 times.

[…]  In January 2007 the shell including electronics was finished, as well as two long distance tunnels leading to the complex KASSEL and FÜRTH. Then the rail was installed by French specialists – who also supplied the adequate trains including boxes for troop transport.

These boxes are set up in a way that they can be transported by either one of the 34 VTOL aircraft or by the deep underground train. They can take 400 men with full equipment, or 16 men in tank battle equipment, or two tanks.  The train can run 100 km/h and the rail is completely underground.  The complete complex is hermetically sealed and closed in itself.  Our complex comprises 16 elevators which can take 4 T14 Armatra-tanks and 60 men.

[…]  In 2008 we received order to drill eight further fuel slots for storing each 200.000 m³ diesel, heavy oil and kerosene.  In addition, fresh water tanks and a large size stock for freeze-dried food for 200,000 soldiers, 10,000 men staff and further 6,000 clerks and professionally indoctrinated female entertainers (whores), all of that lasted until 2009.

The installation comprised a complete Mosque, in all locations. I noticed especially that in terms of the freeze-dried food … one was paying close attention to it being “HALAL” suited … and never contained pork. 

We had loud-speakers installed – in all locations – for morning prayers, the company RHEINMETALL delivered shiploads of containers with ABC battle equipment, pistols, assault rifles with bayonets by H&K (HECKLER & KOCH), 10,000 tons of munition, 18 sleeping rooms were equipped with beds, 68,000 3 level beds in total, shower facilities for 14,000 men at the same time,  ABC showers in the elevators, 4 hospitals with 6 fully functional surgery rooms each, and giant stocks filled with medical goods.

We had installed hundreds of flat screen TVs for spreading Arab messages from the Wahabit Quran (Koran), telling that CHRISTIANS are low animals which must be slaughtered,  and that nobody was to be spared and that it was God’s will to teach a western woman (to respect) the god-warriors – endlessly, by infinite video loop.

[…]  As CEO (Chancellor Angela) Merkel was scheduled for a time in office of 16 years (2005 – 2021) there was a PR-campaign prepared – in all regions – which resulted in installation of wind-craft and solar-energy plants. Some corporate groups could be convinced to offer their roofs for that purpose, for producing more energy.  By that we were able to suck a sufficient quantity of energy out of the public net, to cover the need of our extremely energy intense bunker sites.

[Update February, 2018 >> German Women Mobilizing ]

In 2010 the so-called climate change was started to be pushed and AFTER THE BLOWING UP OF FUKUSHIMA IN 2011, it was no more problem to keep it running.

[…]  The popular edition house of distraction, KOPP, (I adore this edition house because of it’s courage), has  reported several times  – as well as others, too – of nightly sounds of explosions in Berlin-Wedding and Mitte.  They have not failed to hear correctly, they were right with their suppositions … it’s just that nobody will believe them, you will know by yourself how deep the Germans have their heads sticking into the sand bucket.   […]

MY MENTAL RUIN (breakdown) !

In June 2012, I was announced (to be) “project leader in the planning staff NEW EUROPE” and from then on my health started to fail.

In 2012 the UN secretly announced the application of the MIGRATION WEAPON against Europe in 2015.

Through resources of the UN, the World Bank and the EU were installed five recruiting centres for workers in Africa as well as ten further centres in the Middle East.

Anybody matching the criteria was given a smartphone and 2,500 Euros cash, then being integrated into the pre-defined “refugee-routes”, the German offices were informed about and became coordinated. Officially this started in 2015, but unofficially all of that was already kicked off in 2013, at first in lower numbers … only in 2015 the “ENTER OPERATION” SYRIA set the ball rolling.

Suitable candidates ideally had to be:

  • 20-30 years of age,
  • procreative (was tested!)
  • have an IQ of 90 at max,
  • as uneducated as possible, (more violent and more easy to conduct)
  • be Wahabit or Salafi … and ideally disdain Christians (Must Have!)

Nice to have:

  • especially welcome were men peaking out by abnormal sexual behaviour,
  • like pedophiliac or homosexual, and whose tendency to violence against women was noticeable.

In order to tease them additionally, one arranged their being confronted with women having been recruited under pressure via job centers, paid just starvation wages, just having received a two-hour crash advice about how to deal with these stinky and over aggressive  men not being able to speak any European language – this took place in France, Austria and Germany


End of 2016 – the five Africa recruiting centers will start to send their 5 waves – comprising in total 8 million of highly-aggressive Africans, as well as 2 million weak-minded, the official expression — the unofficial one is “slaughter cattle” –  to Germany.

Small sample of several hundred African foreigners crashing through the Spanish border heading towards Northern Europe.

Meanwhile there have been built or rented  supply/logistics bunkers below every larger city – stocking hundreds of thousand tons of freeze-dried food – for all who will be prepared to be RFID-chipped after the CRASH in 2017.

(Editor’s Note: Some grammatical and spelling errors were corrected to make for easier reading. For added emphasis, videos and photos by Editor. Please continue reading full article.)    >>to FULL Article

Video/Audio (37 minutes) English Version of above transcript.



Mass “Refugee” Migration Is A SHAM

50 MILLION Africans Invited To Europe

JAPAN Rejects 99.6% of ALL “Refugees”

Our System Fails Us, Again!

By Vanishing American II

I don’t like to write much about these kinds of horrifying stories; there are enough bloggers who shine the spotlight on such occurrences; that’s their specialty, so I don’t feel called to write about it. But this case just distresses me, not only because it is one more in a never-ending series of such avoidable outrages, but because so many people end up focusing on irrelevancies like this ”man’s” immigration status.

It doesn’t matter whether he was here legally or illegally; the point is he does not belong here, should not be here, should never have crossed the “border” into our country, and this poor child should never have encountered him, or anyone like him.
About this time the usual crowd — bleeding-heart Republicans or lefties, will say: ‘but we have native-born sex offenders, too.’

Unfortunately, yes, we do, and we are stuck with them, until or unless somebody catches on that these kinds of lowlifes cannot be ”cured” by therapy or good intentions or understanding or pills or ‘chemical castration.’ Some would doubtless argue that we cannot execute people like this — after all we hardly even execute killers, even mass killers, anymore. Failing execution we should find a way to send them off the planet somewhere, but that isn’t likely to happen soon, sadly. So yes, we are stuck with these miscreants who are born here, and who are of our folk. But it must be pointed out that certain cultures, the Hispanic/mestizo culture being one of them, are more prone to this kind of behavior. Some other cultures do not share our ideas about minimum ages for sexual activity, or about the need for consent on the part of both partners, providing both are of the age to give consent.

And there’s little evidence that it is only the illegal foreigners in our country who are guilty of this kind of thing; having papers or documents does not mean the possessor is of good character, especially when many Third World immigrants have no paper trails, and cannot be ‘vetted’; there is an element of wishful thinking in the idea that ‘if we just vet them thoroughly, they will be good bets.’ No. Immigrants, refugees, legal or illegal, we cannot vet most of them. We can only go by the overall picture of the cultures these people are coming from, and assess them accordingly. We cannot gamble any more lives on the long shot, on the notion that most of them are harmless people, just like us under the skin. texas-sex-assault

Legal or illegal, we don’t need more immigrants of any kind from these kinds of backward and degenerate cultures.  >>read MORE.




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WE Will Stay and YOU Will Pay

Austrians Pay Invaders More than Own Workers

The Austrian government pays NON-white invader families more in cash handouts than what many working-class Austrians earn after tax in that country,  […] has revealed.

The “conservative”-controlled government of the state of Upper Austria has announced a “lowering” of the monthly cash handout it pays to nonwhite invaders from €914 (US $1,030) per month to a “mere” €520 (US $581) per month.

we are here

However, a report in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) on the reduction also revealed that this move does NOT affect the payments to invader families, which are set at €1257 per couple, and an additional €150 per child. With two or three children in tow, this will easily come out to more than a working-class Austrian makes in take-home pay.
(e.g. 1707 euros = $2472 CDN per month or a whopping $28,664 CDN per year for a non-working foreign family of five. FREE money given to “functionally illiterate” foreigners who don’t speak the language, have no marketable job skills and who will cost taxpayers BILLION$ to support them!)


[Population of Austria 8,592,000]

Austria took in over 100,000 NON-white invaders pretending to be “refugees” last year, and the resultant crime, chaos, terrorism, and violence has caused a major backlash which has propelled the anti-invasion Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) into becoming the single largest party.  >Source:

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Hard Lessons For Canadian Maritimes School

Canadian Soldiers OUT – Syrian “Refugees” IN


Mass “Refugee” Migration Is A SHAM

JAPAN Rejects 99.6% of ALL “Refugees”



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