Selling Out OUR Nation

Paying for Our Own Demise: Euro-Canadians Fund “Multicult” Canada

Multicultural policy in Canada has led to a situation, whereby the Canadian public are funding the demise of their own culture. 

by Paul Bradley

They’re telling you:Forget your history, Europeans … envision a future Canada without Whites.’

[The way we were BEFORE mass 3rd-world, non-white immigration: City of Toronto – Yonge St. PHOTOS circa 1970s]

In 1988, multiculturalism in Canada officially became government policy. This was the year the policy became entrenched in our constitution, thereby completing a seventeen year long transition from political ideology to legislated government policy.

Within Canadian society, this is fairly common knowledge. What may be less well known is that on an international scale, constitutionally-based multiculturalism is a rarity. In fact, only two nations in the world have such a policy: Canada and Australia. While many countries promote the concept of diversity, a mere (1%) of the world’s nations are officially multicultural.

At present, Canada has the highest per-capita immigration rates in the world. In conjunction with legislated multiculturalism, the impact upon our nation has been profound — so profound, it is arguable the long-term result will be a complete reinvention of Canadian society.

Multiculturalism and the Shifting Demographic Balance

White man smiling at his own replacement cohorts

For decades, Canadians have been informed by government that multiculturalism is equitable, and beneficial to all. Is this really the case? The answer, one which may surprise a great number of Canadians … is absolutely not.

The reason for this cannot be found simply by reading the statute’s content — though it does contain explicit wording which validates its negative impact — but rather, in the degree to which external circumstances surrounding the policy have changed.

One of the most relevant issues is the manner in which our society has defined the word “minority” — as in one of Canada’s minority communities. In 1988, the definition was relatively straight forward. The reasons for this are simple enough: in terms of overall population  these communities were clearly in the minority.

In this regard, however, things have obviously changed. Decades of large-scaleIMMIGRATION, particularly from Asia and the Middle East, have rendered the traditional meaning of the term irrelevant. Dozens of constituencies in Canada are majority non-white — for example Richmond, B.C., and Brampton, Ontario.

What is the difference between a country like the U.S., who promote “diversity”, and a country such as Canada, which has the official policy? The answer isMONEY — as in monetaryFUNDING — as in the fact that multicultural policy mandates that our tax payer dollars … hundreds of millions of them, be given to ethnic and multicultural organizations to promote their specific culture and identity.

Is this necessarily unfair, or harmful? No, unless a situation were to develop whereby the so-called “minority” becomes the dominant population within the host community. In 2014, this was the case in twenty-six out of Canada’s 308 political ridings. A number of additional ridings will soon find themselves in a similar situation.

Let us consider the ramifications of this new reality. Canadians of European descent are now minorities within these twenty-six ridings — and yet hundreds of millions of dollars are still being funnelled to multicultural organizations to promote their cultural agendas — despite the fact they are no longer minorities at all. On the flip side, the freshly-minted Caucasian-minorities receive nothing. Even more disconcerting, is the fact that when citizens point out the inequality of the present system, the pro-multicultural forces play what is known as the “race card”.

What is this curious phrase all about? In basic terms, playing the race card occurs when multicultural leaders accuse those who question the funding, or any other aspect of multicultural orIMMIGRATION policy, of behaving in a “racist” manner. Lacking a sound, logical rebuttal, they deliver the only tool they have in their arsenal: the race card. Thus far, it has proven to protect their interests successfully. The positive news is, however, the general public are beginning to understand the insidious world of what can most appropriately be called “Multicult” Canada.

The Diversity Industry

Multiculturalist advertisement

To comprehend the full scope of the Multicult’s influence upon our society, we must first realize that the agenda is not served up on a platter for all to understand. It is very much a hidden operation, and not intended for general public understanding. For instance, is the public aware of multiculturalism’s influence within our institutions of higher learning? They certainly should be. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being provided to our largest universities for the purpose of promoting non-democratic political ideology to Canadian-born students. That is, the few of them still walking the halls of University of Toronto, McGill, or University of British Columbia. UBC’s own data tells us the percentage of Canadian-born students on campus is eroding at a rapid pace, largely due to the fact that foreign students pay double, and even triple, the tuition fees of Canadian students.

As with our multicultural organizations, communism on campus is largely paid for by Canadian tax payers. Less commonly understood, is the fact, that a significant portion of the funding comes directly from China’s Ministry of Education. Bottom line? Canadian tax payers, along with the government of China, have paid for the establishment of “Asian Studies” departments throughout our university system. The most conspicuous example is our half-dozen branches of China’s Confucius Institute. There used to be more, however due to accusations that the organization is little more than a propaganda arm of China’s government, a number of universities have formally severed ties with the organization.

Throughout our business community, multiculturalism, or “diversity”, as the banking industry prefers to call it, is trumpeted within the board rooms of all major Canadian corporations. They can dress it up with a fancy word, but they cannot take away the fact that in reality, diversity meansHIRING a person based on their ethnicity, rather than their job qualifications. Even under these circumstances, pro-Multicult leaders and academics continue to bash White Canadians for having the nerve to be better qualified for jobs, or for having a full command of one of our official languages.

Multiculturalism in Canada has long become aMONEY-MAKINGindustry which is eradicating traditional Canadian culture, heritage and identity. Clearly, the situation is serious business. […] [M]ulticultural policy in Canada has led to a situation whereby the Canadian public are funding the demise of their own culture. Over half a billion dollars ($500,000,000) has been taken from tax payers and delivered to a relatively small collection of multicultural organizations, ostensibly for purposes of ethnic “cultural promotion”. At least, promoting their ethnicity is what they used to do. Today, the use of the money goes well beyond promotion, and is presently being utilized to undermine traditional Canadian identity, culture and religion, as well as our official languages.

It all sounds rather ominous. However, upon close inspection of the activities of organizations such as Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada SUCCESSIMMIGRANT SERVICES, Mosaic, and Canada-China Business Council — often in tandem with our real estate or banking industries — a tangible pattern of cultural erosion can be detected.

Growing Dissatisfaction among Disadvantaged Canadians

All the while, Canadians go about their daily business, the majority of whom are simply unaware of the multicultural power game playing out within their nation. There have been, however, some promising signs of change. Several articles which recently appeared in mainstream news (MSM) publications have helped expose the nation of China’s influence upon Canada’s real estate market. In Vancouver, a petition to regulate foreign real estate investment has gathered over 24,000 signatures. Most recently, a public rally took place to protest a growing lack of home affordability. Even Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, an absolute champion of all-things-China, issued a public statement on the need for “something to be done” to help with home affordability for lower and middle income residents.

In short, Canadians are beginning to push back against enforced multiculturalism andIMMIGRATION — both of which were implemented without public input, or approval. Frankly, it is about time. The fact is, if the status quo is maintained for much longer … traditional Canadian culture, heritage and identity will become fully marginalized, and eventually eliminated.

Multiculturalism in Canada — what was once a policy, is today an industry, and if permitted, this industry will eradicate the very meaning of what it means to be Canadian.  (Some added emphasis by ELN Editor)    >Source
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Colonizing Canada Continues

by Thomas Jones


CANADA is being colonized and its European element marginalised if not entirely displaced, yet ‘progressives‘ and their fellow travelers are, all but silent, about the ongoing colonization.

What exactly do they mean by “colonization” in this context? Canada is being colonized as we speak, and its European element is being marginalised … if not entirely displaced. Don’t believe me? Just look at what is happening in all major Western cities, but especially the Greater Toronto (Area) and Vancouver areas (GTA and GVA, respectively).

Canadian” High School in Markham, Ontario (just outside of Toronto)

 Spot the White Students

Whole areas have become almost completely foreign. This seems to be true of almost all cities within the GTA and GVA, but especially the main cities themselves and the GTA cities of Markham, Richmond Hill, Mississauga and Brampton, (including) the GVA cities of Richmond, Burnaby and Surrey, B.C.There was a huge parade today. Thousands of Si...

In almost all of these areas the dominating “minority” group are Chinese … but South Asians are also quite large.

The rapidly changing demographics are a clear sign that Canada is being colonized … but this is apparently something to be “proud” of.

Brampton Flyer denouncing replacement of European founding people

[…] [I]n the spring and summer of 2014, a few people in Brampton (Ontario) put up flyers discussing the negatives of multiculturalism and mass immigration … [then] they were quickly denounced as “horrid” peoples with “despicable views”. Every now and then one hears reports of anti-Canadian discrimination in Richmond (B.C.), primarily of how signs are only in Mandarin, …but these reports quickly die away. It is expected that the “Chinese populations of Vancouver and Toronto are set to double by 2031, helping push Whites below 50% of the population“. It is incredible how different the population of Canada is now and will be in the future, as compared to the pre-1971 population.   >>read more.

[Editor’s Note: Toronto has already plummeted to only 51% White.  See: Canada’s Black Population]

Population of China     1,375,000,000 (BILLION)

Population of India       1,298,000,000 (BILLION)

Population of Canada        35,000,000 (Million)  [77% Euro-White (2015) Vs 95% White (1981)]

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High School in Markham, Ontario (outside of Toronto)

Thanks for building a safe and beautiful country, Whitey .. but we’ll take over now!

ethnically-cleansedPhoto Source


IRELAND ?Research findings are mixed as to whether small schools produce better educational outcomes than larger ones. While they do allow for more personal attention, they are also associated with professional isolation and curriculum delivery challenges. File photograph: John Moore/Getty Images



Class Photo – Elementary School in SWEDEN




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“Toronto the Good” Fading to BAD

TORONTO in the 1970s

By PaxCanadiana

The Alleged Economic Benefits Of Immigration And More Sobering News On The Economy.

When discussing mass immigration, proponents will tell you that immigration increases a nation’s economic activity. The implication is that the national standard of living increases with it. Therefore, it is “absurd” to be opposed to mass immigration because who is opposed to increasing one’s standard of living? It may be true that mass immigration does bring an increase in a nation’s economic activity, but this does not necessarily translate into an increase in the national standard of living.

To take a simple, but not unrealistic example, imagine an immigrant from South Korea who settles in Toronto and opens a neighbourhood corner store. He has already contributed to Canada’s economic activity simply by traveling here because he would have employed the services of others to get here. He will also employ the services of others to help him navigate Canada’s immigration laws. He contributes further to Canada’s economic activity by buying basic goods and services. To make a living he opens a corner store. This too contributes to economic activity. Despite all of this, he has thus far done nothing to increase the standard of living of Canadians — and most likely never will. The fact that he is in Canada and has opened a small business, has almost no effect on increasing Canadians‘ standard of living. The only ones who benefiting in this arrangement are immigrants — not Canadians.

It could be argued that one doesn’t make a difference but many do. As reasonable as this sounds this isn’t the case. Having gleaned this Australian op-ed piece from this thread we read:

That’s fine for them, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that a bigger economy is better for you and me. Only if the extra people add more to national income than their own share of that income — will the average incomes of the rest of us be increased. And that’s not to say any gain in material standard of living isn’t offset by a decline in our quality of life, which goes unmeasured by gross domestic product (GDP).

The most recent study by the Productivity Commission in 2006, found that even extra skilled migration did little or nothing to raise the average incomes of the existing population, with the migrants themselves, the only beneficiaries.

This should be taken in consideration of a 2008 British House of Lords study that concluded the economic benefits of immigration to Britain is negligible. Since Canada accepts more immigrants per-capita than either Australia or the U.K. it is quite likely that any economic benefit mass immigration brings to Canadians on average is nil.

Toronto may be the canary in the mine. According to a recent survey Toronto ranked as the “most miserable city” in Canada. I don’t know if I care to give this study much credence because how do you measure something like happiness? I will say, that immigration has not made Toronto a more desirable place to live. Indeed, I say it is ruining it.

What good has it brought to those who live there? A diversity of dishes in the guise of ethnic restaurants that are predominantly frequented by the city’s childless cultural elites? Okay, what else? Take your time, I know it’s hard to think of something else. Cultural festivals that most Torontonians don’t go to? Anything else? That’s it? Can’t think of anything else?
Newly imported BLACK CRIME ?
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What mass immigration has given Toronto is the worst gridlock in North America and as a consequence adding stress to the daily lives of Torontonians through increased commute times and more polluted air. It has contributed to escalating hydro rates through increased demand, has increased wait times in the city’s emergency rooms, and is adding strain to the city’s public services. Toronto now has a garbage problem it does not know how to solve. Immigration has created a scarcity of affordable housing and maintains upward pressure on the prices of single family dwellings thus negatively affecting both the poor and young families alike. Since housing in Toronto has become un-affordable to many, immigration is what is fueling urban sprawl threatening some of the most fertile soil in all of Canada while bringing Toronto’s urban problems to the suburbs and beyond.

The city is being divided up into ethnic ghettos (including White ones) creating social tensions while becoming a place many Canadians would find alien  — and cause many tourists to stop and make sure that they are, in fact … in Canada?
And this is saying nothing of the jobs that will be denied to many Canadians in Toronto for the sake of “diversifying the workforce“.
Torontonians — possibly all of Ontario — can expect higher taxes just to address the problems that mass immigration has brought to the city. Talk of toll-roads is just the start. So, if Toronto has become the “most miserable city” in Canada then it should be obvious why. These are things that determine one’s quality of life and standard of living and immigration has attack it negatively while contributing to the economic activity of the city. Oh yeah, staged car accidents are on the rise, but I’m sure it’s unrelated.

With the above in mind the Toronto Star reports on a study that projects deepening income divides in the city by 2025.

Toronto is headed toward a scenario where nearly two thirds (67%) of residents will be in the low income bracket by 2025, according to a study released Wednesday.[…]

Prior to this latest update, one released last year that was based on the latest census data showed that 15 of the city’s middle income neighbourhoods have disappeared since 2001. The majority of these areas reverted to low income, where individual earnings were 20 to 40 per cent below the city average.

It shows that if current trends continue, a total of 10% of the city will be middle-income earners by 2025; 30% will be upper-middle income; and a whopping 60% of Toronto’s residents will be in the low to very low-income bracket, sources say.

That’s quite a swing from 1970, when 66 per cent of Toronto neighbourhoods were middle-income, 15 per cent were upper-income, and only 19% were low-income.

But I’m sure immigration has nothing to do with. It’s only a “coincidence” that the city’s immigration and “minority-majority” population will also be around 60% at the same time.

So what of the economic health of the nation? Well, Canadians can expect persistent high unemployment for one thing while the Canadian economy crawls at a modest 1.6% growth rate until 2017.

Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney reminds us “the crisis is not over” while Canadians are spending far beyond their means. This dangerous rise in debt levels coincided with the rise in precarious work (part-time, contract, seasonal, temporary) while well paying, stable full-time jobs with benefits are outsourced to the countries Canada is importing immigrants from … in a two front attack on the incomes of working Canadians.

Canadians — indeed the majority of North Americans — have witnessed a stagnation of real wages and incomes for the past thirty years.

Immigration has done nothing to increase the standard of living for Canadians and their incomes, as they have to manage record levels of debt with precarious, insecure jobs just to maintain an illusion of prosperity. One has to wonder how much of this debt is being serviced by immigrants behaving like full-fledged citizens of “shopping mall Canada”, the only Canada they care to belong to.

And the government’s solution: maintain existing immigration trends for the foreseeable future including Canada’s destructively high intake numbers. Thanks for nothing!

It is too often stated that Canada was “built by immigration”. If things don’t get back under control … it will ruin the country. Feel-good slogans and baseless assumptions will not be enough to save us. What is clear is that the vast majority of Canadians reap no benefits from the nation’s immigration policy, and are most likely victims of it in one way or another. >Source

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Roughly 2 out of 3 Poles do not want immigrants in Poland, and about 69% say they do not want (any) non-White people in their country at all … according to studies.

Despite this, the EU has been putting pressure on Poland, as well as other Eastern European countries to take in illegal immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

The public have made their views very clear, but Poland’s government has caved in to anti-White demands from the EU, and now Africans and Arabs are on their way.

The deputy minister declared today during an informal meeting with his counterparts in Luxembourg that Poland would be ready to host 2.000 people by 2017,said Malgorzata Wozniak, spokeswoman for the ministry of internal affairs.

Our goal is to show solidarity with other EU countries, solidarity which Poland has experienced before.

2,000 (incompatible foreigners) may not sound like a lot, but this is how it started in Western Europe (and America, Canada, and Australia).

Once anti-Whites got their foot in the door, they carried out a campaign of White Genocide in the name of “diversity”… which is still ongoing today.

Let’s face it – the only reason why Poland is having these immigrants thrust upon it … is because it’s about 97% White.

We are living in an age where to be “too White” is a crime, and “diversity” and “multiculturalism” (for White areas only) …is the “solution”.  >Original Source

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