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POLAND Now Targeted For “Diversity”

Poland Stabbed in the Back by Their Leaders – AFRICANS on the Way!

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project


Roughly 2 out of 3 Poles do not want immigrants in Poland, and about 69% say they do not want (any) non-White people in their country at all … according to studies.

Despite this, the EU has been putting pressure on Poland, as well as other Eastern European countries to take in illegal immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

The public have made their views very clear, but Poland’s government has caved in to anti-White demands from the EU, and now Africans and Arabs are on their way.

The deputy minister declared today during an informal meeting with his counterparts in Luxembourg that Poland would be ready to host 2.000 people by 2017,said Malgorzata Wozniak, spokeswoman for the ministry of internal affairs.

Our goal is to show solidarity with other EU countries, solidarity which Poland has experienced before.

2,000 (incompatible foreigners) may not sound like a lot, but this is how it started in Western Europe (and America, Canada, and Australia).

Once anti-Whites got their foot in the door, they carried out a campaign of White Genocide in the name of “diversity”… which is still ongoing today.

Let’s face it – the only reason why Poland is having these immigrants thrust upon it … is because it’s about 97% White.

We are living in an age where to be “too White” is a crime, and “diversity” and “multiculturalism” (for White areas only) …is the “solution”.  >Original Source

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Cowardly Canadians

by Val Koinen

I gotta tell you — I just about ‘lost it‘ when I looked at this video (below) sent to my wife by one of her elderly email-obsessed friends (who I affectionately refer to as her old ‘biddie buddies’ — the ones who consistently do more good work by spreading important [and alarming] truths and information about all the terrible things that are constantly happening to our White societies than any of the old men I know … who are too busy playing golf and watching ni***rball on TV).

Every White American should watch this video, sent with the appropriate email heading and notation ‘This is absolutely horrendous.  The handwriting is on the wall!  Coming soon to America… now in Canada!:

Webber Academy located near CALGARY, Alberta

I had a truly visceral reaction to this.  It made me sick to my stomach; it made me feel as though I had to puke.  It made me feel dirty and defiled.  It made me feel embarrassed.  Most of all, it made me angry/livid/outraged. It made me question the sanity of my fellow White people.  And it made me want to…

‘Over-reaction on this guy’s part,’ you think?  Maybe so…but ask yourself — what are we to make of the (presumably mostly or entirely) White Canadians in government service in Alberta and Quebec (politicians, bureaucrats, supposed ‘leaders’) who allowed these things to happen — who perpetrated these cowardly, anti-White, anti-Canadian, anti-Western-Civilization betrayals?

Could they possibly be that stupid?   >>con’t HERE.


Muslims in Canada

Muslim Violence in Canada

Duped By Multiculturalism

Toronto Police Losing “Face”

Some European examples:

Raped In Oslo, NORWAY

SWEDEN Tops in Rapes

An Awakening Experience (BRITAIN)

Muslim Rape Violence in FRANCE

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Should Employers Hire Muslims?


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Destroying Canadian-European Heritages

Paying For Our Own Demise: Funding “Multicult” Canada

By Brad Salzberg

In 1988, multiculturalism in Canada officially became government policy. This was the year the policy became entrenched in our constitution, thereby completing a seventeen- year- long transition from political ideology to legislated government policy.

Within Canadian society, this is fairly common knowledge. What may be less well known is that on an international scale, constitutionally-based multiculturalism … is a rarity.

In fact, only two nations in the world have such a policy­—Canada (35,000,000 people) and Australia (23,000,000). While many countries promote the concept of diversity, a mere (1%) of the world’s nations are officially multicultural.

At present, Canada has the highest per-capita immigration rates in the world. In conjunction with legislated multiculturalism, the impact upon our nation has been profound­— so profound, it is arguable the long-term result will be a complete re-invention (transformation) of Canadian society.

For decades, Canadians have been informed by government that multiculturalism is “equitable”, and “beneficial” to all. Is this really the case? The answer–­ one which may surprise a great number of Canadians – ­is absolutely not.


In 1971 when Multiculturalism was in its infancy, about 95% of Canada’s population was of (White) European descent. (Today, we’re down to 77% and still plummeting in numbers – ELN Editor)


Decades of large-scale immigration, particularly from Asia and the Middle East, have rendered the traditional meaning of the term (“racial minority”) irrelevant. In 2014, twenty-six out of Canada’s 308 political ridings such as Richmond, B.C. and Brampton, Ontario were majority NON-white.


Canadians of European descent are now minorities within these twenty-six ridings­ — and yet hundreds of millions of (your tax) dollars are still being funnelled to multicultural organizations to promote their cultural agendas — despite the fact they are no longer minorities at all. (Read: No Punjabi, NO Job for Canadian Nurse)

On the flip side, the freshly-minted Caucasian minorities receive nothing. Even more disconcerting is the fact that when citizens point out the inequality of the present system, the pro-multicultural forces play what is known as the “race card.”  >to Full Report

national Flag of Canada

CANADIANS, please read this:

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JAPAN Prefers Racial Homogeneity

What is “Cognitive Dissonance”?

The relevant part of the meaning of the term for us is… “the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who…is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.”

For the purposes of this blog, that would be the theories of race, multiculturalism, and diversity promoted by the mainstream media Vs reality … as seen in real life.

Cognitive dissonance” theory is a key weapon in the promotion of multiculturalism. It was thought up by Jewish psychologist Leon Festinger. It has proved very useful in devising methods to overcome prejudice. Festinger also came up with “proximity theory” – simply that you become friends with whoever is near you. In many ways he is the ideological father of Section 8 housing in the United States.

Most people believe that stress caused by the increasing gap between what people see in the media and what they see in real life … will cause people to wake up. This is a myth.

Experiments in “cognitive dissonance” have shown that in order to escape from the stress, it induces most people to capitulate to multicultural brainwashing and just accept the status quo. Other experiments in “cognitive dissonance” have also shown that a high level of “racism-hatred” of other races – is also useless as a defense against multicultural brainwashing.

So the fact that distrust of the mainstream media (MSM) is at an all-time high is irrelevant. This just means that cognitive dissonance is also at an all time high – and this has always been shown to break peoples’ will to resist. The fact that people are becoming more vocally “racist” is also irrelevant. High levels of “hatred” of other races can be easily overcome.

Experiments have shown that the key thing in neutralizing “cognitive dissonance” and diversity-brainwashing is not distrust of the media or “racism” … but LOVE – love of your own race, the WHITE race.

European children

One study said: “Racism is pro-white… rather than anti-black”. Cognitive Dissonance is ineffective against Love of the White race. That is why the enemy propaganda message was converted from ‘other races are good‘ to ‘the White race is useless‘ (or bad, or is “privileged”). How do we combat it? Here is the flaw in ‘cognitive dissonance’.

The elites don’t care if you’re “racist”. They don’t care if you go online and slander Jews, blacks and Arabs. The don’t care how negative you are towards other races. Because they know from their experiments that no matter how much you “hate” other races … you will be beaten. The elitists don’t fear your so-called “hatred” of other races. So what do they fear?

What they fear is love of your own race – the White race, so “racism” is pro-white and not anti-black.  > Source


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WHITE Europeans Always Given 2nd Place

Anti-white Diversity Promotion at U.B.C.

by Thomas Jones

University of British Columbia campus
University of British Columbia (UBC) campus

Recently, I was at the University of British Columbia (UBC), one of Canada’s largest universities — which also happens to be one of Canada’s most prestigious — being regularly ranked in the top forty worldwide.

I was there to cheer on a friend of mine who was graduating. As with most graduations, there was a plethora of speeches given, and all were sentimental and lacking in substance.

One of the speeches given, however, was by Lindsay Gordon, the chancellor of the university and former head of HSBC, and his speech was far more sinister than the dominant sentimentality.


Almost immediately Gordon began his speech by calling Canadaa nation of immigrants“, and he stated that he was also an immigrant. I could barely contain my displeasure.

First off, Lindsay Gordon is of Western European (WHITE) stock and his mother-tongue is English. It would hardly be fair to call him an immigrant in the sense that most now understand the term. Chances are that by calling himself an immigrant, he hoped to make a connection between himself and the wide variety of foreigners coming to Canada today. As if to say that we are all one. This is preposterous. Cultures are different, races do exist and multiculturalism is balkanization … pure and simple.
Technically, yes, he is an immigrant as he was not born here, but his cultural and ethnic background is that of the majority of Canadians, meaning his migration is hardly comparable to that of the many Chinese, South Asian and Arab immigrants flooding Canada today. His migration was no more of a shock than say a Cornish man migrating to Northumberland (in England).
As Ricardo Duchesne has discussed on this site before, the idea that Canada is a “nation of immigrants” is a false meme. Canada was built by, and for Europeans, and specifically the British and French. Duchesne states that,

Canada cannot “accurately be portrayed at Confederation as a nation of immigrants”. In 1867, 79 percent had been born in Canada. Over the 400 years before Confederation, there were only “two quite limited periods” of substantial arrivals of immigrants: from 1783 to 1812, and from 1830 to 1850. In these two periods, the immigrants were “overwhelmingly of British origin”.

In the case of Quebec the amount of immigration from the motherland was far fewer as in the aftermath of the Seven Years War, New France fell to the British, and ties with France were all but broken.

The French-speaking population numbered about 70,000 in the 1760s, and thereafter, until the late 1800s, the population expanded rapidly with women having 5.6 surviving children on average. By 1950, the Quebec population was almost 4 million. This increase was not a result of immigration, but of continuing high fertility rates.

I am — and surely many of those associated with the CEC, readers, contributors, etc. — the descendant of British colonists who arrived before there was a United States, let alone Canada! Would Gordon really have the gall to call me an immigrant!?

European children
WHITE European children

My ancestors literally built the two great nations in North America — they settled the land, farmed it, built highways and all manner of buildings upon it; yet, if we are to believe Gordon, they are no different than someone who has only just arrived to enjoy the fruits of my ancestor’s labour?

And the later intake of settlers that occurred in the aftermath of Confederation were almost exclusively European in makeup, with Germans being perhaps the largest group. The only major difference between Germans and the founding peoples of Canada is linguistic. The German settlers were all either Protestant or Catholic, and as Europeans, obviously come from the same racial stock as French and Anglos. The same could also be said of the Icelandic, Italian, Dutch and other Western European arrivals. A greater difference exists between the founding peoples and Ukrainians, Greeks and Russians — who also began arriving in large numbers towards the end of the 20th century — as these people are Orthodox, but again … they were all White Christians.

Hardly a clash of worlds. Gordon peppered his speech with the terms “diversity” and “inclusiveness”. I cannot remember just how many times he used these terms, but it was almost excessive. These are terms which, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, appear harmless on the surface but on further inspection are revealed to be deadly. As we all know these terms have been used time and time again by those who are anti-western. They hate Whites, thinking that we are somehow evil and that Western culture is worse than others. This is absurd when one considers that human rights, liberties, democracy and all the other values they claim to stand up for, are Western inventions. If we go, then they go too.

Indeed, thanks to mass immigration, we here in Canada have seen an increase in truly barbaric practices — sorry Trudeau, but ‘yes’, barbaric is an appropriate term for them — like FGM and so-called honour killings, which thankfully were unknown in the days before Pearson. How can liberty and human rights exist among people who routinely mutilate, and even butcher their own women?

After Gordon, the university president Arvind Gupta gave a speech. His was thankful without the obvious lies that Gordon had just peddled, but he still made a point of discussing the importance of foreign students and on opening up UBC to the international community. Now there is nothing wrong with students coming to Canada for education, but the problem is that Gupta, like his predecessors, is putting a greater emphasis on international students. No doubt he shared Gordon’s views about Canada as a “land of immigrants”! There is money to be made in pandering to the largely non-white population of UBC.   …>>read more.

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Ban the Protests, But NOT Child-Rape

By Enza Ferreri

Rotherham to Ban Muslim Child-Rape Protests

EDL protest in Rotherham town centre

In late May, the local Council of Rotherham in Northern England, has asked the Government for special powers to have protest marches by “extremist groups” in the city outlawed.

Rotherham has been one of the places in England hit by Muslim paedophile gangs.

For 20 years, Muslim rings have been grooming White girls for sexual exploitation, totally undisturbed by police, social services, politicians and media. After the continuous cover-up became impossible, at one point there were at least 54 active investigations on as many grooming gangs in Britain. Assuming that each gang may have had dozens or hundreds of victims over the years, possibly thousands of White girls have been abused, raped and even murdered in all this time.

[Also see: http://newsfromatlantis.blogspot.ca/2015/06/england-is-not-pakistan-honestly.html]

Just because they were White – as the abuse had a racial and religious motivation – and because the authorities didn’t dare lift a finger against a minority protected by political correctness.

The ongoing scandal has generated outrage among that part of the population that, due to its geographical or social proximity to these crimes and the multicultural environment from which they originate, feels particularly affected by them.

Several street demonstrations have been organised by the English Defence League (EDL), Britain First and other organisations. Now Rotherham Council wants to ban the protests.

These had intensified after the publication of the so-called “Jay Report” last August, which revealed that “South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council had failed at least 1,400 victims of child sexual exploitation over a 16-year-period, with many of the main offenders being men of Pakistani origin“.

A group of EDL demonstrators set up camp outside Rotherham police station from 29 August to 13 September, calling for the resignation of police and crime commissioner Shaun Wright, who had been responsible for children’s services at Rotherham Council between 2005 and 2010.

The reason adduced by Rotherham Council for banning the legitimate protests is ostensibly economic: the great cost involved in policing both them and the Left’s counter-demonstrations, and the “blighted” image of the city, with consequent loss of town centre shopping and business.

At the end of the local newspaper article reporting on this, someone left this comment:

Rotherham was blighted by the systematic abuse of hundreds of young girls over 16 years, demonstration are a symptom of that blight, where do these idiots that are running Rotherham Council on huge inflated salaries paid for by the taxpayers come from.

Other comments echo similar feelings.

Only last week Bradford Police have charged14 men and a 16-year-old male from Keighley with sex offences relating to rape and sexual abuse of a child under 16“, alleged to have occurred in 2011-2012. The accused all have surnames like Hussain, Ali, Mahmood, Ziarab, Iqbal, Khan.

The local press has been alone in reporting this news, with the national media ignoring it.

Can banning protests deriving from a justified feeling of offence be the way forward?

And why is the cover-up, at least on the part of the media, apparently still going on?

Read more: http://enzaferreri.blogspot.com/#ixzz3cT3uGl2O
Follow us: @EnzaFerreri on Twitter | enza.ferreri on Facebook

40 years ago!

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African “Refugees” – A Threat to White Race

Former liberal MEP Ojuland calls African refugees a “threat to white race” (210)

Kristiina Ojuland, a former Foreign Minister of Estonia and former member of the European Parliament, voiced her disapproval of the European Commission’s migrant quota plan on her official Facebook page, by calling for a pan-European campaign against admitting any refugees in the EU.

In a post that was more reminiscent of a far-right extremist, than a former Vice President of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (ALDE), Ojuland said that the “white race is threatened” by dark-skinned immigrants (Ojuland actually used an Estonian word “neeger” which is not officially considered offensive in Estonia, but nevertheless becoming socially unacceptable).

Today, yet again, I see a fully able young Negro begging for money in Italy,  from people who have worked hard to earn a lunch. I think that we should start a pan-European campaign to collect signatures to ensure that not a single so-called refugee gets across the Mediterranean. Enough of this nonsense!” Ojuland, the former high-ranking politician who for years campaigned Estonia to join the EU, wrote.


Her posting has so far gathered over 2,000 “likes”, 500 shares and 300 comments. While many people pointed out her offensive remarks and some called her “racist”, one would have thought that the former foreign minister would back down, but it didn’t turn out to be so. Instead, Ojuland chose to rigorously defend her statement, and even went offensive against the moderate commentators who asked for common sense.

“Stop using a word ‘racist’! As a White person, I feel that the White race is threatened today!  Are Estonians also so brain-washed now that they start talking some kind of politically correct bullshit?” Ojuland said.  … read more.

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(Kui oled Black, mine tagasi!)

Africa – Not Our Problem!

…and a sampling of one African country.


AUSTRALIA Meets With African Violence

WANTED: More Politicians of this Calibre

AUSTRIA  (Population – 8,440,000)

SWITZERLAND  (Population – 8,055,000)


NORWAY  (Population – 5,075,000)


ESTONIA  (Population – 1,300,000)




AUSTRALIA  (Population – 23,630,000)


 Class photo – Elementary School in SWEDEN today!

Some 3rd-World, NON-white Nations’ Population for comparison:

China – (Population 1,374,000,000) BILLION

India – (Population 1,295,000,000) BILLION

Pakistan – (Population 189,000,000) Million

Bangladesh – Population 163,000,000) Million

Philippines – Population 103,000,000) Million

Nigeria – (Population 180,000,000) Million

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A Lesson From HAITI

“Feel good” competitive altruism??


A CANADIAN couple having returned home and seen at the Saskatoon International Airport with an adopted Negro boy from HAITI. Photo: (Emily Elias/CBC) Post-Modern Haiti Today

…another example of White-guilt altruism gone wrong … HERE.

…and to think, “they could have had Lil ole` ME … as their very own“.
Beautiful blue-eyed white baby--there are not enough of them being born to replace the white population, which is shrinking in absolute numbers;  a white

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