Canada’s REAL Historical Facts to Lean ON


Canada Was NOT Created by Immigrants of Diverse Races: A Statistical Demonstration

by Ricardo Duchesne

Canadian Soldiers in WW I
Canadian Soldiers in WW I

One of the most powerful memes in CANADA is that “Canada is a nation of immigrants“. Millions of individuals have indeed migrated to Canada since John Cabot first claimed either Newfoundland or Cape Breton Island for England in 1497. But the intended meaning of this phrase goes well beyond this simple fact.

This phrase, continuously repeated by the media, and shoved down the throats of unsuspecting students from primary to higher education, is intended to fashion an image of Canada as a nation populated from the beginning by peoples from diverse cultures and racial backgrounds, in order to portray the Third World immigration patterns we have been witnessing (only) since the 1970s as if they were a natural continuation — continuation naturelle — of past migration patterns, rather than as what they are: a radical departure aimed at the termination of Canada’s deep-seated European ethnic character.

English Immigrants
English Immigrants  (Circa early 1900s)

What follows is a statistical refutation of this deceptive meme. The historical record, the facts we have about the people who came to Canada, the racial makeup of the immigrants, the proportion of Whites to non-Whites, the birth rate of Eurocanadians, the rates of immigration versus the domestic fertility rates, demonstrate, to the contrary, that Canada was a nation created from top to bottom by immigrants from Europe and by Eurocanadians born in Canada … with next to zero contributions by non-Europeans.   …>>>con’t reading HERE.  (Added emphasis by ELN Editor)

GDP Is A Misleading Metric

ELN Editor Note: When reading this short essay by PaxCanadiana, (for those old enough to remember) please reflect back on the relative higher standard of living that Canadian middle-class families experienced before mass 3rd-world immigration began in the 1970s/1980s.

Today’s Canada’s Major Immigrant Source Countries:

Population of China: 1,377,000,000 BILLION
Population of India:   1,325,000,000 BILLION

Population of Pakistan192,000,000 MILLION

Population of The Philippines: 102,000,000 MILLION
Population of Canada:   36,000,000 MILLION

By PaxCanadiana

GDP Is A Misleading Metric

Proponents of mass immigration often point out how immigration contributes positively to increasing the country’s GDP.  While this may be true, it doesn’t provide a complete picture because GPD doesn’t measure the overall standard of living, or quality of life of a population.

(Gross domestic product (GDP) is the monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country’s borders in a specific time period. ELN Editor)

A nation’s GDP can increase, while the quality of life of its citizens can stagnate (or) even decline.  For example an individual can work twelve hour days, seven days a week, and that will contribute to the GPD but not provide a very favourable lifestyle.  However, if this individual decided to take a day off each week for leisurely pursuits, then this wouldn’t be recorded in GPD measurements since leisure isn’t measured, but that leisure time would improve that individual’s quality of life.  And a life of constant work, especially at a job that brings little fulfillment beyond financial need, with no time for leisure … is a life not worth living.

Let’s look at the obvious fact that immigrants take up space.  This means they drive up demand for housing.  They also buy and drive cars.  They also get sick and need to see a doctor.  They also need a job to pay for all of this … among other things.  All of this contributes to growing the GDP since their demand for goods and services is a measurable activity when calculating GDP numbers.

However, by driving up the demand for housing they also drive up the cost of living since the suppliers of housing can increase prices.  This means more disposable income is going to housing instead of meeting other needs.  They drive cars and clog up our already clogged up highways and city streets causing greater commute times and lost productivity, to say nothing of the pollution they create.

When they get sick, they fill up our emergency rooms and hospitals, giving Canada one of the worst wait times in the industrialized world.  None of this is taken into account in measuring the GDP.  As for incomes, immigration has had little, if any positive effect on income levels and most likely helps to keep real incomes stagnant which means …   >continue to Full Report.

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Pakistani Foreigner Claims Job Preferences Over Canadians

From Immigration Watch Canada


[…] On most days of the week, Imperial Oil won’t win much sympathy from Canadians. But even they will get some points for having to put up with a complaint made about them to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

Muhammad Taimoor Haseeb — a Pakistani citizen who came (to Canada) as an International (foreign) Student — is claiming that Imperial Oil company denied him a job because he was neither a Canadian Citizen, nor a Permanent Resident. In other words, Haseeb is claiming that Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents should have no right to be considered first for any job in Canada.  And … he would probably add … a century plus of such first consideration has been completely unjustified, and should be abolished.

According to The Toronto Star, the Pakistani man said, ” Treating me as lesser of a human being because I was not born in Canada is upsetting. Telling me that immigrants take up jobs that locals deserve and have the first right to is just as discriminatory,” said Haseeb….

And Haseeb added : “If it were true, Imperial Oil should not give jobs to anyone but the First Nations folks … who are the only ones who possibly meet the criteria.”

If Canadians wanted one of the most ridiculous consequences of equally-ridiculous statements such as “We are all immigrants” and “We have to abolish White Privilege” — this is it. Most important, if Canadians wanted to hear a brazen example of international students or immigrants swallowing such nonsense, and spitting hatred back into Canadian faces — this is it.

[ELN Editor’s Note:

[Yes … unintended moments of hilarity, poorly demonstrated by 3rd world GUESTS in our country… do offer some comic relief at times. This Pakistani FOREIGNER who was given the privilege to enter Canada —  now insults his generous Canadian hosts whose White European forefathers actually invented, designed and built our 1st world nation out of raw land for THEIR future progeny … and, on whose ground Muhammad Haseeb now intrusively stands on.

Photo by James Ashfield of Canadian artist Rob...
Conference at QUEBEC 1864

If Haseeb is so concerned with “first nation” rights – as he claims –  (“…Imperial Oil should not give jobs to anyone but the First Nations folks…”) then this arrogant foreigner should temporarily place himself on an Indian reservation where he can lobby for their best interests.

We know that won’t happen because “first nations” people are not of ANY concern to him. Haseeb is simply exploiting that old canard for use as a battering ram to benefit his own self-serving interests.  Haseeb’s first priority is Haseeb himself, and if tossing the ole` guilt-tripping, race card onto the negotiating table to help his pathetic claim … so be it. But, let’s not be gullible fools who are duped into accepting his nonsensical assertions.

DEPORT this foreigner back to his native Pakistan to practice his unsavory character traits in his own country.  And … WHY this foreigner was given a Canadian platform wasting TENS of thousands of our taxpayer dollars to spout-off his inanities … is beyond comprehension.  Haseeb is a has-been whose time is up in Canada, so back to your native Pakistan … you go!]

The logical thing to do would be to ask Haseeb what Pakistanis like him, would do if a Canadian were to go to Pakistan and say that Pakistan had no right to give hiring priority to Pakistani citizens. We suspect that Pakistan (as well as all other countries) has such a rule, and that if a Canadian were to go there and make such a statement, then that Canadian would be sent packing.

In other words, what value does Citizenship have if citizens — in this case Canadian citizens — are not given hiring priority by Imperial Oil, or by all employers in Canada?

Here are a few key points that have to be made :

(1) Haseeb’s comments are extremely insulting — yet ones like them are broadcast daily on our Quisling CBC and other media. The fact that Haseeb is making them, shows that he thinks he can get away with making them and that our CBC, large parts of the private media, and the gullible section of our public will accept what he says. The point is that such an arrogant and insulting comment should result in Haseeb and the many others like him, being immediately sent packing.

(2) Human Rights Commissions have a record of throwing in their lot with complainers like Haseeb. This raises the obvious point that such groups should never have been given the power to hear and rule on such important matters. Allowing the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario to hear such a complaint this March in Toronto, is like giving our treacherous CBC the right to make such rulings.

(3 ) According to Ottawa — on December 1, 2012 — Canada had 265,404 international (foreigner) students. That figure has risen to over 300,000. The previous government said it would increase Canada’s international (foreign) student intake to about 450,000 by 2022.

Canada’s post-secondary institutions have boasted about the “economic benefits” of international (foreigner) students to Canada. Yet, neither the post-secondary institutions, nor governments have ever provided any concrete evidence that international (foreigner) students pay the true costs of their education. In fact, there is authoritative evidence in countries such as the U.S., that even though international (foreigner) students pay higher fees, U.S. citizens continue to substantially subsidize the education of international (foreigner) students.

(4) The International student issue has to be examined much more closely. Canada’s post-secondary institutions, particularly those which are publicly funded, exist for the benefit of Canadians.

As in the past, there will continue to be a humanitarian component to allowing some foreign students to come to Canada and then return to their home countries with the enrichment they have received here. But Canada’s International Student programme has been sabotaged. It is now an alternate immigration door into Canada for characters like Haseeb who have no intention of ever returning to their home countries, and who have clearly demonstrated a hatred of Canada’s (founding) majority population.

Canada should be making it clear to them that they are obligated to return to their home countries. The sooner, the better. Canada does not need them.  >Source

A satellite composite image of Canada.

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Canadians Duped Again!

REVEALED: Liberals refugee rush didn’t help the most vulnerable

By Brian Lilley

That’s right. These so-called “refugees” were NOT  living in camps, or “living in squalor” as we had been told … and this was NOT about helping the “most vulnerable”.

If you’ve been following our coverage of this story, this should CONFIRM that the Liberal government do not know what they’re doing … other than rushing people (foreign migrants) through the door as fast as they can, then warehousing them in hotels at tremendous expense to Canadian taxpayers.

This Syrian “refugee” project has been a disaster from beginning to end … and this latest revelation that we’re not bringing in people from squalid camps, just gives more proof to what we’ve been saying all along – that this whole co$tly exerci$e was just a vanity project for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau … and a way to create future voters for his liberal party.  > Source     (Slightly edited for minor grammatical changes with added emphasis by ELN Editor)

Some selected comments:

commented:   Yes, this whole “Syrian refugee” debacle is a “vanity project” for that vainglorious peacock Emperor Justpoleon to show off as he struts across the world stage! These people were NOT in dire straits! These people were NOT starving! These people took their valuables with them, fled Syria when the going got tough, and then seized this opportunity to double up on their good fortune by taking advantage of all that this Boy Blunder had to offer. The Canadian public certainly has been duped big time.


Think anyone with half a brain knew this already. Just watching them arrive, perfectly coiffed hair, cell phones at the ready, very well dressed… was obvious none of these people were “fleeing for their lives”. They are using Canada as a ‘stopover’ and for the freebies given to them. Not the first time this has happened and won’t be the last. Started with TruDOPE’s father and he is just carrying on the tradition. Makes me sick how many Canadians are falling for this ‘poor refugee’ crap. What a bunch of mugs we are.



After seeing these “refugees” at a stay in a Montreal airport, They were very well dressed with gold bangles and jewelry, Versachi and Guccie bags with kids running around trashing the place with no supervision. These are NOT refugees, but scammers taking advantage of a stupid P.M. And why are they granted citizenship when they land? If they were refugees … fine, house them until their country stabilizes … then bye bye. Why instant citizenship — makes no sense. Before you rent a motel, make sure these leaches are not being housed there — they destroy and dominate the place.



Canada’s poor and vulnerable citizens should be shaking in their boots now. I’m one of them, since I’m disabled. People like us already have a hard time accessing social services like housing and health care. My clinic was converted to “Muslim Only” just like many public housing projects in Toronto. Now whom do you think the Liberals will be taking social services funding from? I’ve been waiting years for housing, living in a building that’s surrounded by public projects. Now I can count on waiting at least twice as long, since affluent Syrians get a pass to the head of the wait list. Every day now, I see Canadian tenants being thrown out and replaced with well-off Muslims. Those recipients of our largesse, repay our generosity by looking down their noses and sneering at us lowly Canadian kaffir. No wonder, after all they are the new royalty in Canada! That’s the real reason why our disgusting sellout leadership took down the Queen’s portrait.

The well-dressed women in their headgear push $1000 triple decker SUV strollers while texting into costly new cell phones “donated” by companies like Wind Mobile. Where was Wind Mobile when poor Canadians couldn’t afford a phone? They all drive new luxury SUVs and sedans, parked in front of their rent-free townhouses. I guess the local Audi and BMW dealers feel sorry for them. I hobble down the street past those houses on my cane because I can’t afford bus fare. My rent is three quarters of my income. Can’t afford my meds either —  Ontario cut my pharma assistance – but Syrians get free drugs. Those of you who aren’t poor will be hit as well. Prepare for huge payroll deduction increases for CPP and EI. Prepare for massive tax hikes. Get ready for deep service cuts. All to provide a free VIP lifestyle for affluent, hostile invaders.

Since these people are clearly not refugees, they should be stripped of their special status and made to repay the handouts like any ordinary immigrant. No more VIP handouts and free rides. Send them back to their comfortable cities, and make them follow the same process as the rest of the immigrants.

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At Oz ConservativeMark Richardson posts a video of a speech given by a resident of Calais, France, describing the horrible conditions that exist in that once-pleasant city — now unhappily the home of the ‘Calais Junglemigrant camp.

I encourage you to watch the video. I had some idea of how things were there, but it’s worse that what I had imagined, and many cities in former Christendom are experiencing similar fates — and more will undergo similar disasters as long as there are treasonous globalists in charge everywhere in the West.

And to think there is at least one blog written by leftists who claim ‘solidarity’ with the marauding ‘clandestins’, and according to the woman speaking in the video, it’s such home-grown leftists who act in concert with the ”migrants” aiding and abetting their crimes … and in essence betraying their own kinsmen and country.

How long will this be allowed to go on? All the while, the local ‘police’ in Calais refuse to act against the ‘migrants’ — instead arresting patriotic French people — including General Piquemal whose troubling story has been featured on the Gallia Watch blog.   >Source

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