Black Minds Clatter

By newstarmist

As we all know, there has been an excessive amount of media attention focused on “black lives matter”. However — very little attention, if any — has been devoted to what has been sadly concealed from White western civilization in terms of centuries of empirical scientific knowledge and observable truth, which in fact – and by the way, not that long ago – was widely understood and accepted throughout academia. And thus, it has now become of much greater importance to the survival of the world than ever before to revisit these truths which can be succinctly summed up with a much more appropriate replacement meme – black minds clatter (and clank).

See: A Racial Program for the 20th Century


“The negro mind, in essential respects, is always that of a child, — the intelligence, as observed, is more rapidly developed in the negro child, — those faculties more immediately connected with sensation, perception, and perhaps memory, are more energetic; but when they reach twelve and fifteen, they diverge; [and at that age] the reflective faculties in the white are now called into action, the real Caucasian character now opens, the mental forces fairly evolved, while the negro remains stationary, — a perpetual child. The negro of forty or fifty has more experience or knowledge, perhaps, [and just] as the white man of that age has a more extended knowledge than the man of twenty-five, but [yet] the intellectual caliber — the actual mental capacity — in the former case [the negro] is no greater than it was at fifteen, when its utmost limits were reached.” — Van Evrie’s Negroes and Negro Slavery, page 219.


So dear reader … as you go forward, and when you see or hear “black lives matter”, try to immediately think to yourself ‘black minds clatter (and clank)’, and realize that we are dealing with a race of people who are accurately characterized as “a perpetual child”. Why would you want to lower all of your ancestor’s glorious achievements, and the future of your progeny, to such a base level just to make this sub-race feel at ease?    …read FULL Article



Black father shoots 6 yr. old daughter to death, then receives bail reduction that results in courtroom supporters cheering in support. Huh!?


 Black Lives Matter (BLM) in SWEDEN??   Swedish Language, English subtitles

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What Is A Social Justice Warrior?

“Social Justice Warriors” (SJW) operating under the influence of cultural Marxism are noted for arbitrarily assigning “victim status” to various classes of people usually based on their gender, race/colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation, “refugees” or whatever other flavour of the month they deem sacrosanct.

White people (Caucasians) — especially heterosexual White men in Western society fall under a class of their very own — “White privileged oppressors“. You know the type … the people who are world renown for great advances in technology, medicine, science and a whole host of other inventions — too many to mention here — that have benefited the world.

Space Shuttle

Fred Reed says: “A product of WHITE engineers. When you can do this, come back and talk to me”.

In their deluded quest to make all things “equal” and “inclusionary” in an unequal, real natural world … Social Justice Warriors assign the best and the brightest to a 2nd or 3rd position on hierarchy scales to help mitigate the “hurt feelings” of their victim groups. One method is to guilt-trip White people by placing them in mine fields loaded with warning signs of “political-correct” conduct because easily offended “snow flakes” must not be confronted with the harsh realities of real life.

To explain how nature’s order takes precedence over society’s artificial rules of conduct, I offer this crude analogy: The beginning of your physical existence began as a tiny sperm in a gallant struggle that had you racing towards the coveted ovum in your mother’s body. Among millions of compatriots in this monumental struggle, there could only be one winner. You didn’t turn around to the other wriggling spermatozoa that were lagging behind, and offer them your position. No, you earned that leading position on your own merits, and only after a bout of hard slogging according to nature’s own laws. Oh … and guess who won the race to the egg?  You did. So, to all you manipulating SJWs … stop whining, and get on with your own natural life, and allow others the same!

Photo H/T Yes, a Warrior …just NOT the wimpish “social justice” type!


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.


Victorian poet William Henley (1849-1903)


“Useful Idiots”

It’s About Power

Wake Up, Canada


Colorless Crime Reporting


When I buy a chicken breast, I buy it with the skin on. And I cook it ‘till it’s golden brown. […] I never buy the skinless cuts – you know, the ones that resemble the criminals and violent offenders described in our media. “Skinless” and “colorless”.

It seems that not a day can go by without some miscreant trying to abduct someone, assault someone or kill someone. Today, I read a short article in one of our newspapers entitled “Attempted abduction in east end” The article told of a 14 year old girl and a (perpetrator) who apparently tried to pull her into his car. The article described the man as: “in his 30s to 40s, with a heavy build, very short hair and a possible broken nose.”


If you were stopped on the street and asked to describe Oprah Winfrey by someone who never saw her before […]  what sort of a description would you give?

Would you say that she’s a slightly heavy woman, well dressed, with heavy make-up and relatively long dark hair? Or would you do what anyone with half a brain would do and mention that she’s black.

Of course, you’d have to do it in an off-hand manner — sort of like in passing — so as not to appear that you’ve noticed. Something like this: “Well, lets see, she’s kind of big boned. She’s very well dressed and wears a lot of make up. She’s got dark hair. And …..oh, what else?…..Let’s see….oh yeah…..she’s sort of….well… Not that it matters of course”.  Then grin sheepishly … and casually saunter away like you never mentioned it.

Wouldn’t it be silly to act that way? And yet, daily, the media bombards us with a litany of woefully inadequate descriptions of skinless, colorless perpetrators. And then we are asked to keep our eyes open and call crime-stoppers if we happen to spot one of these hideous, skinless aberrations.

Being afraid to mention someone’s skin color or ethnicity when describing them belays, at best, a neurotic predisposition toward political correctness. [Or] a cynical manipulative ploy to purposely prevent someone from discovering the truth. Like when our media sources describe wanted perpetrators. With them it’s all about manipulation. A deliberate omission of a crucial fact for the sole purpose of preventing us from encountering certain simple truths.

The [media] see themselves as the guardians of our perfect, “culti-mulcheral”, socialist utopia. They refuse to report a criminal’s color or ethnicity to ensure that certain groups, the ones that would otherwise be the subject of a disproportionate amount of negative coverage, are not identified as such. They seek to protect us from our own thoughts – thoughts that might rise up if we are told the truth. So they withhold the truth in the hopes that their thoughts supplant our own.

Tim Murray

CBC = Canadian Blue-Piller Corporation

[…] The omission of an important truth can be as much a lie as a lie itself. And what have these lies accomplished? Speaking for myself, they have accomplished the exact opposite of what was intended. When I read or hear the description of a perpetrator in the media and the color or ethnicity of the perp is conspicuously omitted, I figure right away that the criminal is [NOT] White. After all, since when did the media care about protecting White people from discrimination and stereotyping?

[…]  Our media messiahs have bigger priorities. Like, controlling our minds so we don’t think negative thoughts about any particular group of people.

Thankfully … most of us are cognizant, rational human beings with the capability to observe our world, and [have] the capacity to extract truth from it based on our personal experience. […]  >Source


Media Is Race-Shy

Leftist Media Bias



Black Man Creates a “Tempest In A Teacup”


This “news” story in itself is unimportant, but the underlying motivations of the main character in collaboration and eager willingness of the mainstream media (MSM) to publicize this story IS important.

The short version of this “newsworthy” event (below the map) occurred in the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

An unknown driver parks his car on a city/town wharf in “lily-white” Bathurst, New Brunswick. Police are notified of a “suspicious person” in that vicinity and duly respond to concerned citizens’ phone calls where they conducted a vehicle stop of the unknown driver who was driving away from the area.

City of Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada Bathurst, N.B.

The driver is a BLACK male named Louizandre Dauphin previously from Ontario (and before Ontario??) who claimed to be recently employed by the city’s parks, recreation and tourism department.

The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) made the usual inquiries of the driver in-question and concluded that citizens’ suspicions were inconclusive of any wrong doing, thus allowing the driver to proceed on his way.

The routine events leading up to this story should have ended after the driver was free to go, EXCEPT that Dauphin turned up the volume and played the RACE CARD by self-identifying, as yet another Black “victim” of the “oppressing” White man.

Having assumed the role of the perpetually aggrieved” black man, Louizandre Dauphin contacted the news media to help publicize this “disrespectful” personal affront. The media took the bait — and apparently sympathized with his “hurt feelings” — and voilà, another race-baiting article was born without substance and spread across the country.


Dauphin claimed he was reading an anthology of works by C.S. Lewis while sitting in his parked car at the city’s wharf area. What was Vladimir Putin’s reaction to that assertion.

vladimir-putin-laughing gif

h/t Saboteur365

Now … alluding to the very slim possibility that he may be 1 of 2 erudite Black men in ALL of North America who may read anthologies in their car … does stretch the bounds of credulity. By the look on his facebook(?) page below, Dauphin may actually believe his own pretentious hype.  But, having come this far with his tale of woe, why not embellish the facts a little, eh? Who’s going to know? Potential employers should curiously speculate in how he writes up the details of his résumés when applying for jobs.

dauphin-facebook-post Frankly, we do not know what he was reading in his parked car, whether an anthology or pornography, NOR do we care! So why include this unsubstantiated and irrelevant item in this guilt-mongering sob story??
Looking north at Bathurst waterfront, with Holy Family church in background.
For being stopped and questioned by law enforcement authorities, Dauphin is quoted  “… he feels it highlights a ‘systemic problem’ with regards to race”.

However, according to the RCMP  “there was no mention of the occupant’s ethnicity or race” in the initial calls to police. They were simply dispatched to investigate a suspicious person in a parked car… a routine police call that happens several times a day across Canada.
Dauphin says he has received supportive calls and messages from people across the country, and hopes the experience will add to the conversation about race relations. ‘Some have thanked me for bringing to light a situation that’s not talked about very openly or regularly in Canada,’ he said.”  >Sources here and here.
Yes, indeed … CANADA does have a “systemic problem with regards to race”!
***BLACK CRIME!*** A disproportionate 10% of Canada’s PRISON POPULATION are BLACKS.
About 40 years ago, a trickle and then a flood of third-world immigrants began arriving in our country. Canada’s BLACK population increased from a tiny fraction of only .0016% in 1971 to 3% today … or about 30 times (30x) their population numbers from 1971.
Taking an equal divide of 50/50 for Black males/Black females, and then deducting black children and older black people from the equation … BLACK MALES between 15 and 49 years old account for a .005% to .008 percent (that’s under 1%) of Canada’s total population, but a whopping 10% of our prison population! So, it’s only prudent to have cautionary concerns about Black males … and it’s “… a situation that’s not talked about very openly or regularly in Canada.”
From figures compiled by the U.S. Department of Justice (FBI) in 2005, for example, 52.2% of ALL MURDERS were committed by Black males aged 14 to 49 yrs. despite being only 4% of the entire U.S. population.
** Editor’s summary note:
What rewards do Black people expect to gain from “race baiting” scenarios as described above? POWER! — They ramp-up their “sympathy game” by inducing a sorrowful response from Whitey, while simultaneously instilling the “white guilt” syndrome in your mind … a spell-binding double whammy!
By your cowardly appeasement, you’ve just surrendered YOUR power to the Black man. This now gives him supreme authority to extort deferential courtesy and bowed respect from you.  After all, you don’t want to be called a “racist”, eh?  It’s a “got`cha game” guaranteed that you lose in every match.

(Pathetic White woman begs forgiveness for Black Slavery??)
White woman begging for forgiveness for slavery

Blacks instinctively know White people are deathly afraid of the “racist” label. This word-weapon is a controlling mechanism designed to leave White people disarmed and defenseless while whimpering undeserved apologies for having “offended” Blacks in some manner. After which, you’re induced to “walk on egg shells” around these people, and “blackmailed” to not ever, ever, EVER offend Black people again, OR ELSE the “R” word will make its ugly appearance.
Young Black men use that trick when trying to seduce vulnerable White girls. They often challenge young women with the standard cliche` of “you’re not racist, are you?” when sensible girls balk at their sexual advances. Some Black men actually keep “score cards” among themselves in how many gullible White girls they seduce … or perhaps rape. [Good read: NO! to White Guilt]
Check out American blogger
who posts several hard-hitting articles every day.

…MORE PHOTOS of recent White victims killed by BLACKS > HERE.
Conversation with a White South African living in Black-run South Africa
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Altruism Gone Awry

Evalion” is an 18 yr. old independent Canadian researcher who — with youthful ease — fearlessly challenges the status quo in provocative videos that often cause reactionary tones from her indoctrinated, liberal/leftist detractors still mired in dogmatic pursuits. [Read: Preventing free speech]

Armed with researched facts and figures, she tramples over accepted belief systems usually reserved for brainwashed people conditioned not to question “authority“.  “Evalion” was recently banned from Youtube, but her videos are still available on mirror sites … so view them while you still can.

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Mainstream Media Is NOT Your Friend

 Morning, noon, and night, it seems … the public airways are misused to promotegay rightsadvocates and their biased messages, ad nauseam.

Nobody really cares about this stuff, except for a small percentage of gay activists, and yet this tiny minority receives an enormous amount of free publicity that is distributed day after day, whether it’s non-stop “gay parading” on our streets, flying “gay” flags on our public buildings, or relentlessly publicized “LGBT” news in newspapers and television, etc.

WHY does the “gay” topic seem to attract so much undue attention in “news” departments? Why are educational institutions promoting homosexual lifestyles instead of educating our young people? What is the real agenda behind this non-news item?

Well, actually the heterosexual aspects of our society has been under siege for many years now.

This latest story relates to an event that took place 35 years ago in Toronto when the city police raided and closed down gay “bath houses”. Once again, an organization or person is placed before the altar of political correctness and forced to grovel with an apology for which none is required. And here — we have another disquieting anomaly — a foreign-born “affirmative action” police chief apologizing on behalf of a once-respected police force in Canada’s largest city.

The general public is easily duped into feeding the monster media-organs by willing acceptance in whatever they report as daily “news”. Perhaps brainwashing the dumb-down public and forcing them into compliance with agendas not of their own choosing could be a motive … you think?  Read more on this topic here:

STOP THE PRESSES – “Crime of the century” happened in “broad daylight” in Ingersoll, ONTARIO, Canada!

Pride flag put in garbage, damaged in broad daylight

 Sentinel-Review staff

INGERSOLL – Oxford OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) say they are investigating damage to a Pride flag that was erected in Dewan Park in Ingersoll last Tuesday.

The rainbow flag, which was flying in a park located on the corner of Thames and Charles streets, was erected as a memorial to the victims shot in an Orlando (Florida) nightclub and to commemorate Pride month.

Police said it is believed that between 3 and 3:30 p.m. on June 20, the flag was removed from the flagpole, damaged and put in a garbage can.

Any person with information regarding this crime should immediately contact the Oxford County Ontario Provincial Police at 519-485-6554. Should you wish to remain anonymous, you may call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), where you may be eligible to receive a cash reward of up to $2,000.

[NO … this is NOT a joke!] Original story is found here:

H/T to where REAL news is reported.

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War Against the Euro-West

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
Sun Tzu – The Art of War

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