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By Vanishing American II

No political correctness
Ban Political Correctness

Some Pushback?

It seems that no corner of the Internet is safe from the PC vigilantes out there. There are those politically correct pharisees who are ever ready to take offense at something said, or something not said; to be insulted or outraged at images that are shown and by the lack of images. Example in real life: a reader insinuates that a Tumblr blogger is racist because she ‘only blogs [images of] White people.’ Lack of diversity equals proof of ”racism” in today’s hyper-charged world of political correctness.

The blogger replies in a slightly defensive way about not blogging enough images of ‘diversity’, or perhaps about having too much Whiteness on the blog. As someone on the alt-right pointed out … diversity means ‘fewer White people.’

I was a little dismayed to see the young lady blogger going on the defensive, even if only a little. I’ve come to believe that it’s a losing tactic to explain, apologize, or to make any kind of concession to the accuser. Those responses are just read as weakness by the accusers. Ceding ground to them — even a little — is a mistake.

(See: Story UPDATE)

And besides, if we believe that we’ve done nothing wrong, violated no law and no moral precept by not includingdiversities’ gratuitously in everything we do … then why apologize or offer to appease?

It’s depressing that this society has produced so many lefty busybodies who make it their life’s work to take offense on behalf of other people, and that’s in addition to the ‘victim classes’ whose very identity is wholly invested in being victimized and oppressed.  >>continued here.

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Censoring the PEOPLE’S Internet

INTERNET: Last Bastion of Free Press

Plummeting Newspaper Readers

By Mike Walsh

It wasn’t always like this. Newspapers were once omnipotent. Until recently media columnists were more powerful than Congress or Parliament.

The term “columnist” has its origins in Saint Simeon Stylites of Aleppo in Syria. During the 5th Century, the orator harangued the populace from the steps of his “column”.

Newspaper columnists were once a formidable force in the U.S. and UK.
Great names included Ambrose Bierce, Walter Winchell, and H. L Mencken (1880–1956).  Britain had its drum beaters in Alastair Cooke (Letter from America), Cassandra (Daily Mirror), Eric Heffer (Daily Mail) and Peter Simple (Daily Telegraph).

Washington columnist Marquis Childs guessed that New York Times editorialist James Reston held roughly … the power of three Senators. Presidents and Prime Ministers tirelessly courted newspaper satirists. President Lyndon B. Johnson, a friend of Walter Lippmann, conceded that this columnist could make or break him while the electorate was still in bed.


Since the onset of the far-freer Internet — all such power has since evaporated. Betrayed readers have deserted mainstream media (MSM) in tens of millions. For the first time in history, the great national tabloids are shocked at the impact that foreign media is having on sales and readership valuation.

There are nuggets of humour to be found in the demise of the much-mocked Western conventional media-speculation posturing as “news”. Recently, the Press Officer of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow decided to conduct a Twitter poll. The hapless fellow invited 1,600 followers to decide whether they believed (RT) Russia Today’s version of events … or those of The Economist.

As at 6 pm that day, 617 had ‘favorited’ the Russian English-language (RT) news broadcaster; only 43 had ‘retweeted’ for The Economist. Twitter diplomacy had become Twitter democracy … and Mr. Steven’s epic fail was apparent.

Virulently anti-Russian Lithuanian TV3 held a survey with the intention of discrediting Russia. The viewers of this CIA bullhorn-channel asked viewers, “Do you see a growth in Russian propaganda in Lithuania?”

One can imagine the TV channel’s hurt feelings when 82% of viewers replied, “It is not propaganda. Russia is telling the truth”. Only 12% of viewers agreed with the channel.

“Though I have spent a lifetime in journalism, I do NOT read a newspaper, NOT the New York Times, NOR the Washington Post, NOR the Wall Street Journal. NOR, do I have television service.

Why? Because, having worked in that ‘restaurant’, I know better than to ‘eat there’. The foregoing media are quasi-governmental organs, predictably predictable … and predictably dishonest. The truth is not in them.”  >Source

pic005 Turn IT Off!

Great media columnists — once stronger than government — are now used typewriter ribbon-spools scattered over the dirty floors of the past newspaper industries offices. Ironically the Syrian columnist 1,600 years (ago) had probably more clout and credibility than do today’s mainstream media (MSM) columnists.

The Daily Mail Online is now one of the most ridiculed newspapers in circulation. Readership of conventional and online newspapers is plummeting. Tens of millions — despairing of media spin and anti-White bias — are (now) turning to independent online media. Good riddance!  >to Full Article  (For added emphasis, underlined, bold, italicized words and links by ELN Editor)

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The CBC – A Traitorous Organization?

From: Immigration Watch Canada

OUR CBC [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation] IS A QUISLING ORGANIZATION

[Quisling – a person or organization that betrays their own nation by aiding and abetting the invading enemy.]

In a pre-Christmas weekly rant, CBC host Rick Mercer compared the plight of Syrian refugees to that of a drowning person who was calling out for help. According to Mercer, the humane thing that all humans had to do was to throw a life preserver to the person. And, according to him, Canada was doing that by taking 25,000 Syrian “refugees”.

[Read:  Mass “Refugee” Migration Is A SHAM]

The more accurate comparison that Mercer should have made was that there were two people in the water. One was a Canadian and the other was a Syrian. The choice that Mercer, the CBC and Ottawa made … was to throw a life raft to the Syrian, and simultaneously say “To hell with the Canadian” .

Well-intentioned Canadians who think otherwise, need only look over the past two months to see daily examples of the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) throwing a “life preserver” to the so-called internationally “desperate”. Its reporters in Europe have repeatedly sided with so-called Syrian migrants flooding into countries such as Greece, Hungary, and Germany.

Over and over, CBC reporter Margaret Evans has described the migrants as desperate Syrians looking for a “better life”—in spite of clear evidence that many of the migrants are not Syrians at all, and of other evidence that these “desperate” carry the latest expensive telephone technology, and that migration into Europe has spawned a booming and fraudulent Syrian passport manufacturing industry.

Within Canada’s borders, other CBC reporters have given unlimited air time to the most parasitic of immigration lobby groups who are using the so-called “Syrian crisis” to expand their parasitic work.

One of those groups, The Immigrant Services Society of B.C., is advocating that Canada double its intake of immigrants to 500,000 per year. That group received about $34 million in the past two fiscal years, and now wants to add another 100 employees to its staff and increase its budget dramatically. Other lobby groups are drooling at future possibilities.

[Read: Immigrants Profit From Gullible Canadians]

According to CBC reporters everywhere, these migrants have a right to seek a “better life” and the Western World has a “duty” to take them. No CBC reporter ever says that a so-called “better life” for migrants might mean a “worse life” for citizens of the countries that these migrants flood into. Even more outrageous … to the CBC, no country has a right to defend itself and if it does take such an action, the CBC goes to great lengths to ridicule it.

The CBC justifies its behaviour by implying that government funding is much more noble and infinitely more “humanitarian” if it goes to newly arrived Chinese, Sikhs, Muslims , Somalis, Sri Lankans and many others.

Most of Canada’s immigration lobby groups are ethnic-based and extract more than $1 Billion ($1,000,000,000) every year out of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This money supposedly assists immigrants, but the point is that most of these immigrants should never have been brought to Canada.  And, were it not for the addiction that vote-grovelling politicians have to bring unending numbers of immigrants here … those unnecessary immigrants would not be here.

[See: Canadians DUPED On “Multiculturalism”]

Like Mercer, the rest of the CBC listens to their every word, and grants them all the air time they want to spread their propaganda. The most glaring example of CBC and other media hypocrisy, was the attention they gave to the image of the drowned Syrian child.

Why do we use the word “hypocrisy”?  Ironically, in the weeks leading up to the CBC’s yearly FOOD BANK DAY … the CBC pretended to have some interest in the plight of poor Canadians. It presented a number of news items which stated that child poverty in Canada was as bad, or worse than it has ever been, and that the recent cold weather was causing many of the country’s homeless to seek refuge in shelters.

Let’s repeat that phrase again for the CBC:  Canada’s own “Homeless” were seeking “refuge”. In other words, Canada’ has its own “refugees”. They are our “homeless”, and their government has been bombing them daily with plane-loads of new immigrants. Then [“their” government] corruptly gives preference in hiring to new (FOREIGN) arrivals, and drives its own citizens further into the economic refugee fringe in their own country.

Let’s put it this way: the CBC was unintentionally presenting Canada with a choice.(1)  look after its own “drowning children” — that is — its own homeless and  desperately poor citizens or

(2)  look offshore and help non-Canadians (FOREIGNERS).

The CBC has obviously thrown in its lot with non-Canadian children and non-Canadian homeless. In fact, with regard to Canada’s own poverty-stricken children, the CBC and our government had decided not only to ignore them, but to grab them by the hair, shove their heads under the water, and triumphantly keep them submerged until the children stopped struggling. After all, according to the CBC, which receives close to $1 Billion per year from Canadian tax-payers, there is more “romance” and more “moral mileage” to be gained by helping non-Canadians (FOREIGNERS) and so-called “international refugees”.

On this past December’s CBC FOOD BANK DAY, the CBC in British Columbia alone raised over $600,000. However, this and other money raised will make very little difference to Canada’s poor. In fact, any good that might result from what the CBC does on that one day of the year will be quickly nullified by the enormous damage the CBC does on the other 364 days of the year. That’s because on almost every other day, our CBC cheer-leads unnecessary immigration which has clearly contributed substantially to homelessness and poverty—-particularly among Canada’s majority population.

In other words, the CBC has helped to create a host of tragedies: competition between Canadian-born and newly-arrived [Foreign] workers for a decreasing number of jobs ; wage stagnation for many Canadian workers ; a rise in the number of low-income workers; persistence in the country’s child poverty rate ; enormous pressure on the country’s social assistance programmes and health care services ; a huge increase in the cost of housing, especially in Canada’s urban areas ; and very serious environmental damage through the conversion of irreplaceable farmland to housing.

Let’s be blunt: the CBC has significantly helped to create the misery and poverty that it says it wants to relieve. As a publicly-funded media organization, it has a huge obligation and duty to present the truth to Canadians.

Instead, it shamelessly and contemptuously suppresses the truth and deceives Canadians. There is no doubt that it is a quisling organization and a hypocritical parasite. The evidence against it is so enormous that it has summarily damned itself. There is no need for a trial. The CBC was intended to be a valuable nationalist asset, but it has betrayed all Canadians. Like the immigration lobby, it has to have its funding cut dramatically. Its host of immigration-cheerleader hacks have to be sent packing.

What a stroke of poetic justice it would be to see CBC quislings out on the street panhandling in the day and crawling into homeless shelters at night !!!  >Source

Replace the CBC with Alternative News Sources

Wiping Out European Whites

Though some disbelieve it…

By Vanishing American II

Here’s a quote from a commenter at Irish Savant’s blog.

“G. Brock Chisholm, former director of the World Health Organization (OMS), proves that he has learned the lesson of Kalergi well when he says: “What people in all places have to do is to limit of birthrates and promote mixed marriages (between different races), this aims to create a single race in a world which will be directed by a central authority. ”

This spells it out in so many words. Some people are reluctant to believe that there could be a concerted effort in this direction. There is a reason why just about every advertising image, “Public Service Announcement” on TV, and every movie and TV series pushes the mixed union, usually black male and White female, sometimes White male and Asian female. The latter image also reflects a certain reality: this is the most common type of interracial couple in our society, though many insist that it is the black male/White female couple.

WE will aid the NEGROES to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the PROFESSIONS and in the world of SPORTS and ENTERTAINMENT. With this prestige, the NEGRO will be able to INTERMARRY with the Whites, and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912  – Israel Cohen, (Zionist/Internationalist/Communist)

But these people, these globalist fanatics, have stated openly what they intend to do, and they have made it clear that they expect us to comply and acquiesce — and in fact, not only that — but they expect us to ”celebrate” our becoming dispossessed, ethnically cleansed, and ultimately blended out of existence.

[What’s the percentage (%) of WHITE people on Earth? ANSWER.]

I can only guess that most people don’t take these statements seriously because of the ”normalcy bias”, or perhaps they just don’t wish to believe it. Believing it might require that people give up their passivity and begin to be more than sideline-sitters, as all this plays out. The very least that people might do is to speak out and object vehemently, and encourage their children to be loyal to their own, to their forebears and to their future progeny.  Still … there’s a price to be paid, even for such natural behaviors in this upside-down world.  >Source

More from Brock Chisholm:

‘To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men, their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas.”


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Ain’t This The Truth


“One thing that I have found is [when] speaking with people around me, it seems that this battle for the minds of people and our chances to wake them up are almost fruitless. Honestly, I have tried again and again to reach out and try to get people to wake the hell up [to] see what is honestly happening in our sick world … only to get the usual blank stares and wild-eyed looks.

Former Communist (USSR) KGB Agent, Yuri Bezmenov in 1984

Many people, as usual, just do not want to hear about the reality of our world, and many just look at me and say flat out “I don’t want to talk about it“. It does make me feel exasperated at times, and gives me the impression that we are fighting a losing battle simply because the brainwashing of the public’s minds through the Jew spew media, and the poisons in our diets is just too much to defeat.

I have been in many long conversations with people such as Whitewraithe, and of course, other real truth seekers, and we all feel the same way. Many times we all feel that we are indeed losing this war, but we just feel it is our duty to not give up, and not give into the idea of defeat.

I, and others do feel that we can still make a difference, and that there are still people out there with at least the rationality and critical thinking skills to understand that there is a battle between good and evil on this planet, and we must do our part in trying to defeat the evil. It again comes down to whether we are going to win this war, or we are going to accept our enslavement for eternity.

One thing that I have noticed since my own awakening a very long time ago, is that once you know the real truth about our world, and the criminal tribe that wants to enslave us all, you quickly lose a lot of friends. I used to have such a strong group of close friends that I could reach out and confide in, but once you discover the truth and try to reach out to people and tell them of these findings, many of those friends simply disappear. I have lost most of my own closest friends, and even with writing this blog, many others have also distanced themselves from me.. Many say I am “nuts” even without looking into my writings and findings for themselves….. Yes, again … the brainwashing is that intense.”  >Source

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Take Back Your Power, White Man!

Load, aim … shoot self in left foot.

 The Irish Savant
A lot has been written on this blog about White awakening, most notably demonstrated in on-line reader comments; virtually the only free (semi-free actually) forum available to White nationalists today.
Straight away, let me admit that we’re a million miles from an adequate state of wakefulness, especially as our countries are being taken from us as we watch. But things are moving. And sometimes the enemies of the White race — and I include traitorous White fellow travellers in this category — shoot themselves in the foot in their eagerness to do us down.
An example is the Boycott Star Wars VII campaign which enjoins Whites to boycott said film, due to its promotion of ‘White Genocide‘ by shoehorning unlikely blacks into “heroic leadership” roles. No surprise given that its Jewish activist and Israeli-purist, Director JJ Abrams specifically wanted the film to represent ‘what the people of America look like‘. But … not of course, the people of America who actually got the space program operational, among whom the names Jamal and Quantavious … were in short supply.
N.A.S.A. Mission Control (Read: Fred’s Opinion)

An essentially identical culture, differing only in unimportant details (Mission Control)

Anyway, cue an explosion of outrage from the perpetually outraged army of SJWs

(Social Justice Warriors) out there. And that’s my point. Because the SJWs, by piling into the ‘debate‘, are giving such initiatives prominence they’d otherwise never have achieved. It’s possible that this hashtag has been set up by trolls, but that doesn’t really matter. The White Genocide meme is getting out there, and the fact of its being discussed at all, represents major progress. It’s getting people to think, even if only in a negative way initially.

There are many more out there, and more appearing every day. Here’s one of them getting lots of attention #I Salute White People.

White racial awareness is growing, albeit from an almost standing start. Of this … I can assure you. And as I mused here, … Frau Merkel’s tearing down our borders has lead to a furious reaction, not least within Germany itself, where dozens of invader shelters have been burned down. The blanking of this development by the MSM (mainstream media) and its exposure via the internet, serve to only further undermine the former’s dwindling credibility.

So take heart.  The  Spirit Of Odin is stirring.  >Source

Media Discrimination Against Ethnic Europeans

Mike Walsh

Wherever I travelled in the world and picked up a newspaper or periodical, I was in no doubt that I was in their country. Not once did I get an impression of anti-European prejudice. Whether I was in Nigeria or Buenos Aires, the Far East or Iran, there was tangible and positive priority media coverage given to matters of (their) national interest.

This is not the case in the West where media treats ethnic Europeans as second-class citizens.

Media emphasis and sentiment is strikingly anti-White. I now have first-hand experience of what it was like to be a kâfir in apartheid South Africa. Western media (MSM) pivots on “positive discrimination”, a euphemism for treating ethnic Europeans with contempt. This impression is common wherever Western mainstream media contaminates and pollutes. Media bias is heavily slanted in favour of non-Europeans; blatant unfairness is directed against ethnic Europeans.

Self-hating, anti-European prejudice in Western media is most noticeable in refugee-crisis news stories. Protesting ethnic Europeans are described as “mobs”, disapproval dismissed as “racist rants”; protesters who express indignation at being robbed are stigmatised as “xenophobic haters”.

Costs of the “refugee” crisis borne by ethnic Europeans are airily dismissed, immigrant-fueled crime rate is censored, protests are blue-penciled (altered, abridged, canceled), or readers are left in no doubt that ethnic European indignation is “mean-spirited”. You scratch your head; ‘is this newspaper, or news channel … refugee-funded or owned?’

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.” >>Edward Bernays, Circa 1920

During (the) Olympics … there were so many blacks featured in media (MSM) that one was left thinking; ‘is this the BBC’s African broadcast? Is this the Daily Mail’s West African edition?’  The (false) impression given was that NON-European participation in the Games was supreme, and sporting victories were almost entirely NON-White. Inviting an academic friend to engage in a little research, we discovered that NONEuropeans took up something like 80% of media coverage — all of which was positive. Yet, in Olympic sports events … NON-Europeans represented only about 5% of the total of participants.

In my opinion, any race-conscious European who creates an Ethnic European Alternative Media (The International European) will from day one, vacuum up a betrayed reservoir of millions of betrayed and dispirited ethnic Europeans.  >Source  (For emphasis, Bold, underlined, italicized words and links by ELN Ed.)

(For Canadian readers who regularly read the Toronto Star’s print edition, try counting the number of newspaper photos displaying NON-whites on almost every page. Astute observers will also note the glaring absence of photos of 2 or more White persons exclusively alone in any one picture. These displays are almost never published without having the obligatory, token NON-white face included amongst White people. As this observance has been ongoing for about twenty years, it seems that a secret editorial policy demands NON-white people to be included in any group photo where White people gather. This sleight-of-hand PR campaign is deceptively designed to bolster the phony concept of “multi-culturalism” as being a roaring success, when in fact … it is an abject FAILURE … as it was meant to be!  AND… what does Donald Trump think of the true meanings behind these words?  >ELN Editor)

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