Canada’s REAL Historical Facts to Lean ON


Canada Was NOT Created by Immigrants of Diverse Races: A Statistical Demonstration

 by Ricardo Duchesne
Canadian Soldiers in WW I
Canadian Soldiers in WW I

TORONTO, Ontario in 1943 during the WWII years.  Spot Grandma or Grandpa as children!  (No Sound)

One of the most powerful memes in CANADA is that “Canada is a nation of immigrants“. Millions of individuals have indeed migrated to Canada since John Cabot first claimed either Newfoundland or Cape Breton Island for England in 1497. But the intended meaning of this phrase goes well beyond this simple fact.

This phrase, continuously repeated by the media, and shoved down the throats of unsuspecting students from primary to higher education, is intended to fashion an image of Canada as a nation populated from the beginning by peoples from diverse cultures and racial backgrounds, in order to portray the Third World immigration patterns we have been witnessing (only) since the 1970s as if they were a natural continuation — continuation naturelle — of past migration patterns, rather than as what they are: a radical departure aimed at the termination of Canada’s deep-seated European ethnic character.

English Immigrants
English Immigrants  (Circa early 1900s)

What follows is a statistical refutation of this deceptive meme. The historical record, the facts we have about the people who came to Canada, the racial makeup of the immigrants, the proportion of Whites to non-Whites, the birth rate of Eurocanadians, the rates of immigration versus the domestic fertility rates, demonstrate, to the contrary, that Canada was a nation created from top to bottom by immigrants from Europe and by Eurocanadians born in Canada … with next to ZERO contributions by non-Europeans.  (Added emphasis by ELN Editor) …>>>con’t HERE.

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I (a White male) want to highlight a few blogs operated by women (that I’m aware) who deserve greater attention, and to encourage you to bookmark the following links for future reading references. If you know of other female bloggers who carry similar memes, please leave their links in the comment section for further evaluation. So … in no particular order, the following links are all found in my right sidebar:  (Note: the country suffix found in the URL does not always reflect their actual base location.)

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Radio Podcasts Vs Mainstream Media

Aside from the written word, the spoken word offers an alternative source of  material for dedicated Truth Seekers . These 6 radio podcasts in the English language offer some of the best of intelligent opinions and commentary on many memes covered on this blog. (Sweden) (Sweden) (Canada) (U.S.) (U.S.) (U.S.)

Disingenuous  “news” sources and commentary originating from your (MSM) mainstream media outlets (newspapers, television) should be clearly avoided. Here’s why:


You Can’t Fix Stupid

Finland’s Flag


By Lime Lite

Well … thank goodness the government-controlled YTE media group in FINLAND has finally decided to spill the beans on how women CAN STOP BEING RAPED! 

If only they’d released this video years ago, millions of women could have prevented this! You see … according to the video below, women only have to hold up their hands in a stop gesture. Or — even better — use two hands. And if they’re really genius — use a bag to fend off the attacker/s! Who knew it was this simple?? If only women had known …

You have to hand it to the Liberal media. They are THAT delusional that they think putting this cutesy video together is going to stop:

1. Finnish females from being targeted by Muslims and 3rd world NON-whites for rape;
2. And, subtly blame White Finnish males for the RAPE CRISIS by using a White male in the video.  Why not use a Muslim or a NON-white, you know … those (actually) responsible for RAPE in the country?

Firstly, I am no expert, but having women hold their arms out straight while making the stop sign, only allows the attacker to put a woman in a wrist-lock.

Secondly, the video fails to explain what a woman is supposed to do if she is tackled to the ground from behind, holding her down, instead of meekly grabbing her arm??

Now the reality! Real Life ATTACK in Italy.

Or what should a woman do if there’s a gang of men attacking her? Maybe that’s in the follow-up video, which is yet to be completed. After all, it can’t be easy having the Lefty media twits decide how best to instruct women to protect themselves from the same “refugees” and “immigrants” the media worship on a daily basis.

Reality is a b*tch.

I guess when you live on the Liberal planet known as Planet Cuckoo, all the criminals are nice people who are very respectful when they attack – as shown in the video. I mean, which other criminal, apart from those living on Planet Cuckoo would back off so sheepishly when a woman uses a ‘stop‘ gesture?

This video reminds me of the stupid Liberals in America suggesting that there should be signed “safe zone’s” all over, where women can run if they’re being attacked. Because, somehow, jumping into a marked ‘safe zone‘ stops an attack.

You can’t fix stupid. You can only point and laugh at it – loudly.   >Source

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If You Knew How Powerful You Are

By Mike Walsh

Those who want you to think they are omnipotent, prove their weakness by stomping on dissent. They don’t dread the candle lit by the individual dissident. Their fear is that people will use this flame to light the candles of others … people like you.

The Internet liberates mankind. The Internet has turned individuals into editors; the Internet makes each one of you a publishing house. Your laptop gives you the reach and freedom of expression that a 1970s mainstream media columnist would kill for. Columnists back then … could be controlled by editors. The only person keeping you under control is you.

Your laptop (or desktop personal computer) is the sledgehammer that brings down the “Berlin Wall” of media censorship. Your laptop is your Broadcasting House; it is the unmonitored typewriter in Stalin’s USSR, and the bullhorn in the U.S.

The Powers of Darkness use their media as a controlling mechanism, but lose control when you become your own publishing house or newspaper editor. You are Adolf Hitler, you are Alexander Solzhenitsyn, and you are Walter Cronkite or, if you wish, Paul Craig Roberts. Julian Assange; “This generation is burning the mass media to the ground. We are reclaiming our rights to world history.” The internationally acclaimed whistle-blower is talking about you.

Conventional newspaper readership and broadcasting is in free-fall as it collapses under the weight of the uncontrolled Internet. Conventional media is caught on a cleft stick as they compete to retain power, but lose their grip.

Edward Bernays helped to manipulate the masses for the Illuminati. In his book “Propaganda,” he wrote:


“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.”

Toss It Out!

Family watching television, c. 1958 1958

Mainstream media’s fear of the Internet has brought about a change in strategy. Their last stronghold is to censor, water down, deny or scorn information spread by the uncontrolled Internet.

Today’s struggle is for credibility and readership; it is a battle they have already lost.  People Power has inflicted carnage on mainstream media (MSM). You are now free to go in and pick up the pieces. You do this by lighting the candles of others.

When you find something to your taste, a Renegade Tribune story, a video, a comment by Adolf Hitler or Solzhenitsyn — perhaps something I unearthed — don’t keep it to yourself, but share it with as wide a circle, as possible. The Internet is the microphone you seized from the BBC or FOX news desk; you’re now sitting in the newspaper editor’s seat. If you knew just how powerful you are … you would fall at your own feet.  >Source


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Citizen Reporters Wanted

If the spoken word is your talent, then start your own “radio station” from the comfort of home.  Examples of 5 Podcast shows:

(1) Red Ice Radio (2) Radio 3Fourteen (3) White Rabbit Radio (4) Radio Aryan (5) Renegade Broadcasting

Muslim Immigrant Gynecologist Charged With Multiple Counts Of Sexual Assault In Saskatchewan


One of the amusing products of multicultural propaganda is Little Mosque On The Prairie, a CBC-TV propaganda series about Muslims colonizing Western Canada.

The cover art for the first season DVD.It’s not amusing in the sense of actually being “funny” … as far as I know. It’s funny in what it tells you about multicultural propaganda.

It’s supposed to be about the awfulness of White [Canadians] in the province of Saskatchewan being prejudiced  towards Muslims … and is actually a product of the awfulness of bien-pensant Torontonians hating Canadian Westerners … the way New Yorkers hate people in Texas or Idaho.

Saskatchewan is geographically due north of Montana and North Dakota.

Mark Steyn wrote about Little Mosque On The Prairie in 2007 (televised on Canadian state-funded TV until 2011):


Mark Steyn: The Little Mosque that Couldn’t –

Macleans – Canada ^ | February 7, 2007

The other day I was giving a speech in Washington and, in the questions afterwards, the subject of Little Mosque On The Prairie came up.

“Muslim is the new gay,” I said. Which got a laugh. “That’s off the record,” I added. “I want a sporting chance of getting home alive.” And I went on to explain, that back in the (1990s) sitcoms and movies began introducing gay characters who were the most likeable and got all the best lines, and that Muslims were likely to be the lucky beneficiaries of a similar dispensation. In both cases, the intent is the same: to make Islam — like homosexuality — something only uptight squares are uncool with.

At the time I hadn’t seen so much as a trailer for Little Mosque. But it seemed a reasonable enough assumption that nine times out of ten, the joke would be on the “irrational” prejudices and drearily provincial ignorance of the Saskatchewan hicks. And sure enough, if you settled down to watch the first episode, it opened up with some stringy, stump-toothed redneck stumbling on a bunch of Muslims praying and racing for the telephone. “Is this the Terrorist Attack Hotline? You want me to hold?” [More]