Pat Condell Does NOT Mince Words

Alas … IF only we could encourage ordinary folks just sitting around the kitchen table to speak their mind as honestly as this guy does … in full public view.

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SWEDEN’s Ordered Society in Trouble

[also ENGLAND!







O.K. To Be White? Nope!

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“A product of WHITE engineers. When you can do this .. come back and talk to me.”… says Fred Reed

Space Shuttle

“The goal of abolishing the White race, is, on its face so desirable, that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed White ‘supremacists’. Make no mistake about it, (((we))) intend to keep bashing the dead White males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the White race’ is destroyed – not ‘deconstructed’ but DESTROYED.” – JEWISH studies professor, Dr Noel Ignatiev

Population by Race

 8% WHITE Minority
92% Black, Brown & Yellow
7,500,000,000 (Billion) People on Earth (2018)

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T.V. Commercials INSULT White People


Canada – A Nation ONCE Our Own

CANADA was FOUNDED and BUILT by people of EUROPEAN origin. However — by mid-century — [EUROPEANS] will be a minority. In the last 50 years, immigrants of Asian origin have climbed from 5% to 48% of the total, while immigrants of continental European origin have dropped from 50% to 21%. WHO made this decision and why? 

Traitor.jpg Prime Minister of Canada

Canadians are dumb driven cattle, obediently following their leaders while casting a wistful glance over their shoulder at what they might have been.”  Historian A.R.M Lower (1889-1988)

(EXCLUDED are the 5% of Native Indians in this graph)

Canada’s visible-minority (NON-white) population has jumped from 4.7% in 1981 to 22% in 2016 and is expected to reach 34% in 2036. Europeans will certainly be a minority by 2050 and they are already a minority (race) in Toronto (48%) and Vancouverstatistics-canada-2016-immigration.jpg

New “canadians” —  GOOD BYE, Canada!

Some of the 142 new Canadian citizens taking the citizenship oath on Canada Day in 2009 in Downsview Park in Toronto.
“More than 60% of new immigrants come from Asia (including the Middle East), by far the largest source.  Africa, however, has now surpassed Europe as the second-most important source of new immigrants … increasing to 13.4 percent.”
CANADIANS! Phone your Members of Parliament, especially Trudeau and Scheer.

Xmas TV Commercials Sell Race-Mixing

mis·ceg·e·na·tion – noun

1.heterosexual marriage/cohabitation between a Black/White couple in the U.S.
2.Interbreeding between members of different races.
3. …the mixing or a mixture of races by interbreeding.


Child-bearing WHITE Women – reduced to 2% of the WORLD Population (7,500,000,000) [BILLIONS]


Ms. “Cegenation”


TV Adverts Sell Racial Diversity


It’s A Mad, Mad World

Social Justice Warriors

by Tim Murray

Addicted to Self-Hatred


The foundation of the SJW (social justice warrior) mentality is the belief that we have no right to exist.

EnglishFrenchEuropean Canada does not have a right to exist. EuroAmerica does not have a right to exist. Germany does not have a right to exist. Sweden does not have a right to exist. And, if a White person believes that (other) White people don’t have a right to exist, then he must hate himself. So what do people who hate themselves typically do?

Some resort to self-mutilation. Some torture animals. Some commit rape. And some join Antifa. They project their hatred to work-out their self-hatred. In so doing they often make the lives of people around them miserable. Family members, relatives, co-workers, spouses … no one is safe from their discontent.

They want to save the world, but not their marriages. They condemn “hate speech” but are themselves consumed by hate. Hate oozes out of their pores, and pours out of their mouths. In fact, the overwhelming impression that one often gets from the SJW in his family or office or school … is that he or she is one unhappy individual. So unhappy, that he or she feels the need to lash out at someone — and you might happen to be the target of convenience for the day.

But it would be optimal if the target is White (and if it is a White male, so much the better). If their hatred is directed toward people who resemble themselves, social justice warriors can kill two birds with one stone. They can project their inner rage outward, and at the same time replace it with self-righteousness to fill in the vacuum. In other words, they can temporarily replace low self-esteem with high self-esteem. I say “temporarily” because the feeling is short-lived. The dopamine hit soon wears off. Withdrawal symptoms ensue. Before the week is out, they need another fix, another target, another incident to become outraged over. It is a full-blown chemical addiction. […]  >>to FULL ARTICLE

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    MI Students: “Discomfort of being White”

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    Fake Refugees Overrunning France

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