Rally Call Against Foreigners ILLEGALLY Crashing Canada’s Border

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  SHOUTING a call-out for CANADIAN & AMERICAN citizens to a rally point (Sunday, JUNE 3rd) (on BOTH Sides) at this remote ILLEGAL border crossing on ROXHAM ROAD near Plattsburgh, N.Y. on the American side, and Hemmingford, Quebec, nearest town on the Canadian side. Up to 400 unwanted foreigners PER DAY are ILLEGALLY landing on Canadian soil at this crossing point. 



BEGIN mobilizing your club, association, church group, sports team, or town to travel by charter bus, car or bicycle to meet at the above location. Send a strong message to Ottawa with your presence and placards. CANADA is YOUR nation to DEFEND.
D-Day is … Sunday, JUNE 3rd, 2018.

DEMONSTRATE your on-the-ground support for CANADA and for Faith Goldy in her gallant quest to STOP this Illegal FOREIGNER INVASION. … her other> VIDEO


CANADA belongs to CANADIANS … NOT to Trudeau.

Canadians are dumb driven cattle, obediently following their leaders while casting a wistful glance over their shoulder at what they might have been.”
Historian A.R.M Lower (1889-1988)


REAL Leaders Discussing Canada’s Border Crisis

One Woman’s Crusade Against Foreigners’ Illegal Border Crossings

Canadian Border Guards “Muzzled” To Say Nothing About ILLEGAL Aliens

Don’t Worry CANADA, It’s Only Your Money


Canada’s Border Is Securely Fortified

“Fortified” with plastic tape!
Canada – USA Border Line
Last month alone, 273 (UNKNOWN FOREIGN) asylum-seekers entered Quebec illegally — by far the highest one-month total for the three years.
No worries, we’re easy!

They come regularly every week,” said retired police officer Francois Doré, who lives near the Roxham Road (see video below) crossing near Hemmingford ….

“We have excess taxpayers’ money just laying about, so we’re offering foreign invaders FREE welfare money, FREE hospitalization, FREE apartments … welcome to Canada, eh?”


Doré said the migrants cross the Canadian border easily enough, passing under yellow tape that divides the two countries.

  “Don’t confuse your directions, we welcome you in our country because you have much to offer us. How mean and uncaring those Americans are!  We, Canadians are much nicer people.”

Sometimes you see whole families with babies and suitcases,” Doré said, adding that many arrive by taxi.


Intercepting them is up to the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), which monitors the crossings via patrols and surveillance cameras.

  “Our police are burdened with more important duties other than preventing foreign INVADERS from illegally gaining entry into Canada”

 Border station on the U.S.-Canada border used only for legitimate crossings into Canada!  Foreign invaders find “other” means.

The (ILLEGAL FOREIGN) migrants are then taken to one of the main Quebec border crossings at Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Saint-Armand/Philipsburg and Stanstead, where they are turned over to the C.B.S.A. (Canadian Border Security Agency) and their (FAKE) “refugee” claims are proce$$ed.

“Oh, joy … your newly arrived uninvited foreign neighbours destined to receive FREE food and accommodation at your expense!”


  “Returning Canadians legitimately re-entering their OWN country receive more scrutiny from border officials than illegal, unknown, foreign invaders from 3rd-world countries. “

“SUCCESS … we now in Canada! No education, No job skills except making babies which you pay me very well. We very poor in my country – with goat-herder job, only earn $1500 per year – but NOW very rich in Canada and no job! Our happy family just arrive. I stay home in big apartment making new “Canadians” for Canada. Canadian government gives my family $100,000 FREE money every year!”  ‘Alhamdulillah’ (Praise Allah)  (Real story HERE)
Meanwhilepoor Canadian-born citizens enjoy their “White privileges” of sleeping on cold, mid-winter sidewalks in Toronto.
“Oh, and more of us arrive every day!”
~~~ Oh, Canada … praise to Allah for “diversity”.
(Original Source) [Sarcasm and photo inserts by ELN Editor]
Faith Goldy reporting near the infamous illegal border crossing at Roxham Rd.
8 minutes

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The achievement, if I can call it that, of inducing the most successful race in the world, the creator of the most advanced civilisation ever seen, to turn on itself and willingly self-destruct by way of societal degradation and internecine warfare is simply awesome.  So incredible … that even as an agnostic, I sometimes wonder whether some supernatural agency is not, after all involved.” –Irish Savant
HUNGARY is doing something right!

Wrongly Tagged As A “White Supremacist” Group

From: Council of European Canadians

In the last two days — the lying media in Canada — in unison with conservative (party) candidate Michael Chong, and political consultant Warren Kinsella, have referred to the Council of European Canadians as a … “white supremacist” group.

M. Chong                   W. Kinsella

This is a term increasingly used by the left and right wing establishment to condemn ideas and groups it cannot handle through open debate, empirical use of facts, and logically constructed arguments.

Having diminished the impact of the word “racist” through nauseous overuse, the establishment has now decided to double down with an even more extremist term which they cannot even define.

For the record … the Council of European Canadians is not a “white supremacist” organization, has never called itself as such, and does not believe in the supremacy of any racial group over any other. What it does believe is:

  • that Canada as a nation was founded by Europeans pioneers and settlers, the majority of whom were born on the soil of Canada;
  • that the Multiculturalism Act of 1988 affords all citizens in Canada the right to protect and enhance their ethno-cultural identity;
  • that it is natural and normal for humans to identify with their ethno-cultural group because identity is a fundamental psychological need among humans, a view that is central to multicultural theory developed by Charles Taylor and Will Kymlicka;
  • that Europeans are the only ethnic group in the world that are prohibited from identifying themselves ethnically but are, to the contrary, expected to celebrate the ethnic identity of non-Europeans right inside their own homelands;
  • that mass immigration has been imposed upon Eurocanadians without their democratic consent by elites on the right and the left in an atmosphere of totalitarian control, of which the use of the label “white supremacist” is yet another example.

This label was first used by Michael Chong in the Conservative leadership debate in Moncton (New Brunswick) this past Tuesday evening. Speaking of Leitch‘s team, Chong said:

“They insist that it’s not race-baiting or anti-immigrant, but just yesterday, their campaign was endorsed by a white supremacist group called the Council of European Canadians.”

This statement is wrong on all counts; in its designation of CEC as “white supremacist,” in its extremist claim that CEC is “anti-immigrant,” and in its false claim that CEC endorsed Leitch‘s candidacy.

Frank Hilliard did write an article for CEC arguing that, however imperfect Leitch may be, she deserved serious attention as a candidate expressing views congenial with the views of some of the CEC writers and many of the readers of our webzine. The things Hilliard found attractive about Leitch are aligned with what millions of Canadians also like about her: she is very qualified to be Prime Minister, certainly far more qualified than Justin; she is “pro-life,” her policies would “screen out Islamist terrorists,” “put a pause on Muslim immigration very similar to the new policy in the United States.”

Althia Raj, in the Huffington Post Canada, placed Chong’s statement with a video, at the center of her story, and then went further (by) calling Frank Hilliard a “white supremacist” without any evidence.

Althia RAJ

Raj is obviously the quintessential conformist who uses whatever words the establishment requires journalists to use without even knowing what they mean. Had Raj been interested in learning about racial supremacism, she might have told her readers about India, the most racist country in the world with an institutionalized system of apartheid against darker Indians — with (lighter) Indians who look like Raj,– standing at the top of the caste ranking.

160,000,000 Dalits or”Untouchables in INDIA


The top racist countries in the world are in the Third World.

We, Eurocanadians have every reason to be wary of million upon millions of immigrants coming from racist countries. This reality is posing an enormous threat to our anti-racist Canadian values, which we at CEC endorse. >read MORE.

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“Oh Canada”, Ripe For The Taking

End Mainland China’s Colonisation of Canada –Part 2, Sidewinder Report


Communist Chinese Flag

By David Barswell

Since the rush to escape Hong KongCommunistfriendly politicians of Chinese origin —  supported by Chinese political organizations, have emerged in Canada at the same time that Canadian politicians have been co-opted … often quite openly. 

Indeed, our major political parties regularly vie with each other for immigrant bloc votes, and our foreign policy is now often determined by “domestic concerns” rather than by sober consideration of Canada’s best interests.

Many of these pliable politicians — domestic and imported — have worked knowingly or unknowingly in co-ordination with PLA intelligence operatives and others to obtain economic and political favour for China with a succession of Prime Ministers and Premiers, trade organizations, school boards and others.  Both Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper have openly praised China, and endeavoured to expand trade links.

Trudeau (left) & Harper

Chinese agents have been successfully inserted into key industries, such as Ontario Hydro, with the intention of stealing nuclear and other technological secrets and handing them over to PLA intelligence operatives.

In 2000, we were told that “Chinese spies stole Canadian nuclear secrets to build a pirate copy of a research reactor invented at federal laboratories in Chalk River, Ontario …. China is (now) marketing its cheap clone around the world” (5). In  2003, it was revealed that well over 3000 Chinese “spy companies” were operating in Canada and the U.S. (6).

Considerable success has been obtained in having Chinese exchange students reap the full benefit of Canada’s advanced educational system before taking their new-found knowledge back to the mainland, together with the insertion of propaganda organizations such as the China Education Association (Canada) (7), and the Confucius Institute network (8). 

There has been some resistance to the latter from primarily Chinese parents. The Toronto District School Board terminated its relationship with the Confucius Institute just last year.

Equally of concern are the Chinese Triads — or organised crime groupings — which are found throughout North America as well as the Far East. Sidewinder describes them as being particularly active in Vancouver, with involvements in murder, kidnapping, gambling, and loan sharking.

Sidewinder identifies the overseas Chinese diaspora as

“a borderless nation, united by ties of family, clan, language and motherland.  It is estimated that there are some 60 Million Overseas Chinese who contribute much to the overall strength of their ancestral homeland, providing ready-made linkages and networks (guanxi) for legal and illegal business.”

This combination of economic and political penetration threatens Canadian security and democracy in a number of ways, and the connivance of a succession of administrations in Ottawa has now culminated in our present Immigration Minister recently announcing that while in China two months ago, he lobbied officials to double or even triple the number of Canadian  visa application centres in China in an effort to open more doors for Chinese students, workers and tourists (9).

It should therefore be of little surprise to learn that the Red Chinese flag was recently raised by the “Canadian Alliance of Chinese Associations” at Vancouver City Hall with Councillor Kerry Jang officiating, accompanied by Richmond East MP Joe Peschisolido – both wearing red scarves – to mark Chinas National Day. Chinese Communist flag raised in Vancouver  Story HERE.

Predictably, when questions were raised about this, Jang responded “It’s rooted in ignorance and racism… To them it doesn’t matter if it’s a Communist government in China, they’re just anti-Chinese” – this, despite the fact that the primary complaints came from Chinese residents of the city.

It’s time to stand up for Canada, and to put an end to the colonisation of Canada by the Communist Chinese.  SOURCE: Immigration Watch Canada

The Sidewinder Report,  >> PART 1.

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“There are Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics”

By PaxCanadiana

Polls Show John McCallum‘s Full of Shit.

(Note: John McCallum is CANADA’S immigration minister.)

Here’s a Globe and Mail article that doesn’t require much commentary.  It pretty much speaks for itself.

It basically tells us John McCallum is full of shit based on his own government’s internal polling.  By this, I mean Canadians don’t want more immigrants despite pronouncements from McCallum to the contrary.  And his government knows this.

John McCallum
This follows a Nanos poll conducted on behalf of the Globe which saw 16% of Canadians favouring an increase of immigrants with more than twice as many, some 39%, wanting a decrease with 37% thinking the numbers should remain the same.  Put another way … 76% of Canadians polled don’t want an increase in the numbers of immigrants.
(Coincidentally, White-Euro Canadians are just 76% of Canada’s population, having plummeted from a proportionate 95% in 1981 — ELN Editor)
Canadians don’t want more, and we haven’t wanted more immigrants for a long time. Here’s an EKOS poll conducted in March of 2015 and published in the Winnipeg Free Press that found 46% of respondents felt there are too many immigrants coming to the country, with 41% saying too many of them are non-white.Here’s another poll.  And another.  And yet another.

Despite poll after poll, telling the government time after time, be it Liberal or Conservative, that we don’t want more immigrants, in fact we want less, they go ahead and give us more immigrants and John McCallum is going to do the same.  He’s already hinted at it.  Since he’s already made up his mind, his national consultations were just a PR stunt.

They tell us we need immigrants because of labour shortages and an ageing population but those go-to excuses have been debunked.

Were they to be truthful with us, it’s too keep, I believe, Canada‘s housing market from imploding because we’re in too deep now and no one has a solution on how to deal with it and no one in Ottawa wants to confront it because no one in Ottawa would know how to handle a crash.

It’s amateur hour on Parliament Hill for the next four years, at least.  So it’s best to keep pushing it off into the indefinite future with fingers crossed and hope it solves itself for without the housing market, Canadas economy doesn’t have much going for it at the moment, and it’s a market driven by debt and cheap money.  If cheap money is how immigrants are paying for their shitty urban sprawl houses on incomes from shitty paying jobs many of them (have), then we’re making the situation worse by making the bubble bigger.  Because if interest rates were to rise, how many people will still be able to afford the house they bought when interest rates were low.  If you’re a gambling man you might want short Canada’s banks.  >>SOURCE
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7 minutes

Remember Jenna Cartwright?
 Click HERE.

3 minutes

CANADA’s (former) Immigration Minister thinks Alberta’s unemployment rate should be higher, our wages lower and our job fair line-ups longer.

John McCallum didn’t exactly say that … but what he did say will result in those economic conditions for (the province of) Alberta. After a closed door meeting with Alberta business people, McCallum said:

“There’s a strong consensus that they’re in favour of more immigrants, not less immigrants, notwithstanding the state of the economy”.   (Editor: Whose consensus?]

Translation: Businesses want cheaper labour.



There are 77,000 (Unemployed) Albertans on employment insurance – some have already run out.  (The Canadian province of ) Alberta’s unemployment rate is at 8.6% … higher than the national average, and up a percentage point from the month before. Alberta’s youth unemployment rate is at 14.8% up from 11.4% the year before. (Figures not updated)

These numbers are real people in OUR communities. They should not be duking it out for the few available jobs … with a sudden influx of economic (foreign) migrants. […]  Isn’t it a Canadian Minister’s job to put those Canadians first?  >>to FULL article.

Sample of “duking it out” — on an emboldened, and unwanted foreign intruder in France.
(Wait for it)
1 minute, 37 seconds

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Ottawa Police Hires Under-rated Recruit



This week we learned that a new Ottawa Police Services recruit was from a SOMALI background.

(Read: BLACKS Less Intelligent?)

It’s estimated that 85 per cent of Ottawa police members are White. We should be concerned that in Ottawa the police are not the people, which helps explain why tensions are high between visible minorities (NON-whites) and the police, fueled by a lack in confidence in the authorities.

But the fly in the ointment in accepting a SOMALI-Canadian — let’s call him Const. John Doe (better yet, “Mohammad” – Editor )  — is that he comes with “baggage“, according to the report of a civilian investigator who reviewed his background for the Ottawa police.

Let’s look at what the investigator alleged in her report. I’m not too concerned with the 16 speeding convictions, the investigator reported under the Highway Traffic Act, even though it could be seen … as showing little respect for the law.

But three (other) incidents give me great concern.

First, the investigator alleged in her report that “Doe” attempted to get a new licence while he was suspended. Second, she (investigator) alleged he had an incident three years ago where he falsely phoned (phoned in a false report to) the police. Third, the investigator alleged that “Doe” claimed (he lied) to have been selected by the Somali government for a program, when in fact, it was a friend who had been selected. These three matters raise questions of honesty.


Ottawa police backgroundinvestigator Christina Benson was so incensed by Chief Charles Bordeleau‘s decision to hire Doe … despite her conclusion that he was unsuitable … that she QUIT her job.

(Another incompetent SOMALI cop hired in Minneapolis, USA > story HERE.)

If it were only the speeding, I’d agree with Bordeleau. But the three other alleged incidents suggest acts of dishonesty, and that’s a real problem for a cop, and the police. They could, however, be a gift to defence lawyers no doubt “licking their chops” at the thought of cross-examining Doe (“Mohammad“) in court in a future criminal case.

Imagine a scenario where “Doe” laid a charge of impaired driving. The accused, who happens to be an upstanding member of society, denies in court that he had the usual signs of impairment at the scene. “Doe” testifies that the accused had blood shot eyes, was unsteady on his feet and driving erratically. Remember, this is not a battle of equals. The Crown (prosecutor) must prove beyond a reasonable doubt all the elements of the offence.

Being under oath, “Doe” gets cross-examined and his prior acts, as alleged by the investigator, are put to him. Let’s imagine that he agrees to the occurrences. Defence argues that the credibility of the officers is in doubt while his client’s background is unblemished. You would see the entire prosecution crumble.

I could even, hypothetically, imagine Benson coming back from retirement as a defence witness to help torpedo the prosecution. Once “Doe‘s” been burned on the stand just once, the transcript of his testimony will make its rounds at the courthouse among other defence lawyers who will be waiting to use it whenever “Doe” appears.

What would OPS (Ottawa Police Service) — again hypothetically — do after that? (Oops!) They might have to assign him a desk job … one that keeps him in an office. Isn’t it ironic that this is the guy who was hired with hopes of diversifying the Ottawa police force and building bridges with communities?

Another Example Gone Bad:  “PosterBoy” Ottawa Cop Charged (Criminal Harassment, theft) More details.

But what if we have to keep him from taking a (response) call?    >Source


…another Ottawa cop gone bad (Sept. 20, 2018)

A suspended Ottawa police officer (Eric Post, 47 yrs. old – possibly East Asian descent) has been charged with a lengthy list (21 charges) of offences against women he met on dating sites, including sexual assault, pointing his police-issued service pistol, uttering threats and harassment.  (Source)

(For added emphases, Bolded, underlined, italicized and parenthesis words and added links by ELN Editor)

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Canada – You’re Losing YOUR Nation!

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Photo from Ricardo Duchesne

“New Multicultural Citizens of Canada” … set to DISPLACE/supplant our EuroCanadian citizenry in our OWN nation!


NON-whites (%) for ALL of CANADA, 1981-2001Stats Canada  The 8,000,000 (Million) added FOREIGNERS in only 35 years, is one of the greatest deceptions ever perpetrated on Canadians.

NON-whites (excluding Native Indians) in 2018 now exceed 22% of Canada‘s population of 36 Million. Our traditional Euro-WHITE population has plummeted from 95% to LESS than 72% … in only three decades!

The next 25 years should seal the fate of a oncegreat nation that our predecessors had willed to us for safe-keeping. Looking at Canada’s largest city (TORONTO) with it’s traditional White population down to 48% today — is tomorrow’s mirror image of our entire nation.

EVERY WEEK — over FIVE THOUSAND thirdworld foreigners from poor, over-crowded countries land in Canada to take-up residence. This unnecessary influx of immigrants will continue until we eventually “brown-out” to become an impoverished 3rd world country ourselves!  “Demography is destiny” and it won’t be a pretty sight for your Whiteminority children in the near future.

Below:  Swearing-in of new passport “canadians” —  GOOD BYE, Canada!

Some of the 142 new Canadian citizens taking the citizenship oath on Canada Day in 2009 in Downsview Park in Toronto.

Surrey, British Columbia.There was a huge parade today. Thousands of Si...

Below: “Canadian” High School in Markham, Ontario (suburban area of Toronto)

 SPOT the White Students