The “Diversity” Fraud


Nothing so epitomizes the politically-correct gullibility of our times as the magic word “diversity.”The wonders of diversity are proclaimed from the media, extolled in the academy and confirmed in the august chambers of the Supreme Court of the United States. But have you ever seen one speck of hard evidence to support the lofty claims?

Although diversity has become one of the leading buzzwords of our time, it has a history that goes back several generations.


But what justifies diversity? Nothing but unsupported assertions, repeated endlessly, piously and loudly.

Today, as in the past, diversity is essentially a fancy word for group quotas. It is one of a number of wholly subjective criteria — such as “leadership” — used to admit students to colleges and universities according to their group membership, rather than according to their individual qualifications.

This is not something new. Nor is it something confined to the United States. Very similar patterns were found more than a decade ago, when doing research for my book “Affirmative Action Around the World.”   >>to Full Article

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Canada’s Newest TEN DOLLAR Bill

Blatant TOKENISM is now found on (soon-to-be) Canada’s newest $10 Bill

Previous portraits of notable Kings, Queens, or a Prime Minister have always graced Canada‘s Ten Dollar bill since confederation in 1867. Sir John A. MacDonald, who became Canada’s 1st Prime Minister only after years of political battles, helped to align competing colonies into a viable nation-state named CANADA.

Now, the former prime minister’s portrait on Canada’s $10 note is being REPLACED by an unknown, indistinguishable, disgruntled Black woman named Viola Desmond, whose first notoriety became known when she refused to sit in the balcony section designated exclusively for Negroes in Nova Scotia’s segregated Roseland Theatre in 1946.


… and now Viola Desmond in 2018
In 1946, Canada’s Negro (black) population was a mere .001% (one-tenth of 1%) of Canada’s entire population.  Today, Blacks account for 3% due to recent mass immigration from the Caribbean Islands and Africa.

To protest, simply BOYCOTT the new $10 notes! Two “fivers” will suffice.

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Elevating Brown People Achievements

A minority of American Whites — ESPECIALLY the embattled WHITE MALE — in this contrived photo seems to imply resident 3rdWorld brown origins are somehow superior in intelligence to EuroWhite people. If that implied notion had any validity, why are 3rd-World nations STILL living in third-world conditions??


They seem to forget OUR scientific, medical, engineering feats of the past, including many other notable achievements.  As Fred Reed said,
When you can do this, come back and talk to me“.

Space ShuttleYes, a product invented, designed and produced by WHITE MALE engineers … decades ago!

The Wonders of MULTICULTURAL Science

By Marcus Cicero

If we don’t exert serious pressure on our youth, we’ll be doomed to wallow as a secondary power while the former beasts of the field rise to prominence in a fallen world that will never be quite able to reach the glories achieved under White dominance.

Before you look at the below pictures, know that we once ruled every scientific field imaginable, with White Men devising the ideas of conquering the molecular mysteries, splitting the atom, traveling into space and investigating the stars, and approaching an understanding of the origins of life itself.

But thanks to the Jews, who used their influence to warp our minds with degeneracy and delirious altruism, we have now been eclipsed.   >>SOURCE



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Ottawa Police Hires Under-rated Recruit



This week we learned that a new Ottawa Police Services recruit was from a Somali background.  (Read: BLACKS Less Intelligent?)
Ottawa, Canada’s Capital City

It’s estimated that 85 per cent of Ottawa police members are white. We should be concerned that in Ottawa the police are not the people, which helps explain why tensions are high between visible minorities (NON-whites) and the police, fuelled by a lack in confidence in the authorities.

But the fly in the ointment in accepting a Somali-Canadian — let’s call him Const. John Doe (better yet, “Mohammad” – Editor )  — is that he comes with “baggage”, according to the report of a civilian investigator who reviewed his background for the Ottawa police.

Let’s look at what the investigator alleged in her report. I’m not too concerned with the 16 speeding convictions, the investigator reported under the Highway Traffic Act, even though it could be seen … as showing little respect for the law.

But three (other) incidents give me great concern.

First, the investigator alleged in her report that Doe attempted to get a new licence while he was suspended. Second, she (investigator) alleged he had an incident three years ago where he falsely phoned (phoned in a false report to) the police. Third, the investigator alleged that Doe claimed (he lied) to have been selected by the Somali government for a program, when in fact, it was a friend who had been selected. These three matters raise questions of honesty.



Ottawa police backgroundinvestigator Christina Benson was so incensed by Chief Charles Bordeleau‘s decision to hire Doe … despite her conclusion that he was unsuitablethat she quit her job.
Charles Bordeleau

If it were only the speeding, I’d agree with Bordeleau. But the three other alleged incidents suggest acts of dishonesty, and that’s a real problem for a cop, and the police. They could, however, be a gift to defence lawyers no doubt “licking their chops” at the thought of cross-examining Doe (“Mohammad”) in court in a future criminal case. Imagine a scenario where Doe laid a charge of impaired driving. The accused, who happens to be an upstanding member of society, denies in court that he had the usual signs of impairment at the scene. Doe testifies that the accused had blood shot eyes, was unsteady on his feet and driving erratically. Remember, this is not a battle of equals. The Crown (prosecutor) must prove beyond a reasonable doubt all the elements of the offence.

Being under oath, Doe gets cross-examined and his prior acts, as alleged by the investigator, are put to him. Let’s imagine that he agrees to the occurrences. Defence argues that the credibility of the officers is in doubt while his client’s background is unblemished. You would see the entire prosecution crumble.

I could even, hypothetically, imagine Benson coming back from retirement as a defence witness to help torpedo the prosecution. Once Doe‘s been burned on the stand just once, the transcript of his testimony will make its rounds at the courthouse among other defence lawyers who will be waiting to use it whenever Doe appears.

What would OPS (Ottawa Police Service) — again hypothetically — do after that? (Oops!) They might have to assign him a desk job … one that keeps him in an office. Isn’t it ironic that this is the guy who was hired with hopes of diversifying the Ottawa police force and building bridges with communities?
Another Example Gone Bad:  “PosterBoy” Ottawa Cop Charged (Criminal Harassment, theft) More details.

But what if we have to keep him from taking a (response) call?    >Source  (For added emphases, Bolded, underlined, italicized and parenthesis words and added links by ELN Editor)

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Australia At The Crossroads

English: The Flag of Australia flying over Pea...Australia’s National Flag

LISTEN UP, AUSSIESLime Lite departed her native country of Black-ruled South Africa and brought with her valuable “feet on the groundEXPERIENCE  and knowledge of living around the Black race. Yes, the same type of burdensome, low-IQ African “refugees” descending on your land today by the tens of thousands. Wake up to the reality of race. It’s your hard-won NATION … invented, built and developed by way of your EUROPEAN ancestor’s blood, sweat and tears … then willed to you for safe-keeping. So don’t give it away!  (ELN Editor)

And having once chosen, never to seek to return to the crossroads ...
Which Way?




I didn’t leave Africa, just for Africa to follow me to my new home“.

Australia: African behaviour comes Down Under

By Lime Lite
As you know … Australia is part of the Western globalist Kumbaya project – where we feel compelled to import backward cultures and races, which do not fit into the Australian way of life – in order for us to feel like good, noble people.

And how is that working out for Australia?

Well, we now sit with around 500,000 Muslims, who are reproducing like wild rabbits, and making parts of Australia Sharia-only zones. Muslims now run the Middle-East drug-gangs in Sydney (and around the rest of the country), regularly shooting up neighbourhoods as part of their turf wars. Muslim leaders also regularly bash Australians as being Islamophobic racists, who should do more to accommodate the requirements of Islam.

And then we have the African mobs – mostly Sudanese and Somalian “refugees” – who are imported to show the world how non-racist we are as a nation.

The result? We now have gangs of Africans roaming the streets, acting…….well…… like Africans.

Melbourne is the current flavour of the month, with gangs of ‘youths‘ terrifying residents. The main gang is known as the APEX gang, made up of Sudanese and Somalian (BLACK) males. They go around in packs, attacking (White Australian) people for fun, pleasure and business.

[FULL screen >click bottom-right box, then keyboard “Esc” to return] On this Current Affair program, politically-correct Australians try to mitigate the OBVIOUS by referring to the criminal THUGS as “young kids” or “just kids” or “young people”. NO! NO! NO! Call them what they are! “BLACK AFRICANS” or “BLACK FOREIGNERS” or “BLACK THUGS”- now that wasn’t so difficult, eh?]
Melbourne – 50 Years Ago! “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”  TOO Late!

(FULL screen > click bottom-right box) … then keyboard “Esc” to return.)

You see … the (African Ape-x) APEX gang has decided to “liberate” Australians of their possessions … either by violent car hijackings or violent home invasions. In other words, typical IQ67 behaviour. And while the police and media have held off informing the public of the race of these criminals as much as they can, the truth usually comes out, much to their consternation. After all, to report the truth – that these violent events are being perpetrated by BLACK AFRICANS – would be “racist” and, gasp! expose just who is behind the attacks.

It may wake some people up from their safe slumber……

Now, I know I should feel something other than glee, but I can’t help myself.  Australians are mostly naive as to the true nature of African Blacks, which is not entirely their fault, as we have a media which doesn’t tend to focus on what’s going on back in Africa, and who certainly don’t go out of their way to report on all the Black violence in and around Australia, being committed by the African imports.
(“Refugees” earn nothing – they’re GIVEN FREE MONEY just for breathing.)
So … can you blame Australians for not knowing what to expect from the IQ67’s, when they’ve lived most of their lives in a safe, civil society, only to be confronted by the horrible truth?      >>more… continue reading HERE.
For added emphases, underlined/italicized words and video links by Editor]
LOOK BACK to the year 1971

[FULL screen > click bottom-right box]
Australia TODAY!
Australia Meets With BLACK Crime
African Assault on AUSTRALIA
Australia‘s DIMINISHING White Population

Are Police To Blame?

By Vanishing American II

In the wake of the Dallas murders of (5) policemen, there is a lot of discussion of whether police officers are ‘our enemy’. A significant number of people on alt-right or pro-White blogs declare that they are.

Have so many people had unpleasant encounters with police officers? Is it really that bad out there? I understand the feeling that the police are being made to conform to political correctness, to ‘stand down’ when the ‘protected groups’ are involved in some kind of disturbance — at the expense of innocent White people — Kris Kime comes to mind, as the late Sam Francis describes in a piece from some years ago.

Police departments all over the country have been actively seeking to add more nonwhites (alias ‘Diversity’) to their numbers for some years now, ever since the Civil Rights uprisings of the late 60s. As is often noted by those with an ounce of awareness, “diversity” in effect means fewer Whites.”

[Read: It’s All About POWER]

So most police forces in this country have fewer Whites, and they have also lowered standards for recruits in an effort to find qualifiednonwhites, because having the correct threshold levels of ”diversity” trumps standards.

So there are fewer White police officers, and yet complaints come in from nonwhites that there are too many Whites, not only in law enforcement but at higher levels.

I’ve personally noticed that there are more female police chiefs in big cities, and that they are usually, as the Canadians put it, visible minorities, like Heather Fong, the former police chief of San Francisco. A ‘twofer’. And if the female happens to be a lesbian — so much the better — though I don’t know Fong’s sexual orientation, in some cases women in similar positions appear to be lesbian … openly or not.


So political correctness is driving some of the changes in police departments. The idea is always that supposedly a ‘diverse’ police force reflects ‘the community’ and therefore can be appropriately ‘sensitive’ to the various ‘communities’ concerns, and above all, can win the trust of the people they supposedly protect. We might also say that minorities, in particular blacks, are suspicious of White police officers, believing that Whites are always out to get them, to keep them down, and to outright kill them in cold blood for absolutely no reason. This last is an article of faith for many black people.

[Read: Blacks Less Intelligent?]

Maybe in light of that exaggerated fear of Whites, blacks should in fact, have only black police officers patrolling ‘their’ neighborhoods, but the boundary lines between neighborhoods is not always clear-cut, so how would that be accomplished?

The fact that many blacks have a fear and loathing for Whites would indicate that they would welcome separation — but that separation was what the ‘Freedom Riders’ and the orchestrated ‘sit-ins’ in the 1960s were meant to abolish, at gunpoint

The protesters got what they wanted — and now they object to the result.

Liberia was created so that blacks could have self-rule in a country of their own.

They declined. They stayed … and yet they hate living amongst us. And it’s our fault.

Meanwhile, as policemen have had to become more militarized in response to heightened violence (amongst which segments of the population?) and as they have become more hardened and cynical as a result of our society becoming more corrupt, they are no longer the ‘Officer Friendly we were taught was our friend back in grade school. This should not surprise anyone; it is unavoidable in our current society. We can’t blame police for that.

Personally, I trust the police in my town … but then I am blessed to live in a town which is (for now, at least) homogeneous except for the increasing Latino presence. For now, my town has little violent crime. Until recently many people did not lock their doors. Truly.

This town has a mostly Northern/Western European-stock population, and the police force reflects the demographics. No ‘diversity’ … and there is mutual respect between townsfolk and the police. I do sympathize with urban White folk because, for years, I lived in urban areas including the big, bad NYC area itself. I have not lived a sheltered life. I have seen both sides. I’ve lived in the North and the South.

Personally? It seems to me that much of the cop-hating sentiment among Whites originates with libertarians, or those who have been influenced by libertarian ideas — as have most young people and these days, most ‘conservatives’ who are more libertarian than conservative. Most such people I’ve known were recreational drug users who see ‘the Law’ as at least potential enemies because they know they might be arrested for their drug use or possession. And there is more of an anti-authority feeling on the ”right” than there used to be in the days of the old ‘law-and-order’ kind of right-winger.

A disclosure: I do have one person in my extended family, a second cousin, who is in law enforcement. So maybe I am not impartial here, but I notice that fewer people now are willing to give the police a fair shake. However, if things become more chaotic and out-of-control, some of us may find that that ‘thin blue line’ might be a necessary presence, and we might find that we have some like-minded allies, people who, like us, value our kinsmen and our families first and foremost. Treating them as our enemies won’t help us.  >Vanishing American II  (For added emphases… some words were highlighted, plus some added links and videos by ELN Editor)

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“Family” Comes First

By Vanishing American II

Hugging the chains

What’s with the people on rightist blogs who feel compelled to advocate for various immigrant/minority groups? It’s been going on for the years that I’ve been reading, or commenting, on such blogs.

Am I unreasonable to expect that most people who read or comment on such blogs should be unequivocally ethnopatriotic and loyal to their own people, actually putting their own folk’s interests first?

Making the rounds of a number of blogs this evening, I kept running across discussions where people were arguing for Hispanics, claiming that they are “more compatible” with our society than moslems. Well, space aliens, if they exist, would probably be more compatible with us than moslems, but does that mean we should welcome them if they ever land on our soil and start setting up housekeeping here? Is anybody, who is “preferable to moslems“, automatically a desirable addition to our country?

Where is the loyalty to our own folk, the natural preference for our own kin? I ask this because it’s absolutely essential to reclaiming what’s left of our divided country, and to re-establishing a relatively harmonious, well-functioning society. Yet, it seems that there is a significant faction of people, even on the right, who seem to accept that a mixed, multicultural, multi-ethnic, multiracial society is unavoidable … or even desirable.

Somalis swearingPhoto:  Refugee Settlement WATCH

In the past I’ve described this as the “favorite minority” syndrome. It seems there is this tendency for people to select a favorite ethnic group, and to plead on their behalf.

For many Americans this role is filled by Hispanics. Why?  I think it is because Hispanics have had a long-established presence in this country (U.S.) — especially in the border states. Many younger Texans, growing up in the multicult society, had Hispanic classmates/friends. Interracial dating and mating is hardly stigmatized as it once was in Texas.

Others, who grew up in mostly White areas are pro-Hispanic because they have had little real experience of them, and the kinds of people who tend towards thinking the best of everyone, simply blind themselves to negative evidence, and have a knee-jerk habit of taking up the defense of minority groups who are criticized by more realistic Whites.

These people could be aptly called (with some irony) White knights” who will clash with fellow Whites while defending Others.

Then we have the interracial relationship angle; more and more intermarriages are taking place, which is just what the powers-that-be and the media are openly promoting now. That, of course, alters allegiances and makes loyalties ambivalent.

Another group which benefits from the fact that they have White defenders are Filipinos. There is a set of White Americans, often people with military connections, who think Filipinos are a great asset to America — and as it happens, many men of this type tend to be married to Filipina women, and to have Filipino children and in-laws (who generally are brought here to live).

Asian immigrants tend to have more defenders amongst White Americans than even the Hispanics or Filipinos, because of the popular belief that they are all highly intelligent, law-abiding, and more compatible with us and our culture than any other ethnic/racial group.

Africans also have a great fan following among the Whites who have a favorite minority because — well, because racism. And because colonialism. We owe it to them because they have been so wronged, and by our ancestors and people who look like us. So let’s welcome them in and save them from ebola, FGM, Islam, and all the vagaries of life in Africa. The same principle applies to Haiti. They are victims of bad government, racism, and ‘unforgiving environment’, or whatever force of nature is causing their problems.

So between the compulsive altruists who think we have to fix every human ill and bring everybody to America to let them share our ‘free air’ and ‘magic dirt’, and those who simply have some kind of attraction for various ethnic groups, we have quite a number of people who, even as our country is being swamped by immigrants (legal and illegal) and ‘refugees’ — will insist on arguing for welcoming this group, or that group.

[Read:  Wake Up! America]

If, in a restored America, we made ”exceptions” for everybody’s favorite ethnic group, we would end up with de facto open borders, and the same old multicultural, polyglot Babel scenario that is being forced on us.

Are Americans really so inured to, or maybe addicted to ”diversity” that they unconsciously seek to argue for it, even as they claim to want to stop the politically correct insanity?

Many people say — especially since (Donald) Trump began his campaign — that they want us to build the fence, limit moslem immigration, and ‘take back America’ — yet they cling to ‘diversity’, or at least their own preferred minority group.

For me, this situation calls to mind a quote from G.K.Chesterton, who spoke of people ‘hugging the chains of their old slavery.’

Why hug the chains of ‘diversity’ dogma and political correctness — if we can choose to break our bonds?  >Source

(For added emphases, bolded, italicized, underline words and added links by ELN Editor)

Altruism Gone Awry

Evalion” is an 18 yr. old independent Canadian researcher who — with youthful ease — fearlessly challenges the status quo in provocative videos that often cause reactionary tones from her indoctrinated, liberal/leftist detractors still mired in dogmatic pursuits. [Read: Preventing free speech]

Armed with researched facts and figures, she tramples over accepted belief systems usually reserved for brainwashed people conditioned not to question “authority“.  “Evalion” was recently banned from Youtube, but her videos are still available on mirror sites … so view them while you still can.

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Mainstream Media Is NOT Your Friend

 Morning, noon, and night, it seems … the public airways are misused to promotegay rightsadvocates and their biased messages, ad nauseam.

Nobody really cares about this stuff, except for a small percentage of gay activists, and yet this tiny minority receives an enormous amount of free publicity that is distributed day after day, whether it’s non-stop “gay parading” on our streets, flying “gay” flags on our public buildings, or relentlessly publicized “LGBT” news in newspapers and television, etc.

WHY does the “gay” topic seem to attract so much undue attention in “news” departments? Why are educational institutions promoting homosexual lifestyles instead of educating our young people? What is the real agenda behind this non-news item?

Well, actually the heterosexual aspects of our society has been under siege for many years now.

This latest story relates to an event that took place 35 years ago in Toronto when the city police raided and closed down gay “bath houses”. Once again, an organization or person is placed before the altar of political correctness and forced to grovel with an apology for which none is required. And here — we have another disquieting anomaly — a foreign-born “affirmative action” police chief apologizing on behalf of a once-respected police force in Canada’s largest city.

The general public is easily duped into feeding the monster media-organs by willing acceptance in whatever they report as daily “news”. Perhaps brainwashing the dumb-down public and forcing them into compliance with agendas not of their own choosing could be a motive … you think?  Read more on this topic here:

STOP THE PRESSES – “Crime of the century” happened in “broad daylight” in Ingersoll, ONTARIO, Canada!

Pride flag put in garbage, damaged in broad daylight

 Sentinel-Review staff

INGERSOLL – Oxford OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) say they are investigating damage to a Pride flag that was erected in Dewan Park in Ingersoll last Tuesday.

The rainbow flag, which was flying in a park located on the corner of Thames and Charles streets, was erected as a memorial to the victims shot in an Orlando (Florida) nightclub and to commemorate Pride month.

Police said it is believed that between 3 and 3:30 p.m. on June 20, the flag was removed from the flagpole, damaged and put in a garbage can.

Any person with information regarding this crime should immediately contact the Oxford County Ontario Provincial Police at 519-485-6554. Should you wish to remain anonymous, you may call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), where you may be eligible to receive a cash reward of up to $2,000.

[NO … this is NOT a joke!] Original story is found here:

H/T to where REAL news is reported.

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